Sunday, June 2, 2019

Post Annual Show Hermit stage!

The Brookings Annual Quilt show was fabulous!!  It's so funny that you work, work, work, nose to the grindstone and head down to get 'r dun ... and at the end you look up and "WOW!" it was all worth it!!!  Good job well done, Ladies and Gents!  Thanks to everyone that made it happen!

My QOV.  I love Double 4patch.  It's easy and so-o graphic!!  Makes a good showing.

 Congrats A for the 2nd place ribbon on your elephants.  My little Bee was made at the same class.  I'll have to look for a close-up of that later!

I'm happy to say that the yearly ModSquad exhibit was a hit!  What a group of talented ladies.  If you look closely you can see the projects are hanging in the category they were created for.  Not all of them are present ... they won't give us that much space!!!  They are an exhibit, not entries, but don't they look awesome!!

This year I was so-o busy with monthly sets of blocks to raffle for the QOVs, I only had 2 quilts in the show!!  And one was a QOV!  So, sadly, no ribbon for me this year.  I know you've heard this story before ... but I can't resist!  One year, my DH asked if I won any ribbons.  And I told him, "I never plan on winning a ribbon."  And he replied, "Yes, but life is better if you win one!!"  Better luck next year!  And I'm finishing a fun one to enter in the Newport show in August.  Fingers crossed!!

Our Quilt of Valor presentation was perfect!!  Every year we attract a bigger audience - and in general, that's a good thing.  But we have outgrown our space!  So we'll have to rearrange some things next year ... and you know how we all like change!!!  NOT!

We had 4 veterans that couldn't come to the ceremony.  I still have to contact them and get their quilts to them.  I told them to let me know when they were ready ... but I'll check in with them this week.  They were ALL so cute, saying give their quilt to another deserving veteran ... silly people - they don't get out of it that easy!!

The ceremony went pretty smoothly this year.  Of course, there is always a ker-fluffle or two.  Best laid plans and all that.  But we added a mike stand to our karaoke machine sound system and that helped.  One cannot hold a mike and hug a veteran without the mike squealing!!  Just saying - not my fault!!

This year we recruited photographers to take pix before, during and after the ceremony.  Some were perched on step ladders to get above the crowd.  All different angles and I'm happy to report it worked out really well!  Going to do that from now on!

I'm QOV chair next year too.  I've already picked out a scrap block for our block drive -  does anyone else feel like they are up to the ears in scraps?? 

When I moved to Oregon I actually had a box of scraps labeled "Too small to use, too big to throw away!!"  AND I'm happy to say, I think, that at long last, the mini log cabin king size quilt will be finished this year!!!  HooRah!  But of course, I'm kind-of optimistic about what I can accomplish!!  No worries:  You'll be the first to know!

I have a question for you.  I've been teaching some needle case classes from my own designs.  I'd love to sell them online.  I know that once we 'publish' pictures of them, anyone can figure out the dimensions (not as easy as you think, of course!)  But I'd like to sell the pattern cheap enough that it's just easier to buy it!

I'm thinking $1.00 - $3.00 each.  I have 3 different projects! When you are looking for patterns, do you go to Etsy?  CreativeBug?  Bluprint (formerly Craftsy)? What would you pay for a clever way to keep track of specialty needles, etc??  Let me know!

In closing here are some Quilt of Valor pictures.

You wouldn't believe how my face is in an odd expression in so many pictures!!  And there is always something blurred!!
 21 Quilts of Valor presented at the ceremony.  All well deserved.
The smiles say it all!

Until next week!  Get sewing, ladies!