Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hope your football team won - cuz ours did NOT!

Happy Thanksgiving!  It's truly amazing how fast this month went.  I know, I'm sounding like Grandma Grant again!  But when you are not feeling well for weeks - it seems like it all happens in a blink!

We were supposed to go to Medford to see the boys and A&J2 last weekend.  But Mr D came down with Strep.  The way I'm catching every single little thing that comes along, and hurting myself in inexplicable ways ... we stayed home!

Worked on projects now over-due but mainly, avoided them with reading and watching movies ... isn't that what everyone does when it's getting overwhelming?? Don't tell me.  I can't face that I'm the only one!! PS  I'm now hooked on Netflix series "Longmire".  Love me a good cowboy!!  AND Passengers on HBO was really good too!

But we were all well Thanksgiving and we did our mini-world tour.  Headed up to Portland first, with 3 dogs in the house, and still recovering from my knee, I didn't load up the time with gadding about!  No fun sales for the likes of me!!

I did need to work on DD's Christmas present with her adorable children!  So we took my car on this trip - I was going to drive in Portland, but not in Papa's new car! 

Wednesday morning we were off at the stroke of 10 to Michael's.  This year's present is embroidery threads for DD's new hobby.  I let the kids each pick out 12 DMC skeins and then we retired to the city library to wrap the threads around the plastic 'bobbins' that fit in the clear plastic box.

First we got tired ...

Then we got silly!

And then we got back to work! (see the knot!!) And headed out to lunch at Mr M's favorite place to eat these days - wait for it - Taco Bell?????

Hmmm, there's a trick to wrapping those skeins!  We had several with serious knotting problems.  Oh well, think about that tomorrow!!  We got a lot of them unknotted, but some I had to cut!  Life's too short!! By Thanksgiving dinner we got all the threads wrapped and that part of the present is ready to wrap!

Thanksgiving continued to rain - the whole time we were in Portland! So there was no going outside to play or explore.

My DD and I did get to go see "Lady Bird" and it was great!  We laughed, we elbowed each other - did you get that???  We teared up!  AND the audience clapped at the end!  That's pretty rare these days. I highly recommend it!

Then Friday at the break of dawn we were off to A&J2's house.  I had bought Lego Advent Calendars for all the big kids.  The Portland 2 and the Medford older 2.  We had to deliver them before Dec 1st! or it would be just too confusing!  Last year J2 made the boys Lego Advent calendars!!  But with the arrival of Miss E - well, she doesn't have time for that this year! So, Nana to the rescue!

J2's family was at their house.  Would you believe we hadn't seen most of them since the wedding 7 years ago??  Time flies ... we shared a quick lunch together and then Miss E woke up.  I got to get in and get her, change her and then she sat on my lap, happy as a clam for a lo-o-ng time!  Last time she didn't want anything to do with me - so this was really special!  Yay!

Not smiling at Papa - but she did when not being photographed! And she's reaching for everything, bringing it back to her mouth!  Good girl!

I'm finishing up small group presents; gearing up for my annual Christmas PJ pants factory, and doing a long over-due computer project too!  You'll have to wait to see any of that til next time!!  

30 days til Christmas!  Ladies start your engines ... errr ... sewing machines!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oye Vay - too much 'not fun' the last few weeks

It all started when I went to the PA for my blood test results.  They were great!  But then she said, "You're a healthy 65 year old.  Keep doing what you are doing!"  Yep, she jinxed me!!

I got the 2nd pneumonia shot and asked the nurse why she was putting it in my shoulder joint.  My son (nurse in another town!) later told me it needed to be down 2-3 inches.  So follow your instincts.  That shot caused me to feel like a sick 94 yr old by evening.

The next time I went to water aerobics, I was lifting the rope divider to get to the Deep Water class and I pulled a right side muscle!  Now, there is something wrong, very wrong, getting hurt doing something good for you!

I finally got that worked out to be bearable, got back from our fun Santa Clara trip and BAMM!  I got the respiratory flu.  I even had the shot - you heard about me wanting my money back last post.  6 days I won't get back!

10 days ago I woke up and thought, "I feel like I slept on my knee wrong!" How old do you have to be to get hurt sleeping??!  It got worse, and worse until I was on crutches!

Went back to my PA and told her it was all her fault - she jinxed me.  She smiled and said she would take the blame.  But I think there is a new notation in my chart about my 'attitude'!!

One thing about the knee problem - it's not catchy!  My good friend said, "There it is ... the glass half full ... that's what I expect from you!!!

I'm back toward normal - still waiting for a Orthopedist referral call back.  But, back in the sewing room today.  There was a lot of "Squirrel Syndrome" happening!  I haven't been sewing at all and you know things start to pile up in an unused room.  I'd be cutting, oh, look at that, ironing and oh!  There is that new catalog. Sewing and "should I donate this book or keep it?"  Better look thru it to be sure ...

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November's changeable weather is here

This week the weather at the coast has been a mish-mash of possibilities!  We had sunny days with the temps in the 60s.  We've had dreary rainy, misty days.  But today takes the cake!  37 degrees at 8 am!!  That's NEW!  Like a true fall day anywhere, there's a high of 50s possible with rain coming in tonight/tomorrow.

I've had the flu for way too many days and I just want to know where I apply for my shot refund and the extra 'damages' payment.  I had big plans last week!!!  None of which happened.  Sadly, Victoria and Abdul has moved on too!

Last time I was 'out and about' was a week ago Friday to the Mod Squad meeting.  I was convinced that it was allergies at that time.  I was wrong!  So sorry to expose my friends to this.

Mod Squad's assignment this month was "Dancing Grid" in Deborah Boschert's book  Art Quilt Collage.  This technique is about grouping things.  It feels like you're ignoring the grid but actually you're placing another invisible grid over the first.  It was fun.

I saw at PIQF many small mosaic borders/backgrounds that were delightful.  It was obvious that I was tossing away scraps that were too big!  So I started with a 'beige-ings' 2" squares background.  It ended up too small.  Added borders on 3 sides ... and I don't want to talk about it!!

Now I wanted to add bright color squares drifting across.  Background finished.  Cut the squares and well - it was under-whelming!


Poop!  But I had lots of sleepless nights last week and early wake-ups ... you can remain under the quilt and solve all kinds of problems and quilt designs.

I've been fascinated by shadow quilts - aha!  Add shadows and now we're talking!  There was frantic sewing the days before the meeting - good thing we're only working with 15" squares! I wanted to float the colors so Soft fuse was added and the batting was great.  With the change in design, I now wanted to fuse the colors again to the shadow.  Soft fuse doesn't like batting!  That DID NOT work.  Oh well, tuck it in and keep on working!

Sorry - blogspot is determined to rotate my project!  It's hanging correctly in the group shot.  (After trying two times to get it right - treat it like toddler bad behavior - ignore it!!)

There were 8 of us at the meeting; 7 projects.  Ignore the papers on the bulletin board behind the projects. Distracting, but I didn't see them until I saw the picture! Too Late!

We have two more book guidelines to work thru ... and we've decided to keep going next year.  There's some tweaks we're implementing but we've got a bunch of good ideas in mind.  Stay tuned!

Back to the date - NOVEMBER.  Arrrrgh!  We all are familiar how the months tend to snowboard away down a slippery slope after Halloween.  Get ready for the ride.

I'm half way thru making 12 special presents for my small woolies group and friends.  I must admit, although I made a prototype before going into production ... I can see simplifications that would have been a good idea!  Oh, well!  Thank goodness I had the foresight to start early (for a change!)  Plugging along ix not the most exciting thing, but hopefully everyone is going to love them!

I'm binding the last side of the Pendleton Wool quilt for my DBIL.  Now I remember why I don't hand bind BIG quilts anymore!  My thumb doesn't like it.  And I must mail 2 of the 4 Christmas stockings (none of which are started) back to Nebraska in the same box.  These are a late Wedding present for a Great Nephew and his bride.  It's a great wedding present if you've already made an adult sized quilt for the family member.

The two other stockings are for our newest -Miss E- and her stocking for our mantle. I made stockings for DH and me for us to take to our kids' houses at Christmas.  But two stockings look pretty lonely at this stage of life - so I made each grandchild a stocking to hang with ours too.  I love it even their stockings aren't ever used!  I've made their stockings for at their houses, so don't be feeling sorry for them!

There's the assorted PJ pants to be done, and I'm sure I'll come up with some other 'gotta haves'  But hoping for a relaxed slippery slope to Christmas.  I'll tell you some favorite Christmas traditions; coping mechanisms and just good advice as we get nearer!!  It will be your choice (as well as mine) whether to follow them or not! 

There's a fine maddening line between a "Christmas-zilla" panic and the second verse of "Who's sorry now!"  Good luck to us all!