Saturday, July 27, 2019

Crazy Crazy days of summer are here!!

I've been a member of Stashbusters Online for many funfilled, quilty years.  I write the bobbin reminder on the weekends:

It’s the weekend and you know what that means?  Time to check your bobbin supply.  Is it time to rewind or reorder??  And your job doesn’t end there – you have to keep your eye on that little gem.  It loves to run out at the darnedest times, and that ain’t fun.  Beware when you use partial bobbins - your mind is picturing it FULL, you'll have no idea when it's going to run out!

We also have a Queen of the UFOs (not an honor!) and Ladies in Waiting procrastinating their way up to the throne!!  I’m going to have to go out and get a flight suit – the UFO Queen list is moving so fast this year!  I see I’m back up toward the top.  Luckily I finished 2 quilts!!

I've been playing with a scrap-eating technique!  Color Block!  Using all scraps of the same color, you build funky 'log cabin' blocks.  I was worried that my squares would be too dull - I don't have a lot of BRIGHTS!  But all was well in the end!  My first try was a crib sized quilt.  The second quilt was a quilt for  the Great Adventure.  With a flannel sheet for the batting, it's a 'summer' quilt.  Still heavy though - I can't seem to be satisfied with less piecing.  The more the merrier!  And heavier!!  Crib quilt will be hanging in the Newport Show this weekend.  The quilt is there and loved already!


The Great Adventure is on!! My DS and family moved to Central America for two years.  DDIL has a teaching job.  The chaos leading up to this event was monumental!  We went over to help pack/get the kids out of the way of packing.  And we kept the boys with us for 5 days at the end.  And then they actually left!

While they were here we went to the library summer reading program party!  The boys got to get up into a big rig (after having their faces painted!)  The most exciting thing was that there was a bunk bed in the cab!!  The boys made sure the driver knew they had a bunk bed too!


We walked the forest and beaches.  But I'm pretty sure they didn't get to pack that seaweed for the trip!


It will be hard with the kids far away, but we are skyping and trying to stay in touch.  My DGD (2 years old) will probably like us better on skype!  DS came to pick us up when we had some work done on our car.  She sang and talked about Nana & Papa all morning and during the 30 minute ride to get us.  THEN Papa got into the backseat and she was NOT happy!  We settled her down by Nana getting in the back, Papa in the front.  But she wouldn't look at us or talk to us all the way home!


P and I are starting her 13th birthday quilt.  Of course, she likes to text to her friends more than she likes to sew!!  (Who doesn't!?)  We have until September to get-r-dun!  As you can see, there is no sewing room and the iron is - well, it's from the 60s!!  But we're sewing!!


M played travel baseball this summer.  He likes to play catcher!  We managed to watch some tournament action and practices.  As you can see, a baseball left it's mark!  A bruise of the baseball stitches!  He was playing 2nd and a ground pop-up got him!  He determined he liked catcher better - because he could wear a mask!  After they (finally) won a big game, they initiated them with eye-black on their faces.  In case you ever need to know ... regular old Vaseline melts that stuff off with no trauma and even soft skin the next day!!!

The second Saturday in July is the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show.  Always a great time.  A small group of quilting friends meet at Black Butte a few days before the show.  We have gifties for each other - this year's theme was hexies!  And someone found socks!!

We ask stashbusters members attending the show to meet up for a picture.  Always reassuring that what happens at Sisters stays at Sisters!!  LOL! We never rat out each other about spending money on fabric, etc.

R and I met in front of the library at Sisters. I can hear you muttering about Sisters in the summer ...  Believe it or not – it was only in the upper 70s!  Gorgeous quilts, as usual.  But I’m getting old … I only last until mid-afternoon these days!


After Sisters I left Oregon to go back to Nebraska for a family wedding.  Yep, a July wedding in Nebraska!  It was steamy!  But totally worth it!  Had so much fun catching up with family.  And what better time to get back together than to celebrate love??  A very happy occasion.  The three sisters back together again (with a DH within camera range)  I also got to see 2 quilting friends.  Always fun to get caught up on family and projects!!

Next Friday and Saturday is the Newport Oregon Quilt show – if you are in the area, please come over and see this show.  There are many reasons:  first the weather will be in the 60s!!!  And when you’re on the coast there is almost always a cool breeze no matter what the temp!

The show is in the Recreation center.  Big, airy, light-filled 2 story rooms display wonderful quilts!  There are numerous signs along the roads pointing out the way to the show.  Come see us!!

My grandson M, age 10 is coming home with us – so I need to reorganize the sewing room – it’s his sleeping space!!  How DOES it get so out of control so fast???

My DGD got a Marquee board and we've been having a lot of fun with messages.  I found them on sale ... and now DGS and I have one too!

Words to live by!!!