Saturday, August 26, 2017

Scary news from Brookings Oregon

View of Chetco Bar fire.  Taken by a drone by Thomas Creek Bridge - 4 miles north of us on 101.

The largest fire in the nation is bearing down on our little town.  100,000 acres and 14,000 firefighters trying to hold it at bay.  The Chetco Bar fire started with a lightening strike in the Kaliopsis Wilderness July 9.  But last week it doubled it's size every day after jumping a firebreak.

We were taking our little grandkids home from Camp Nana/Papa on Saturday before the emergency was known.  There was a lot of smoke and ash dropping out of the sky.  The light was so weird that it looked like we were on another planet.  The ocean was a chocolate color!

Thank goodness we got the boys home before the situation was serious.  But they filled our car with their car seats and suitcases.  So DH and I simply threw a couple of days' worth of clothes in a shared bag and off we went.

We dropped the boys and headed north to "eclipse country!"  Got to our DD's new house and discovered our condo had been evacuated!!  It kind of felt like Gilligan's Island - we were just off for a three day tour.  We were in Portland for 5 days before they moved our area back to a just "Be ready to evacuate" status. So we headed home to regroup and be prepared.

Now we have known tornadoes and Hurricane Gloria in NJ.  But have never been in a situation like this.  We have two medium cars - what do we need to pack?  Where do we start?

At first DH thought the boys had given him a chest cold. But finally I was able to convince him the smoke might have something to do with it.  So we needed to get out of the smoke, even though we were still only at Level 2.

Well, here's what we packed.  A week+ of clothing, medicines, those all powerful important papers.  My mom's ring, my wedding ring, a lifetime of photos, 2 paintings, 17 quilts (favorites and then good sizes we use). My sewing machine, his golf clubs, some food for the trip... Is it enough? Is it overkill??  All the way here I was lamenting what we didn't bring - no stash, my featherweight machine, favorite shirt in the laundry basket...

Just an aside - there are now 1600 firefighters in our little town.  Our heros.  The base camp is just pup tents on the south side of town. A 20something gal lives there - its her family home.  She recently send my hairdresser's daughter a text.  "You better get back here.  It's raining men!!!  I have an extra pair of  binoculars - there's men as far as I can see!!!  Hurry!"  LOL!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Still celebrating my "birthday month"!

The Newport show was a great success.  The traffic on the coast this summer has been epic!  More so in Newport than ever.  Is everyone coming out to check out Eclipse Viewing spots??  That would be okay since it means after next monday, the traffic will disappear?!?! Ha!

Shhh - it's Low Volume hung unadorned but it did hang straight!!  It's a miracle!

View from the Deck got a ribbon this year.  So it's safe to come visit - DH says life is easier if I get a ribbon!  LOL!

The show is in the Newport Recreation Center, Here we are looking down from the track at the main gym.  It's a great facility - next year I'm bringing my swim suit - the pool is finally finished and looks Great!!!

After the show, I went on to Portland and celebrated my birthday there - Olive Garden one night and Panera Bread salad the next night! Oh - and I picked up my new Ipad too! Did a little shopping but no quilt stores this round!

Tuesday bright and early Miss P and Mr M headed toward the coast with me!  We had a great "Camp Nana/Papa".  Lots of fun and beach time.  It was pretty grey ... but that just adds to the 'coziness!'  Papa played catch inside and out every day!  Inside is with water balls from the Dollar Store. They work great for kids inside and many a game has been made up with them.  We watched the Little League tournament while pitching in the house!!

We threw frisbees every evening after dinner.  Our best count was 20? without a drop.  Must work on that!

We were on top of the sea stacks ...

We were in front of our favorite driftwood elbow ...

We were crossing streams precariously ...

One day the bed-hair was so drastic we had no choice but to go to Open Swim at the Brookings Pool ...

We walked thru the Redwoods ...

Stopping along the way to explore ...

Then Friday night we went to A&J's house and had a cousins' sleep-over!  Miss E was the hit of the party.  Nana had to compete with Miss P for holding time.

Legos were very popular

But a new game of airplane was also invented!

Bedtime was delayed many times for books and giggles.  But memories were made!

It's no wonder that when we got home (sweet home) I was low energy! I had a long and complicated 'To Do' list.  I must say, it made a great bookmark!!  I sat and read and read and listened to the ocean.  Made smoothies and didn't share with anyone! Hopefully I'm fully recovered now because the little guys are coming for their first "Camp Nana/Papa" this week.  YIKES!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Enjoy these lazy (?) definitely crazy days of Summer!!