Saturday, May 17, 2008

Greetings from the Land of Boxes

I retired last Monday - is it too late to go back to work?? Just as I suspected - I miss sitting at my desk! Gremlins are coming in during the middle of the night and expanding my sewing room. Yes, the same sewing room that I whittled down by a good third for the garage sale ... I had one little bookcase - it took me FIVE boxes to pack it!!! Okay - I did put other stuff in around the edges! But Seriously - FIVE boxes??? I just have to approach it as a 3D puzzle. Fill each box as fully as possible. Unfortunately, that really looks like doni sitting in chaos. eyeballing stuff and doing nothing!!

T minus 12 days to moving day! The buyer wants the final walk through tomorrow?? Something about her going out of town. So we have to rein in all this chaos called packing - oh boy!

Next weekend is the Lincoln Guild quilt show. My aim is to be "all but done" with this packing so I can go and enjoy the show with friends. I'll let you know!


Sweet P said...

Packing is tough, isn't it. Just keep the goal in mind: you're moving to a new home in Oregon. What a wonderful adventure.

swooze said...

Now why would you want to go back to work? Stick with it dear. Soon it will all be behind you!