Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm back and new Grandbaby is here!

I was in Nebraska for my mom's 93rd birthday - a whirlwind 10 days of appointments and her "to do" list for me. Here we are with mom on her birthday.

And talk about good luck - while I was in Lincoln, Sue Spargo was teaching a workshop, her Travel Journal class. What fun. J, G and I got in and had the most wonderful time working on our 'life journey' trees. Sue Spargo is a great teacher - most patient with clumsy fingers trying to learn the embroidery stitches.

Of course, I squeezed in some of my favorite quilt shops and quilting friends too. And I caved in and bought a BOM. J had been raving about the Farmer's Wife BOM Country Sampler was offering - paper pieced! I thought it sounded good, but ... then I saw the fabrics and all that willpower just went out the window! It's gorgeous and I can't wait to work on it. J and I did finish one block - and the rest are in a box I had to mail back ... I'm waiting for it's delivery on pins and needles, of course! LOL!

A good time was had by all - and although the time went entirely too fast ... it's good to be back home - even if it IS still raining here!!

I got into Portland on Tuesday - the first activity was to go to the zoo with Miss P and Mr M - and their parents. It was a quick trip because no one realized that the zoo gates closed at 4 pm. Hard to explain THAT to preschoolers looking forward to the trip!

The next day was recovery-day for Nana! Rainy in Portland too - so we played a new game - hide the pony and look for him with a flashlight! Great fun. We also ran around in circles, played 3 board games and played with play-dough. Nana was ready for a nap when they were!!

Thursday we headed for Medford for a dentist appointment and surprise - someone beat us there! Mr D - who wasn't expected until April 18 came early and we got to see him when he was just an hour old! It's hard to remember that they come that little!! Not much more than a peanut!! AND he was 7 lbs 6 ozs!! Just the right size.

Welcome to the family, little one!!