Sunday, December 9, 2007

Winter has set in

My DH does most of the cooking around here - I admit it - I'm spoiled. He works from home and quite frankly, he's the better cook. A wizard with a grill, etc. Well, winter seems to be my cooking season. I do the soups, the lasagna and the heavier meals we crave in the winter. The high this weekend was 20 something... so we hunkered down and I cooked both days. Soup yesterday with biscuits and lasagna today.

Meanwhile I worked on my quilting group's presents. It's all hush hush for another week - but I've put alot of time into this year's. We'll see if they like it! BUT I'm afraid I may be avoiding finishing my secret pal's gift. It wasn't totally planned out - I like to do my own thing! - I can't avoid it for long - we exchange gifts the 17th.

Finally bought my mom's present yesterday - a talking clock. She has borrowed one and it doesn't have the booklet with it - and she wants her own. My mom is legally blind now and it has narrowed down her life so much. It's hard to shop for her ... so we talked. For the remainder of my present to her I'm writing a check to one of her favorite charities. - she has 5 she supports. We'll see which one she picks.

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Quilting Journey said...

My mom is legally blind, too! She had one of those bird clocks that makes different bird sounds on the hour. If we were still up at midnight, we'd listen for the whoo whoo, and always, that's who. And of course the cuckoo would say 'cuckoo, cuckooo' and we'd say...thanks a lot. Every single time. The clock finally broke after years and years of use. I wonder if she misses it. I know she misses me as I'm the only one corny enough to play the clock game with her ;)