Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 - think of all the fun ahead of us!!!

The ocean is ever-changing, but it's nothing compared to what our beach does!!  The sand is high, the sand is low.  The cave is tall with a tide pool inside or the cave is munchkin size and you have to crawl to get in!!

The designated rock was showing, that usually means we can walk the whole beach.  But not this time!  Sand was high? low? who knows? ,,, water was too deep at the tight spot, so we had some time to draw 2019 on the beach.  As you may remember, we didn't get to do that last year - DH had just had Quadruple Bypass surgery!  I'm glad to report he is well and golfing as much as he dreams of!

He thought we needed to rewrite 2019 on the beach where we usually do - where we can see it from the deck.  So we carefully made sure we were straight-on, and dug in our heels to make the numbers BOLD.  Walked back up the hill to get the shot before the tide came in ... and some trees had the nerve to grow in the last two years and block our view!!!  LOL!  Oh well, I refuse to take it as an omen that the year will go like that!!!  I took it as a plus that I could get the shot of the first 2019 from beach level!!

Here is that shot - the message is just to the left of the little tree sticking up!!  I think the sand must be lower here because there seems to be more rocks!

Happy 2019 anyway!!