Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!!

            Happy Holidays from the Boyds!

        Sorry, we didn’t send out cards last year. R kept us busy. Dec 7, 2017, he failed a stress test –BIG TIME! 
        3 ambulances, a Life-flight, Quadruple Bypass and 9 days in the hospital - December was a blur! 
        Heart problem, not Acid Reflux, as we thought.
         I’m happy to report that he’s doing great – better than ever and golfing every chance he gets. 

And here’s what else has been happening!!  This shot was designated last year's Christmas card picture!

       A and J are proud to introduce Miss E. She 18 months old now! She loves to ‘read’ 
       books to her brothers! She’s very emphatic about the story and gives a royal “Ta-Da”
       at the end! The boys are busy entertaining her between all their activities and 
       marathon LEGO sessions.  K started Kindergarten this year and talks and tells 
      stories all the day long!

      J and L moved last summer - to a 1947 cottage on the edge of Portland. L loves 
      bringing this little gem in the woods to life. P is now in Middle School (!) and loving
      it. School and Tennis keep her busy. M found that he CAN easily attend a school 
      without his sister! He’s in Tennis too, but his heart belongs to Baseball and 
      Video Games.

     I was Honored Guild Member at our 2018 Quilt Show.  Truly a once in a lifetime 
     experience. It was great fun to dig out a selection of quilts and handwork for my 
     display and greet everyone as they came into the show. The rest of the summer was 
     filled with Camp Nana/Papa and weekend trips

       Can't you just feel the excitement of being at the beach??  I love this shot.
       Rocks to perch on ... things to do!

        Pictures to take,                                      Redwoods to explore!!

     We still love living on the coast! This year’s photo is last Tuesday’s sunrise from 
     our deck, The ocean is ever-changing, calm or gigantic waves, inspiring sunsets and 
     sunrises – something new to discover and enjoy every day.

        Wishing you and yours the best in 2019!