Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun weekend!

DH was golfing this week and a good time was had by all - here and where he was!  He left Wednesday, mainly because card group was at our house!!  It's a small condo and it's just better all around if he goes golfing on any day I'm having quilters or friends over.  Yes, I do have friends that don't quilt ... but not many!  But we all giggle and cackle all day!

We sat and giggled the whole afternoon long.  I got to win one game - first time in a few weeks.  We play "Hand and Foot" what a great excuse to sit around and eat munchies!  And there are a million variations of it - so there's always some confusion as to what the rules are this time!  It was a good time.

A quick trip to the library to get a Janet Evanovich book and take another look at the wall quilts hanging there.  I have several there - the Friends of the Library scouted out our quilt show in May and then called and requested certain quilts!  I sent a few extra to help fill the space when some people backed out.

My 2014 challenge - "Bucket List" and a slice of my little button Christmas tree!

Pine Tree - very appropriate out here! 

Thursday I invited 2 friends over to sew.  I finished some baby receiving blankies that were languishing in the sewing room corner.  Just in time for the announcement of two new babies in the family!!  Then I went on into my log cabin blocks mode.  I love mini log cabin blocks, just two rounds - 4.25" unfinished; 3/4 inch logs ... all from the scraps that are "too little to use and too big to throw away"!  And those are usually favorite fabrics!

I had many blocks at various stages of creation.  But by Sunday - I had finished 98 of them!!  Probably have 50 some blocks still started but not finished.  But they all got put away until next time.  I have a piece of paper with hashmarks in groups of 5 on it to keep count.  At the top it says I need 900 and I have no idea what size that makes!!  Since I'm only at 400 some - I've got time to figure it out!  I do miss my brain.

Friday we sat and giggled all day at "Woolies".  You probably notice a theme in this retired lady's life.  Yep, more giggles and less work, please.  We brought all our goodies bought at the Sisters show and compared "LOOT"!

Saturday, a quilting friend who's birthday was last week came over for a walk on the beach and lunch on the deck.  Then we tried to come up with a "fractured" project for one of our small groups.  I think we found a winner for her, but I'm back at the drawing board for mine. Anyone done one of these??  Ideas, tips???

Sunday was the Quilts in the Garden Tour for Habitat.  Some of my quilts hung in the garden - so 3 of us headed down to the Fort Dick area.  A quilting friend of ours was in charge and she did an awesome job.  The signage was superb!  And the gardens ... well, who knew those awesome gardens were tucked into the redwoods!  Great fun and lunch out too!

My sunflower table runner on display

Oh Glory Bee quilt

All throughout the tour there were all this redwood stumps on the property, of course.  And they are hard and expensive to tear out.  Most people added details all around and designed them into the garden.  They are so-o big - it's amazing when you are standing next to them.

The three of us - by the hollyhocks! That flower remindes me of Nebraska summers!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ahhh! A summer day to laze about!!

The marathon that is "summer" is resting right now!  Time to sit and relax for ever-so-shortly!!  Ahhh!

July in Oregon - the weather is often overcast.  Heavy fog can be the norm in the morning.  It often doesn't clear until 1-3 in the afternoon.

Every morning is water aerobics in our own city outdoor pool!  Generally, it's awesome, but this morning it was cold water, fog and a cool breeze!  Not my favorite.  But there were 29 of us iron-women in the pool!  And you do feel so much better after you're done!

And believe it or not, my hairdresser told me today that I have one of the best tans she's seen this year!!  - all from water aerobics at 8 in the morning!  Often in the fog!! Seriously, even my thighs are tan and believe-you-me those only come out in the pool!  LOL!  I do tan fairly easily - but generally lose it just as fast.

Gosh - remember the days we laid out at the pool, the lake, just in the backyard, slathered with baby oil trying to get the tan of our dreams???  Let's hear it for Vitamin D!!

My sewing room is cleaned up for the first time in a long time.  A large computer armoire moved out of that room in June.  In theory it was supposed to give me more space.  In practice, that little beauty held a LOT of stuff that I now needed to find room for.  That was what made us think of having a garage sale! There was no room for anything - every flat surface was stacked!

My DH asked "where in the world" does all the stuff that's on the bed in there come from??  Well, from the chair and the ironing board, generally.  Then it all gets moved to the bed when I'm working; and back to clear the bed for my dearest insomniac's 2nd choice for nightly sleeping!! There's a lot of rearranging in my day!

AND I decided that our little garage sale would be a great time to un-muffin-top all the stash drawers!! Honestly, if you need a shoe horn to get yet another piece of fabric into the drawer - you may have too much fabric!!  Don't be one fat quarter away from being on the Hoarder's show!!

I piled the extra scraps :-) and the rejects from the drawers into gallon zip-lock bags.  I finally used my food scale!!!  Did you know that they think a pound of fabric is 4 yards!!! I sold them for $2.50!  I know that sounds cheap - but we were pricing so things would G*O!  I had over a dozen for sale!  Last five went to my fellow garage-seller for $1.00 a bag.  But I knew they were going to a good home!

Most of the garage stuff went and stayed gone!  That was a giant pile in the way in the sewing room!  We had a successful garage sale - people in and out all day long.  Only a pick-up full to go to the charity store!  We didn't make as much as we'd dreamed - when do we ever??  AND we all decided - that is the L*A*S*T one; surely we'll remember how much work they are!!  Yea, we'll see.

Then the last of the work on the quilts to be hung at the Newport Quilt Show the first weekend in August - finished!  They get delivered tomorrow; sleeved and labeled!  AND that tall kitchen bag of trimmings that will be used for pet beds goes with them!

The American Girl doll clothes were finished and some sold to online friends.  Others given to friends with AGD loving family members.  Several are going to Miss P this month for her AGD - apparently a lot of stuffed animals are also sporting Nana's doll clothes! As long as they get played with ... it's worth it.

I straightened the sewing room, surprised DH! Nothing on the bed or the chair!!  And not many piles on the floor!!!  And believe it or not, I'm not sewing today!!  Amazing - I hardly ever take a day off!  But today's the day - guess I'll laze out on the deck with a book!!

Hope your summer is going well too!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh dear - time flies!! Here's what keeps me busy this summer!!

Happy 4th Of July!!

It seems this summer is especially busy!  I keep putting off projects until 'next week' when it will surely slow down.  It doesn't!!  After my last post - yikes! almost a month ago!! [Bad blogger! No biscuit!]

After the Memorial Day Weekend Quilt show but before my Portland trip we decided the kids could come home with me for a visit.  School was getting out on the day I arrived!  All you Nanas out there know how much prep-work is needed to have small guests - especially if they sleep in the sewing room!

Major cleaning of that area.
Special activities lined up, movies ordered!
Special grocery shopping
Other duties as thought of!!

I was able to see "Once" the Tony-winning musical of last year with my DD.  We were up in the rafters but as always a great time.  While we were all together, we had to go get Menchies - it's close enough that we can walk from their house.  Good thing I don't live up there!!  I meant Portland, but I'm really thinking - good thing I don't live that close to Menchies!!  Or I'd live THERE for sure!  They already recognize me!!


I drove the kids back from Portland all by myself!!  DH and I usually 'tag-team' the grands.  But Miss P is 7 and Mr M is 5 so it's pretty easy these days.  A 6 hour drive (without stops) turns into a much longer drive, but it went extremely well.

Here are the stops I recommend between Portland and Brookings!!

Gas and snacks, of course!!

Elkton - Butterfly Pavilion.  It's free.  A greenhouse that they hatch butterflys.  We didn't see any but we saw the caterpillers; the eggs; the larva and the flowers!  They were very kid-friendly and we sat at the picnic tables and ate popcorn and apples for a snack!

North Bend - Visitor's Center playground. This is the old fashioned playgrounds that we grew up with. Swings, merry-go-round and a fairly high slide!  Sand based so we had to dump shoes out before getting back into the car - and I managed to leave one of  Mr M's BRAND-NEW shoes in the parking lot!!  Oh dear!  I did keep track of two kids, and 3 of 4 shoes!!  A few phone calls from Brookings and leaving my contact info ... I'm happy to say that we were able to collect it on our way back to Portland - and we had a spare pair for him to wear!!  It was so funny getting the call from the desk.  "Oh, you found my shoe!"  "Well, I don't know if it's yours!"  How many kid size 12 black shoes with bright green stripes and a marbled sole do they find???"  Just to be safe, I carried in the mate to claim it!!

Port Orford - Prehistoric Gardens This is a campy little 50s style park.  Statues of dinosaurs built to scale from skeletons.  Miss P had been there before and I was a little worried that she would be bored.  Didn't happen!  They had a ball.  The park really knows how to engage kids.

First while standing at the window you get a peanut to feet the jays; squirrels, and chipmunks who are happy to see you!!  Then they give the kids a map to follow.  With pictures of the dinosaurs.  Then there's the footprint signs pointing the way!  They went thru it twice at top speed!! Both having a really good time!

Then home - a simple 8 and 1/2 hours later!!  Followed by a fun-filled few days before we headed back up the hwy to meet their Dad at the Newport Aquarium.  What fun we had - those two are whirling dervishes - and they slept 11 hours every night!!  Thank goodness!!   Thanks for the good time, kiddos!!

I volunteered to have cards this month - cuz it was going to be such a slo-o-ow month, don'cha know!  Then 3 of us quilters decided to have a garage sale together - how hard could it be???  Yep, I'd forgotten how hard!

Then Habitat for Humanity is raising money with a Quilts in the Garden tour.  A friend of mine is the chair and of course, I volunteered some quilts, and a raffle quilt!  Just turned them in today - still smoking from being bound, of course! This is the raffle quilt I made.  Turned out so cute.  It's an old pattern by Pieces from My Heart.  I usually make it with antique button flowers ... but found those large bright flower buttons at JoAnns [on sale too!] and had to step up my colors to keep up!  I hope it does well at the auction - all the extras for sale are gone - in a flash!  Darn cute and too cheap is that lesson!

Then the library called,  Friends of the Library is having a display of wall quilts in the meeting room.  She had a list of my quilts, which she saw in the show that she wanted!  She mentioned some people had said no - so I sent 7 quilts total, for fill-ins if needed.  I'll just pick up anything you don't use - they're all hanging!  And they Look G*O*O*D!

Last weekend went over to Medford to babysit for A&J2 for a night out and to see the Medford Quilt show.  And I'm sticking to that order of importance too!

Those boys - D is 3 and K is 1- are so busy; it's impossible to get them to sit still for pictures!  But a Nana has to do what a Nana has to do!  This was the best of a series of 20!!  Had great fun Sunday morning in Lithia Park while it was still cool.  Thanks for the good time, kiddos!

Here was my favorite quilt in the show - houses!!  I know nobody is shocked!!


Saturday is the garage sale ... I'll have to post pictures of what I'm selling later - alot more work to do!!

So "Happy Independence Day!"  Who else always watches that movie every year??  It's always good!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catch up time!!

The Brookings quilt guild has a show every year during Memorial Day weekend, celebrating the Azalea Festival here.  We had an excellent show this year!  Lots of fun and great quilts for eye candy and we won't even mention the awesome vendors we had!

I'm happy to report that "Birds of a Feather" is finally DONE-DONE!  Oh-so-many years in the making!  It was practically still smoking when I turned it in!  And look-ee what it brought back home with it!!

It all started with a BOM sponsored by Quilted Moose in Gretna.  Debbie has a way with kits and BOMs.  I don't even like applique and I was in!!!  A group of us went to Gretna on BOM Saturday, got our blocks, stopped for lunch and then gathered in Lincoln to work on them the rest of the day.  We had such fun.

As you well know - I CANNOT follow a pattern exactly!  And this project was no different.  There was no blue fabrics in the kits.  Who can stand to have eggs in a nest that aren't blue??  So I started changing it around from the very first month. And of course, I fell behind, years behind!!  So I didn't like the last blocks, didn't make them!  C and I made up our own layouts.  I added an initial block.  In the star, in machine embroidery, I optimistically said "2007" - hmmm, it wasn't finished then!  Not ripping that out and seriously, who's going to notice or care? I used fusible and machine blanket stitched the applique.  I hand quilted it.  there were several 'time-out' periods for it.  But it's done-done now!!

I've been busy with Fabric Post Cards this spring.  Here are the latest ones.  "Childhood Memories" where I featured all the games we used to play.  I remember endless nights of Hide n seek.  Hopscotch and especially sitting on the cool garage floor on hot summer days and playing Authors and practicing shuffling!!

For  "Traditional Blocks" I made the 3" schoolhouse featured on the web this year (last year?)  It needed a little something to fill in the block, so I added trees.  I loved how it turned out.


I had to head for the laundromat this week.  Kingsize quilts do NOT fit into household machines! And it was way-past time for a washing.  I went to Harbor and I found that I can never get front loading machines.  At least not with glass doors.  I was fascinated by the quilt going around this way, then that way!!  Did you ever read Corduroy??  The artist in the laundromat getting inspired and sketching???  It's like that!!  Even when you're almost 62!

This spring I got busy making Quilts of Valor.  I made 4 with help from friends.  Here they are!  The first was a disappearing 4patch, quilted by Cindy Young in Brookings.  We had a display at the Brookings show - It's on the quilt rack, on the left.  That quilt went to the Quilts of Valor organization.  The next two are disappearing 9patches, quilted by Martha Lane in Lincoln NE.  They went to my BIL and a good friend's husband.  The fourth is a spider web UFO, quilted by Wilma Roles in Newport and it was presented to my SIL's dad.  It was great to present these.  They were well received and I highly recommend you get involved with this great cause.  I already have blocks started for the next one!



This spring at Finishing school we had access to an AccuQuilt machine.  I cut a bunch of 2 1/2" strips from kids prints.  Tried my hand at a lasagna quilt.  Well, first of all, I had way more than just a jelly roll!!  I think I could have wrapped the first strip around our whole complex!  It made almost a double bed quilt!  So I cut it into 3 baby quilts and a doll quilt!  All were donated to charities supported by my quilt guilds.  I watched the Missouri Star You-tube video and that was helpful.  If I ever did it again, I  would separate boy strips from girl strips!  If you don't, you do end up with a mish-mash that doesn't fit either!!


Here is my Brookings challenge - theme was "Bucket List".  From the start, I pictured piles of finished quilts!  Talk about a dream!!  It won a 3rd place ribbon in the Challenge Quilts at the show too!


Here's Mr K!!  He's one now and oh-so-busy!!  I think the other two pictures were complete blurs!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Getting to know you - copycatting my daughter!

Once again, my DD leads the way on what should be on the blog! She just put up their third "Getting to know you" and I thought I'd fall right into line!  Check out Lindsay's answers on her blog "Ladybird and fellow."  Who's going to be next???

My Husband's answers 

Favorite sport:  Watching college football
Favorite thing to do:  Golf!
Favorite song:  Bye, bye Miss American Pie
Favorite animal:  Schauzer
Favorite tv show:  West Wing or Sopranos
Favorite movie:  Big Chill
Favorite place to go:  NYC
Favorite food:  Crab legs
Favorite book:  Eye of the Needle
Favorite game:  Monopoly
Favorite thing to do with Miss P:  Take hikes
Favorite thing to do with Mr M: play crash cars
Favorite thing to do with Mr D: camping in the family room tent
Favorite thing to do with Mr K: Crawl around on the floor with him
Favorite thing about my children: They're good people
Favorite thing about my wife:  She's just sweet

Favorite thing about Brookings:  The ocean view
Favorite number: 9

My answers
Favorite sport:  Watching the Olympics - summer or winter!
Favorite thing to do:  Quilt, of course
Favorite song:  
Favorite animal:  Whales
Favorite tv show:  West Wing and The Good Wife
Favorite movie:  Deep Impact - love those sci-fi end of the earth epics!
Favorite place to go:  San Francisco
Favorite food:  Steak and baked Sweet Potato
Favorite book:  That guilty pleasure - 50 Shades!
Favorite game:  Alphabet Bingo with the Grands
Favorite thing to do with Miss P:  Color together and art projects
Favorite thing to do with Mr M: Play games
Favorite thing to do with Mr D: Read books
Favorite thing to do with Mr K: Sleep on the couch with him laying on me!
Favorite thing about my children: I agree with Rick - They're good people
Favorite thing about my husband:  His sense of humor - he cracks me up!

Favorite thing about Brookings:  The ocean view
Favorite number: 36 - the number of inches in a yard of fabric????

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Home again, Home again from a whirlwind April!

What a trip! Literally!  I started April with a Brookings Guild retreat.  It's a fun, low key gathering just 25 miles up the coast.  Gold Beach doesn't even have a quilt store any more!  What it does have is a cool motel with Breakfast included!  AND a nice sized conference center that just fits 22 wild and crazy quilters AND all their projects and stuff!!  Yep, it's that big!!  We always have a great time - and there IS a good quilt shop just 25 miles further north!  Just a hop and a jump and a great "I need a break from sewing" destination!

We started on Thursday and came home on Sunday.  Lots of laughs included.

Then home for one night and off to Portland for one night, hello, goodbye to 2 grandkids and off to Nebraska the next morning.  After years of whining - I finally made a dress for Miss P.  I really didn't want to get into the sewing clothes mode - but L said to me this year, "OMG!  All the size 7 clothes are so skanky!!"  What's a Nana to do?  So I made this cutie dress along with a matching one for our AGD too!

Mom turned 96 (!) this April.

We had a good and busy time the week I was there.  I'm trying not to complain (much) about the weather ... 84 on Saturday; 27 and an inch of snow on Sunday!!  Holy crap!!  That's amazing even for Nebraska!

I was only there for 6 days and Mom wasn't feeling wonderful, we had 3 doctors appointments during our time together.  There are many friends and family I didn't see - sorry!  Next time???

I'd sent two Quilts of Valor tops ahead of me and M worked her magic on them, they were waiting for me to bind and DONE! Both were disappearing 9patches but very different in looks.  I'm happy to report my designated Veterans were both pleased with their quilts.  Neither knew that they were coming ... fun to surprise people in your life that deserve the best.

My brother-in-law was in the Navy, stationed on a destroyer off of Japan in the 60s.  They didn't get much celebration when they came home.  He designated his new quilt as "hands off" to everyone else!  He even told my sister she couldn't sit in the chair the quilt was on!!  It was awesome to give it to him and see that excitement.

The second Quilt of Valor went to a good friends husband.  L was in the army in Viet Nam and a Purple Heart recipient. He hadn't talked about it EVER.  Two years ago when they were here at the coast with their son; one night after dinner he just started talking about it.  Everyone was very quiet and listened hard - we knew this was special.  His wife remarked afterwards that she wished he would get a QOV. I'm glad I was able to give it to him.  He also loved it.  So-o if you have some veterans in your life - just a thought - give them a QOV.  It was truly special to be able to do.

When I got back to Oregon, we headed down to Medford to celebrate A&Js sons' D(3 yrs old) and K(1 yr old) birthdays.  P and M came down with L to party!  And we were extremely busy!!  Starting with Saturday morning's birthday party where we had a creature pancake breakfast!! J is so clever!!

 This was M's elephant! Everyone had to make a pancake creature, before eating it, you had to let everyone guess what it was!  It was great fun!!  Just saying - whipped cream makes awesome grey hair in case you too want to make a self portrait!!

Then we headed to Lithia Park in Ashland.  Played, walked and threw lots of rocks, sticks and whatever we could find into the creek.  My favorite picture of Miss P (she's 7 now)! And Mr M conquered the wire climbing structure, the whole things wiggles and jiggles with every movement!

Then to ScienceWorks, the kids museum.  It was the Earth Day celebration so BIG crowd - but totally worth it!

Lifesize dinosaurs - and the only one not scared to be in the room was the 3 yr old!!  But he had been there before.  The bubble room was so cool - look what M created!! The tennis ball machine, the screaming booth!, and a HUGE connect4!  We loved it all.  I highly recommend it, we tested it on all ages!!

That evening we played in the pool at the hotel and then went to eat at the coolest McDonalds we'd ever been at!!  The Playpark was too cool with musical instruments to dance on! Or crawl on!

It was a really special time together.  Sorry that my SIL had to stay home to work ... but glad we were able to get that many of us together!

On the way home, L,P&M stopped in Roseburg at the wild animal park - they had an awesome break from riding in the car!!

But wait - there's more!!!  I got home on Sunday and on Monday I was headed to Bandon for the Bayshore Babes retreat!!!  I know, retirement is so grueling!!!  It was so much fun to spend 5 days with this group I met when I lived in Newport.  It was really rainy, but that kept us together quilting!

Needless to say, I was planted on my butt on the deck when I got home - I really didn't do anything for 3 days!  Then of course, there was laundry and cleaning and etc!!  It was worth every minute I was gone and oh- so good to be home!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Report from the whirlwind March!

And I was worried that April will be too busy!!  Got lots of practice this week being too busy!

We went over to Medford for a dentist appointment and got to see the boys.  Mr D will be 3 next month and Mr K will be ONE!  Good grief ... how does that happen?  It was great to be able to spend time with them and get to know them again.  It had been since Christmas - way too long!  But with icky weather, busy schedules and the dreaded flu popping up here and there - well, it sure went fast!

Mr K sat in his carseat and looked very seriously at me.  Finally there was a great big grin - oh, yeah, I remember you!  It's Beach Nana!!!  So fun to see him scoot around in very fast fashion.  I put him down in the livingroom and went to the bathroom.  Before I'd gotten the toothpaste on my brush, Mr Curious had scooted thru two rooms and pushed open the door to see what was going on!!

The FuNnIeSt ThInG happened as we were leaving.  A&J are raising the boys using "Physics of Love" philosophy.  It involves a great deal of "this is what is going to happen" forecasting.  So here's what happened:

"D, Daddy has to study and put Baby K down for nap.  After Nana and Papa leave, you can watch a tv show" [big treat for D!]  Immediately D told us to "Leave NOW!"  It was expected, part of the process.

Then when we finally got out the door, it was pouring rain.  We stood on the little porch pulling up hoods and finding the keys ... when BAM!!  the door slammed behind us!!  Well, we lost it - I was crying from laughing so hard!  A opened the door and whispered "Sorry!"  I guess we know where the expression "don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out!!"  No one lets you know what they are thinking like an almost 3 yr old!!

Home for a day, then up to Portland to see the other Grands.  Miss P had an Anthropology shower curtain that she wanted made into a comforter.  I had L wash it; and find a backing while I gathered up batting and all the tools I was going to need.  We got there Saturday afternoon and ended up going to JoAnns for the backing.  Let me say that everyone had a very strong opinion of what was appropriate for the back!!  We finally settled on a beautiful green.

Back home, after washing the back, and dinner we framed it in the living room.  The only space big enough and vacant enough to work in.  My daughter was a huge help!  She remembered helping me with this process earlier in life.  My kids often had to help me stretch quilts on the frame!  Then she helped me tie it and even tied the knots with me.  Next step, turning the front to the back for the binding.  I just hope it wears well enough.  I did tell my daughter when it started falling apart, we'd have to put a real binding on it. Sunday morning, Miss P asked me why Mommy and I built a fort in the livingroom last night!

Is there a cuter 7 year old around??

Answer to the question "Do you like the quilt???"  Wheeee!

The quilt looked wonderful on the bed and we were D*O*N*E in time to go to movies Sunday afternoon! Miss P and I went to Frozen ... really laugh out loud good!  Papa and Mr M went to Lego Movie, not as good but a good time was had by all.

Returned home on Monday.  By Thursday I was headed up to Newport for the guild meeting, to pick up some ordered thread and two boxes of quilting goodies from a friend that just closed up a house and her sewing room.  I also picked up a new laptop because both our very old desktop and our ancient laptop are biting the dust at the same time!!  YIKES!  Not looking forward to that learning curve!

Okay - let's talk about ongoing projects.  We all have them.  We're excited about them, but sometimes we just have to stop working on them to make way for something else.  It might be a deadline thing, or just a rest from it.  How do we keep it all together; neatly and remember where we are in the process??

One of my projects like that is a mini-log cabin.  3/4" finished logs and made from all my absolute favorite scraps - you know the ones.  The ones you have to keep no matter how small, you just can't bear to part with them.  Mine got moved from NE in a box marked "too small to use, too big to throw away!"  So glad I did keep them.  My face is smiling all the time I work on them.

There's these handy storage cubes found in the closet organizer section of stores.  They go on sale quite often too!  This holds 200 blocks, 400 other partial blocks and trays of lights, darks and reds!  Easy to put away and even easier to get back out and start immediately!  Voila!

The finished blocks are arranged 'artistically' in the bottom of the crate - for your benefit only!  The wooden trays were from a sale.  Originally to store microscope slides!  Very sturdy and hold quite a lot of fabric strips.  Wish I'd bought more now!


All tucked in for the duration!  Blocks needing trimming on top - within easy reach!

Last week was 'gotta finish baby quilts' week!!  I had finished these tops at retreat.  My hairdresser was having a baby by appointment on Monday!  So I also whipped up a doll quilt for the big sister.  The theme of the nursery was Owls and I just happened to have the owl fabric.  It was going to be for pj pants for Miss P.  It was just the right amount for the quilts!!  Wrapped and delivered before baby was a week old!!  That might be a new record!

Doll quilt

Baby Quilt

This quilt was the leftovers from making 2 community baby quilts last fall.  It was a needed UFO to finish, my name was headed for Queen of UFOs like a rocket.  I added 2 rows to make it a little bigger - and now it's waiting patiently for the next baby boy to be born!  Love the orange binding!

When you take pictures of your quilts, do you fold it to show the back too?  I'm thinking that would be a good idea for future reference.  Now to remember to do that before I give it away!!

Happy National Quilting day!  Hope you got some quilting in today!