Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WOOHOO - it all fit on the truck

Now my house is empty! A card table - a blow up mattress ... we're going to a sports bar for dinner just to hear a tv! Tomorrow's closing, cleaning and local errands.

It's all in the truck ... Okay - most of it! We've got a few things here and there that will have to fit in the two cars ... but it really looks pretty good!

Send prayers/positive thoughts for us this weekend. We leave early Friday morning and should arrive in Newport Monday morning.

It's such a relief to get it into the truck. The sewing room made it into the truck!!! What a relief!! woohoo!

Monday, May 26, 2008

T minus 4 days and counting

Help! I'm stuck in a box warehouse and it's driving me crazy! Okay, not really - it's just that my house is filled with boxes and piles here and there for City Mission, my sister, my friend .... I'm sure you get the picture. Two days until the company comes to pack the truck, 4 days until we hit the road and you can't even imagine the MESS!

My friend, C came up from Arkansas to help pack. The first few days didn't work because of family obligations she had in town, but Saturday night we were a smooth packing duo in the kitchen and livingroom! Two friends, J and G, came over today to help and we attacked the sewing room - I couldn't have done it without them. Thanks, gals. Now all I need is some of those Japanese subway "pushers" to get it all in the truck!

I did get some sewing done this weekend too! It had been a week and a half (and 12 hours!) and it's surprising how your life doesn't feel like your own when you can't sew. I finished 2 of 4 graduation quilts owed. Glory Haleluia! The others will have to be mailed from Oregon. The sweat shop is officially closed.

See you on the west coast!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Greetings from the Land of Boxes

I retired last Monday - is it too late to go back to work?? Just as I suspected - I miss sitting at my desk! Gremlins are coming in during the middle of the night and expanding my sewing room. Yes, the same sewing room that I whittled down by a good third for the garage sale ... I had one little bookcase - it took me FIVE boxes to pack it!!! Okay - I did put other stuff in around the edges! But Seriously - FIVE boxes??? I just have to approach it as a 3D puzzle. Fill each box as fully as possible. Unfortunately, that really looks like doni sitting in chaos. eyeballing stuff and doing nothing!!

T minus 12 days to moving day! The buyer wants the final walk through tomorrow?? Something about her going out of town. So we have to rein in all this chaos called packing - oh boy!

Next weekend is the Lincoln Guild quilt show. My aim is to be "all but done" with this packing so I can go and enjoy the show with friends. I'll let you know!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quilters Production

I'm trying to get back to my twice a week posting. :> It may be a whole lot easier after tomorrow - my last day at work!

My friend J and I went to "Quilters" the musical production Friday night. We had a wonderful time. We went out to dinner first at Crabby Billy's and got their seafood chowder and split the bourbon glazed salmon. Hmmm, delicious! Walked around the corner, got a latte and hot chocolate to go and went to the play. No rush, no fuss - perfect timing all the way around! It was great just chatting and enjoying it together. Thanks for a great time, J!

Quilters was wonderful. You laugh, you tear up. Very moving. Convinces me I was born in the correct century - I wouldn't have made it back then - life was hard for women. I had seen it performed at the University when we first moved back to Lincoln - so probably in the late 80s. I loved it then too. Of course, one of my favorites is the monologue about Sunbonnet Sue quilts ... I feel the same way about them!!

The Loft is a small theatre in the round - so there really aren't any bad seats. I know one of the actresses in the production - it's always so much fun seeing her on stage - she's in her element there. What talented women are in it. Wonderful voices, great acting. It was hard to believe there isn't a quilter in the cast! They said they looked up quilting on the Internet! Can you imagine the amount of information they got! But they even mimicked the motions of quilting or piecing in the correct manner.

This week is the major packing push - 19 days until we move to Oregon!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Old Fashioned Thunder Storm

We just had an old fashioned thunderstorm! The wind shifted and even though I was having trouble with allergies - EVERYTHING is in bloom - our windows were open. So I padded around closing them. We had left one livingroom window open - protected by a 4 ft porch - but I had a feeling and YEP - damp carpet! So, got my second wind and here I am.

Less than a week left at work ... this has been my favorite of all jobs and I've worked many - since I was 16!. It's hard to leave a job you love and friends at work. We even have a small but determined quilt group that meets on Thursdays at lunch. Hope they keep going without me.

Scrap Happens met last night and it had been awhile since all 9 members were together. Four went to Paducah this year and the rest of us got to live vicariously thru their show and tell. If we all love the same fabrics - is that a bad thing???

This weekend a friend and I are going to "Quilters - the muscial" on opening night. I saw a production of it many years ago at the Temple Theatre at UNL. And I'm looking forward to seeing it again with a friend. We're going to Crabby Billy's for seafood chowder and maybe we'll split a sandwich with it - should be a fun night. For some odd reason our DHs weren't upset about missing this!