Sunday, July 1, 2018

Let's get caught up!!

I don't know about you, but, sometimes I just go on strike!!  I don't write here or  in my daily journal ... about the only place I write is on the grocery list!!  It usually means that I'm too busy.  And so far this summer has been busy.

Our library has an adult summer reading program!  I loved summer reading programs as a kid.  I could bike to our local library and I was usually done within two weeks!!  Of course, we didn't get to use electronics all day back then!  Is anyone else addicted to Wheel of Fortune free game???  Is there help anywhere?

The reading program is a "Bingo game" with squares to complete here's just a few: First book in a series; Poetry, Award winner; Based on a fairy tale; from YA section; Recommended; and 'has blue on the cover!'  What fun!

So what am I reading?  Funny you should ask!  A Wrinkle in Time (on Kindle); Uncommon Type Some Stories by Tom Hanks and (mainly avoiding) the book club selection this month: Honolulu.

The kids' reading program is mostly about where they are reading:  under a tree, before breakfast, read to your pet, when it's raining ... I sent it to the kiddo's houses!  D is a voracious reader (just out of 1st grade!!)  There will be prizes at Camp Nana/Papa for readers!  First camp is for the Portland kids, they will be coming back from Sisters with me.  The Medford boys will be later in August.

Last week DH was on a golf junket for a week!  It started on Woolies meeting day; through the "In Town Mini Retreat" weekend where I worked on my mini-log cabin blocks.  It was so much fun that I continued when I got home ... man, it was scrappy around here!!

I started taking the 4.5" blocks and put them together into 16 patch blocks.  Then my math got all confused!  I had to figure the number of blocks needed now that they were 14.5"  Probably 64 or 72!  I'm already over 30-something (in many ways!!)  So I laid them out on the bed today - and I still like it!  But I'll have to consult photos so I don't get like-colors together.  (As if, that won't happen even if I'm paying attention.)  It's going to happen!!

Let's do the math - there are 9 logs in each 4.5" block.  144 logs in each 16patch.  If I need 64 of those ...9,216 pieces!!!

Now, of course, the fabrics repeat, but that's an impressive amount of scraps to have! and use up!  Not that it does!  I feel I have about as many scraps as I did at the beginning.  When you fluff - they multiply!

It all started with the bag of scraps we moved from NE.  Labeled "Too big to throw away, too small to use!"  And it was filled with my favorite fabrics - you know the ones!!  It's been great fun to work on, many memories surfacing with the fabrics.

I wanted to create an overall pattern that I could make larger units of and then be able to mix in the newer fabrics that I'm using now.  It IS rabid scrappy - but with this many small pieced, it does start to meld together!  What do you think??

In other June news:  Look who turned ONE!!  Miss E is pulling herself up.  Still moves the fastest doing the army crawl with her little hips swishing back and forth!

Miss P 'graduated' from 5th grade!  Next year Middle School!  Graduation was fun.  All the 5th graders had to say a little something about their time at the school.  Very impressive!  AND they read a list, if you participated in that activity, you stood up.  Miss P was bouncing up and down like a kids' pull toy!  And she was just there for one year. A very successful year indeed!

This week was a private QOV presentation.  They are always moving, I love giving these veterans' their quilts.  Especially if they are curmudgeons!!  They act all tough, then tear up like the rest of us.  What a great feeling, sharing that moment, trying to convince them they are appreciated.

Today we walked the low tide - it was -.5 and lasted forever, with lots of beach to walk along.

Remember the tidepool in the rock?  Last time it was about shin high.  The sand is way down - now it's above my head!!

The star-fish are coming back!  I even spotted a purple one today!

DH walking ahead (while I lolly-gag!)  The condos are in the background.

We can walk thru the cave, standing up!

Happy summer days!!