Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!

            Happy Holidays from the Boyds!

        Sorry, we didn’t send out cards last year. R kept us busy. Dec 7, 2017, he failed a stress test –BIG TIME! 
        3 ambulances, a Life-flight, Quadruple Bypass and 9 days in the hospital - December was a blur! 
        Heart problem, not Acid Reflux, as we thought.
         I’m happy to report that he’s doing great – better than ever and golfing every chance he gets. 

And here’s what else has been happening!!  This shot was designated last year's Christmas card picture!

       A and J are proud to introduce Miss E. She 18 months old now! She loves to ‘read’ 
       books to her brothers! She’s very emphatic about the story and gives a royal “Ta-Da”
       at the end! The boys are busy entertaining her between all their activities and 
       marathon LEGO sessions.  K started Kindergarten this year and talks and tells 
      stories all the day long!

      J and L moved last summer - to a 1947 cottage on the edge of Portland. L loves 
      bringing this little gem in the woods to life. P is now in Middle School (!) and loving
      it. School and Tennis keep her busy. M found that he CAN easily attend a school 
      without his sister! He’s in Tennis too, but his heart belongs to Baseball and 
      Video Games.

     I was Honored Guild Member at our 2018 Quilt Show.  Truly a once in a lifetime 
     experience. It was great fun to dig out a selection of quilts and handwork for my 
     display and greet everyone as they came into the show. The rest of the summer was 
     filled with Camp Nana/Papa and weekend trips

       Can't you just feel the excitement of being at the beach??  I love this shot.
       Rocks to perch on ... things to do!

        Pictures to take,                                      Redwoods to explore!!

     We still love living on the coast! This year’s photo is last Tuesday’s sunrise from 
     our deck, The ocean is ever-changing, calm or gigantic waves, inspiring sunsets and 
     sunrises – something new to discover and enjoy every day.

        Wishing you and yours the best in 2019!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

I've been a bad bad blogger!

Sorry about that.  Many things went down the drainpipe this year!  I've been busy - stressing myself out, mainly!!  It seems to be just one minor problem at a time - but each takes up time, energy and why-oh-why do we "celebrate the problem" rather than just fixing it???  One of the age-old questions!!

I know Thanksgiving is next week ... but do you realize it's only 38 days to Christmas??  Time to get into gear!  Here is one of my favorite Christmas quilts I've made.  From "Art to Heart" -The Night Before Christmas- book.  I love their patterns.  So lighthearted without being too "Cute-sey"!

This weekend is time for the "Secret To Do List"!  I begged out of our guild's mini-retreat so I can work on it!  K texted me back 30 minutes later, "It's driving me crazy, just what IS a secret to-do?"  

Well, it's a task that you can't do in front of friends - because it's that kind of challenge or it's for them!!!  I have 8 secret pal gifts to make and the Mod Squad challenge this month ...

About secret pal gifts ... what do you do?  I always always make one for me!  I have to admit I'm often the last person to get what I make for others done for me!

Does that even make sense?  Oh well, those who read this blog can probably figure it out!!

PS - a gift card holder is great fun AND it can hold a package of needles!!  I have made lots of them and they are always popular!  AND Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas - of anything!!!  Just saying ...

Let's see what you've missed because I didn't blog!

Well, Santa Clara was wonderful!  We took the Artists' Studio tour; two lectures and ran wild through the vendors at the show!  A good time had by all.  My "Welcome to the Neighborhood" was accepted into the show.  And although it did not win any ribbons there ... it certainly looked like it belonged.  The hardest part was of course, packing it and mailing it!  But it was even home before I started worrying about it!!  Hope to go to the show next year too - we love it!

During the show - there is a Celebrity Dance Contest with a bazillion dancing kids there!  We couldn't resist taking a picture of the 3 Musketeers in front of their photo drop.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Not too busy, just right with your favorite foods perfectly done!  (done by someone else is a bonus!!) Enjoy!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Third blog post in a week!!!

I’m at a mini retreat this weekend.  Does your guild hold these?  We meet at the clubhouse our meetings are at.  Start at 10 on Saturday, BYOL (lunch) and Pot Luck Dinner.  (I made tabuli!)  We quilt until we wilt (about 8:30 these days!!!)  Come back Sunday morning, Leftovers Lunch and quilt til about 4!  It’s great fun.

I’m working on the 2nd “dog destroyed” quilt.  It’s my favorite Halloween quilt.  It was tied (tied quilts are so comfy!)  Most of the damage was on the back? 
I’m sure you remember my whining last year?!  THREE quilts returned for ‘repair’!  

I repaired my DSIL’s Cancer Survivor Quilt first – I’m superstitious!  This Halloween quilt was my favorite of the four I made.  So prep-work was: cut the ties; remove eaten back and batting.  There were a few chews on the front.  But not bad.  Replace one four-patch; slipcover one square I missed the damage on! 

Then there was the “Tie” holes.  I had some of the awesome orange “Maywood’s ShadowPlay”  I used in the alternate squares; so I fused and cut 2” squares to cover them.  So far so good – Now the checkerboard looks like Pluses!!  SCORE!!

You’ll see before, during and after pictures, I’m sure!  More to come!

Anyone out here use Instant Pot?  I found a recipe to make applesauce.  Umm, Umm, sure is good!  We like chunkier applesauce … so I revised the recipe a little!  (I'm getting braver about revising, as long as DH is my 'taster'!)

I have a good friend, U, who has two types of apple trees in her backyard.  Every year, about this time, she puts out the call:  “Help!  I’m up to my knees in apples, come pick!” And we come!!  I’ve been twice this week! Of course, I only pick half a Trader Joe’s bag at a time!  My body doesn’t like marathons any more.  Not cooking, not quilting, not walking – not even binge watching!! 

One tree is Delicious apples – planted by a seed by her father.  One is a tree transplanted from the family home – type forgotten.  SO  I didn’t use the apples the recipe suggested,  our apples must have been tart-er.  The recipe doesn’t call for sugar.  I added some quickly!

DH helped me peel the apples the first day.  Then he took to the couch and didn’t even go golfing that afternoon.  I thought I’d killed him!!  The second day, I started the applesauce after he left for the golf course.

With some trepidation … I have arthritis in my hands, especially my left thumb.  The apples are organic, small and gnarly!  I used that kitchen tool – the apple star.  Wear an apron – those things throw apple juice far and wide!!  

Then I peeled the eighths; cut them in half, put them in a 6 cup mixing bowl. 
When the bowl was brimming, I put them in the IP with my revised recipe.  

While that was cooking, I kept working with the apples.  Had the second batch ready when the first came out!  Cleaned up the kitchen while the second batch was cooking.  Done and cleaned up in 2 hours!!

A half Trader Joe’s bag makes 2 batches.  The finished applesauce is about 2 quarts – I freeze mine.

Here is MY adaptation of the recipe:
six cup mixing bowl brimming with cut up apples
1 cup water
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice (from about 1/2 a lemon)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/3 cup of Brown Sugar
Cook on high for 6 minutes – release early as described.

This year is the first time using an Instant Pot, but the applesauce is a big hit with the grandkids.  In fact, Miss P asked me over Labor Day if I could make some applesauce!  I said no – didn’t have my stuff.  But I’d make some and bring it next time! 

I'm sure it will be a hit!  And if not - well, more for us!!  Tee-hee!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Two days in a row - we're heading for a new record!

I forgot to tell you about Sisters this year!  It was a blast!  It was hot - can't deny that, but the evenings were cool and there was usually a breeze.

I got to go early and share a cabin with 5 other crazy quilters.  There was great food, show and tell and a whole lot of giggling!

We stayed out at Black Butte.  And there is always something going on around there.  Quilts in the Lodge and five swimming pools!  -alright, true confession, we only talked about going to the pools this year!  But last year when our family was there, we hit all 5!

I told you we ate (and drank) well!  We had a magical refrigerator, it never seemed to empty!  AND the freezer was full of ice cream!! These are seriously my kind of people!

Here is our intrepid group.  We were from Idaho and all over Oregon.  These ladies are rad!

View of the work space from the sleeping loft!  It's a quilty heaven!

Last year they exchanged strips and each made "Many trips" -  a pattern and technique by Bonnie Hunter.  I tried to claim one (all) of these, but no luck.  Darn, I'm going to have to make my own.  Next year the challenge is Hexagons!

One of my favorite things at Sisters this year was the Jenny Doan Lecture (Missouri Star Quilts)  we went to.  She filled the HS auditorium to the max.  OMG!  She is the best speaker.  It's like you've known each other forever and she's just catching you up on the news!  We laughed, we cried, we all enjoyed her.  Her dear husband was her stage helper and he is such a good sport.

They have 7 kids (in 9 years!) and Jenny said when she introduced him, "This is my husband, I didn't even know he could talk until the kids left home!"

She told how she got started with Jelly rolls and pre-cuts, couldn't afford to buy bolts!!  I wasn't a groupie before hearing her.  I have lots of stash and thought (erroneously!) that pre-cuts were too expensive!! She showed me the error of my ways!

She uses the patterns she demos online for her charity and gift quilts.  Genius!  AND she doesn't give a bed quilt for a wedding present.  She makes a good-sized square quilt, pairs it with a picnic basket and gives the happy couple a card that encourages them to go out and make memories!  What a great idea!

She talked about the surprises running this business.  With all of her tutorials online, we has many children and handicapped quilters following her.  They may not be able to get out for classes, but they can watch the tutorial and rewind it as many times as they want.  It has changed lives.

Most of their children are involved in the business.  There is one son in NYC.  Her favorite call from him was, "Mom, you are on the front page of the Wall Street Journal!  What's going on out there!!!"  She laughs every time she remembers that call!

We stood in line after the lecture and got the latest "Block" Magazine autographed.  I asked her to sign mine - "Pick your first quilt out of this" for Miss P who turns 12 this weekend.  Of course, she has many quilts, but this year we are going to SEW one TOGETHER.  She picked 3 favorites, settled on one and I ordered the Layer Cake!  Next time we get together, we'll start.  Miss P's a little nervous, and so am I.  But, it'll be great!

We were there Saturday at the crack of dawn, it was still cool then!

There were a lot of text quilts - always my favorite

 Everybody matched this quilt!  So Photo-Opp!

Just 2 Stashbusters present for pictures this year!  But we had a good visit and enjoyed looking around the show together.

Well, two days in a row.  Can you stand 3???  We'll see!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Weren't summers long and lazy when we were growing up???

Well, summers aren't long and lazy now!  That was a busy summer!  My plan is to get caught up on the blog this week.  Write a memory each day?  We'll see, won't we! Tee-hee!

On Facebook I was tagged to share my favorite books.  No comments, just a picture of the cover ... you know me, oh, yeah, I'm leaving a little comment!  But here are the books I recommended:


Stephanie Plum (26 books in the series - so far!) is perfect for a rainy day and giggling.  Forty Signs of Rain is not recommended to read during a NW Winter storm!!  Just saying - good 3 book series, but read it in normal weather!!


Dies the Fire series (15 books) is based in Oregon!!  So fun to be able to picture the locations he mentioned.  Engines of God was printed in 1994!  Great space adventure that is all about the people, not technology!! Just went out to see how many books are in this series.  Now 8 - two I haven't read yet!!  SCORE!

But the big news this day is:   (insert suspenseful drum roll here)

Welcome to the Neighborhood has been accepted into the Santa Clara International Quilt Festival!!  It will be in the Traditional Category. Whoo-hoo!

Here's how it came about:  Quiltmania Magazine ran a BOM by Yoko Saito in 2012.  There were 6 blocks in that series.  But no schoolhouse!  That was the first block I designed and added.  I wasn't wild about the final layout of the quilt.  So I recombined the houses into new extra blocks.  Then I went to Yoko's "Houses, Houses, Houses" book and made houses out of that.  I DO have a collection of house patterns and other books, so I dived into them too.  I had to resize up and down to get them all to fit!  Just between us (wink, wink) there is a "cheater" house in it - cut from pre-printed fabric!  No one has found it yet!!

I absolutely loved adding the hand embroidery touches.  I could have done that for a few more years ... but I decided that this was the year - I was going to take this project out of time-out and finish it!  I still wasn't happy with the shape, it was wider than long.  I was trying to avoid making more squares, but I knew it would look better.  So I bit the bullet and made 3 more blocks (bottom row) and added top and bottom borders.  

Then I handed it over to my friend, Cindy Young, Riverjoy Quilting.  She had fun researching the other quilts from the BOM that were lo-o-o-ng finished.  And came up with the whimsical quilting that differs from block to block.  Cindy really made it come to life!  There are cobblestone paths leading to some of the houses.  She loved discovering all the little details as she quilted it.  And I loved all the details she quilted into it!  We had fun celebrating each other's work!!

It was very successful at both Brookings and Newport guild shows.  Two blue ribbons so far!  I'm not expecting a ribbon at an Intl Quilt show - but it's probably the only time I'll be accepted into one ~ so let's make hay while the sun shines!!  Let the party begin.

I'll be at the show, so I'll send pictures from there too!  October 11-14, 2018

But now for the scary part ... mailing it to them!

I have to share - you know I'm addicted to the free online game Wheel of Fortune.  The day after I got the news about Santa Clara - this was one of the puzzles I solved!!  LOL!  Everyone's celebrating!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Let's get caught up!!

I don't know about you, but, sometimes I just go on strike!!  I don't write here or  in my daily journal ... about the only place I write is on the grocery list!!  It usually means that I'm too busy.  And so far this summer has been busy.

Our library has an adult summer reading program!  I loved summer reading programs as a kid.  I could bike to our local library and I was usually done within two weeks!!  Of course, we didn't get to use electronics all day back then!  Is anyone else addicted to Wheel of Fortune free game???  Is there help anywhere?

The reading program is a "Bingo game" with squares to complete here's just a few: First book in a series; Poetry, Award winner; Based on a fairy tale; from YA section; Recommended; and 'has blue on the cover!'  What fun!

So what am I reading?  Funny you should ask!  A Wrinkle in Time (on Kindle); Uncommon Type Some Stories by Tom Hanks and (mainly avoiding) the book club selection this month: Honolulu.

The kids' reading program is mostly about where they are reading:  under a tree, before breakfast, read to your pet, when it's raining ... I sent it to the kiddo's houses!  D is a voracious reader (just out of 1st grade!!)  There will be prizes at Camp Nana/Papa for readers!  First camp is for the Portland kids, they will be coming back from Sisters with me.  The Medford boys will be later in August.

Last week DH was on a golf junket for a week!  It started on Woolies meeting day; through the "In Town Mini Retreat" weekend where I worked on my mini-log cabin blocks.  It was so much fun that I continued when I got home ... man, it was scrappy around here!!

I started taking the 4.5" blocks and put them together into 16 patch blocks.  Then my math got all confused!  I had to figure the number of blocks needed now that they were 14.5"  Probably 64 or 72!  I'm already over 30-something (in many ways!!)  So I laid them out on the bed today - and I still like it!  But I'll have to consult photos so I don't get like-colors together.  (As if, that won't happen even if I'm paying attention.)  It's going to happen!!

Let's do the math - there are 9 logs in each 4.5" block.  144 logs in each 16patch.  If I need 64 of those ...9,216 pieces!!!

Now, of course, the fabrics repeat, but that's an impressive amount of scraps to have! and use up!  Not that it does!  I feel I have about as many scraps as I did at the beginning.  When you fluff - they multiply!

It all started with the bag of scraps we moved from NE.  Labeled "Too big to throw away, too small to use!"  And it was filled with my favorite fabrics - you know the ones!!  It's been great fun to work on, many memories surfacing with the fabrics.

I wanted to create an overall pattern that I could make larger units of and then be able to mix in the newer fabrics that I'm using now.  It IS rabid scrappy - but with this many small pieced, it does start to meld together!  What do you think??

In other June news:  Look who turned ONE!!  Miss E is pulling herself up.  Still moves the fastest doing the army crawl with her little hips swishing back and forth!

Miss P 'graduated' from 5th grade!  Next year Middle School!  Graduation was fun.  All the 5th graders had to say a little something about their time at the school.  Very impressive!  AND they read a list, if you participated in that activity, you stood up.  Miss P was bouncing up and down like a kids' pull toy!  And she was just there for one year. A very successful year indeed!

This week was a private QOV presentation.  They are always moving, I love giving these veterans' their quilts.  Especially if they are curmudgeons!!  They act all tough, then tear up like the rest of us.  What a great feeling, sharing that moment, trying to convince them they are appreciated.

Today we walked the low tide - it was -.5 and lasted forever, with lots of beach to walk along.

Remember the tidepool in the rock?  Last time it was about shin high.  The sand is way down - now it's above my head!!

The star-fish are coming back!  I even spotted a purple one today!

DH walking ahead (while I lolly-gag!)  The condos are in the background.

We can walk thru the cave, standing up!

Happy summer days!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Quilt of Valor Ceremony photos

I love our quilt show - and there WILL be more pictures from that.  But the QOV Ceremony is 'where it's at'!  Good thing I can still think on my feet!  The gym was so hot and here we are wrapping these veterans in quilts!  But they loved it and so did we.  We had a large audience celebrating with us - Thank you Brookings community for supporting us.

Coast Guard Honor Guard opened the ceremony for us

 Don't you love that face!!

Our Honored Veterans of  2018.
Thank you one and all.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

C'mon down!! Brookings Annual Quilt Show is ON!

The day has come - the quilts are hung with care and my 'honored guild member' booth is filled.  I had to take home a dozen small quilts - I decided to go with my graphic 'first quilt' baby blocks pyramid!  I saw it in the Quilt Engagement Calendar and was way too dumb to know I couldn't do it!!  But it makes a statement!!

Yes, there are other quilts!!  But I was too pooped to walk the show!  More pictures of the rest later!!

 Let the party commence!!  Come see me!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

T-5 days to the Brookings Annual Quilt Show

T-5days to the Brookings Annual Quilt Show (part of Azalea Festival) Come one, come all!! AND -once in a lifetime opp- I'm Featured Guild Member!! I'm "curating" (note the latest buzz-word) a display of quilts I've made in the last 43 years!!!

Brookings Oregon
Kalmiopsis Elementary School 650 Easy St
Saturday May 26: 10-5
Sunday May 27 10-4

Details of "Welcome to the Neighborhood" my latest finished quilt! Come and see it!! Quilting by my good friend, Cindy Young.  Riverjoy Quilting