Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary - proof that time does go fast! We celebrated by eating lunch out yesterday on our way home from Portland. Tidal Raves in Depot Bay. Excellent grilled wild salmon! This morning we took a 3 mile walk on the beach looking for rocks and keeping our eyes out for sneaker waves. We got a rock polisher for Christmas - So I guess it's official - we're retired and living on the coast!

Here are Christmas gifts I made: tote bags for L and J2. This was a free pattern 5-6-7 on the Windham Fabrics website. It took me all day to make two - but I'll be faster from now on. And next is the fish quilt for Miss P - she was so cute. Had to bring over her new 'Momo' - Elmo from Sesame Street! And when I clicked the shutter she was saying, "Smile for Nana, Momo!!"

We survived the Portland roads - did a 360 once - but never got stuck! They don't believe in salt on the roads - boy, I never appreciated Nebraska's snow handling ability so much! Of course, 14 inches is a lot in a metro area ... however, we couldn't believe that they seemed to only plow the interstate at 5 pm each day! Gigantic traffic snarls resulted. I could see doing it once, but twice???

Hoping to get an UFO finished before the new year - need an official finish for this quarter. Time to list 2008's accomplishments and the 'to do' list for 2009 also! But it's going to be rainy all week - so hope to get it all done! - of course!

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa's Workshop closed @ 11:30 PM

Santa's Workshop was busy today ... by the way - in a condo - I destroy the entire residence 'power sewing'!!! Project pictures will be coming - but for obvious reasons I can't show anything yet! My DD doesn't usually read my blog ... but if I count on that ... she'll be sneaking around!

So - I'll just have to show you pictures of Miss P and Mr M!!!

L's laptop is showing signs of getting ready to die - so we transferred ALL her pictures to my computer last week. It put me at the dreaded 'low disk space' so I couldn't even download the new pictures from my camera! I transferred all her pix to the other computer today so I can put them on cds tomorrow! There HAS to be a simpler way than a thumb-drive! That takes so long ... but it's one way I know how to do it!!!

Photos: Miss P and Beach Papa out in the snow that trapped us up there last week! Mr M - from head to toe! Don't you love that mischevious look in his eye! And THAT HAIR!!! Just one more - "maybe if I ignore mom - she'll stop taking pictures!"

Hopefully we'll be able to hop the coastal range and get up to Portland for Christmas. DH thinks it's hilarious that we managed to get here from Nebraska for the past 2 Christmases but now that we actually live here - it's iffy!

My "to do" list is long for tomorrow - wrap, wash and pack - okay, it sounds easier than it will be! And we hope to leave Tuesday morning. So-o just in case I don't have time to be on the computer:

Merry Christmas to all! And here's hoping for lots of quilting time in '09!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Report from Santa's Workshop!

YIKES! A week from today is Chirstmas Eve! HOLY MOLY! Here I thought I was still just on summer vacation! Well - an extended one! We skated home from Portland yesterday, it actually wasn't as bad as we thought it would be - only took twice as long as usual - and today more snow is coming. We're just going to have to take our best guess as to which day it will be easiest to hop the mountains to go back up to Portland. The main reason I HAD to get back home - Christmas presents that weren't finished! So Santa's workshop is set up - just wondering when the heck those elves are going to show up!

Today I sewed our new grandson's Christmas stocking - he's a month old tomorrow! But now he has a stocking ... so he must be official! I also sewed the sleeves for his baby quilt [Yellow brick road pattern - kind-of! It's pictured on this blog back in November] When I gave it to my DD she wanted to hang it in his room - darn, I didn't plan on that! So the sleeves are ready to sew on by hand.

Also sewed the corners of Miss P's big girl quilt. I designed a scrappy FISH quilt because this kid LOVES the aquarium! She can pronounce 'Octopus' perfectly and she's only 2! - used coloring pages for the applique designs. The colors had to be pink and orange - so the fish look kind of alien!!! Got the layout idea from "Fast Patch Kid's Quilts" a really great book by an author here in Oregon! Of course, I changed it 'a little'! Alright, ladies - I can hear you laughing!!! [I know that I often do that!] Anyway, I made starfish for the corners. I use a Janome 4800 and there was a perfect 'round' stitch to sew eyes on all the fish and a crescent stitch that made a great mouth!!! And perfect for enquiring little minds and fingers - nothing to pull off! I have to dig around and find the pink stripe for the border - washed the back so ready to frame it tomorrow!

Then I'll be able to relax just a little! Ho, Ho, Ho indeed!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Letters - for or against!?!

Happy Holidays from Oregon!

There were many changes this year for us. I retired from the University in May, by June our house had sold in Lincoln and we moved to a condo on the Oregon Coast. Although we miss family and friends back in Nebraska, we love retirement - walks on the beach, exploring Oregon, and seeing our kids more often. I’ve found water aerobics classes, stitchery club and quilting groups out here. DH golfs every afternoon he can.

“Beach Nana” and “Beach Papa” [that’s us!] steal Miss P away every chance we get. She loves the beach and we love watching her play here. And we’d like to introduce her new brother, Mr M, born November 18. He has lots of black hair and is a night owl so far.

Other news: A asked J2 to marry him and we’re thrilled that she said “Yes.” Wedding date to be announced after A’s graduation in 2010!

Wishing you the best in 2009
So - that's my Christmas letter - I try to keep it to a half page with picture and this year was really hard to write. You know that commercial where the blond asks everyone what deductible she should have??? That was me! Finally - I gave up!! This letter was not going to be an UFO!

Of course, in the real letter there are names of family members! I just like to keep you guessing!

We receive ridiculous and sublime Christmas letters. [Doesn't everyone?] Lovely handwritten personal notes; one friend prints his own cards every year with caricatures of family members; a brief synopsis of their year and still adds personal notes each year. [I love getting their cards!] Then we receive the 2 page, size 8 type, single spaced letter ... DH always relies on me for the "executive summary"of that one!!!

Which of your letters so you love? hate? love to hate???

PS we've had Miss P since Monday and I have been derailed in my Christmas 'to do' list. We're also busy singing our new song here "Yes, I love to say 'no' - I am a 2 year old!"
She's adorable-ly aggravating!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Crunch time!!!

Announcing the winner of the extra fabric postcard ... Cheryl in Nebraska. Hip hip hooray!

I have no cute pets so I put names on a paper and have my DH draw one. The first time I had him do this - he was afraid it was a "honey-do" list!!! Thanks to everyone for their comments.

I finished my wall quilt for my mom Friday! Two projects down, 3 to go ... This is a Thimbleberries panel - isn't it cute! I hand quilted it - I know - what was I thinking??? Perhaps that I had more time than I did ... But it turned out very nice and it goes in the mail tomorrow. It will look nice with my mom's snowmen collection.

Yesterday I was able to buy the only tricycle in town! And I'm not kidding - it wasn't the only type of trike - it was physically the ONLY TRIKE for under $159 for sale in Newport. Sometimes small towns are a little TOO small! And now that we're looking at it - it looks a little too small itself! We're having a debate - I think Miss P is little enough (27 months) that we can put her on it for size and she won't remember on Christmas day that she's seen it before ... DH doesn't think so. What do you think?

Last night we went to the lighted boat parade in the harbor. It was really cute - but unfortunately during the Big 12 playoff game ... So we watched the first circle around and then picked up fish and chips for dinner and home to football. I burned the '11 o'clock' oil last night on Miss P's big girl quilt - I can tell today!
Don't hyperventilate when you look at your 'to do' list!!! BREATHE!

Monday, December 1, 2008

First Item on Christmas To-Do List finished!

Yesterday and today I made the fabric Christmas cards - they are ready to mail tomorrow! Hooray!!! The stripes are the chair it's sitting on!

Now here is the part where you come in - I have an extra card. Anyone who comments this week will be entered in a 'give-away' for the card - if you'd like to receive a fabric Christmas card - let me know! Next on the list is quilt Thimbleberries winter panel for mom. Started that last night in front of the TV.
Who needs to sleep!!