Saturday, June 6, 2020

Quilt of Valor Labels - Brookings Style

Our labels are silk-screened.  DO NOT IRON!  They finger press very easily.

The first thing I do is to trim the white edges to 1/2”.

Second - finger press a 1/4” inch along the blue edge; pin the folded edge to itself.

You can sew your binding onto the front side of the quilt, as usual.  You are ready to add the label.  

But if you have finished binding the quilt, you can simply fold back all the label sides and hand appliqué it to the quilt corner.

Line up the label on the back of the quilt with a bottom corner.  Pin closely into place (3x the amount of pins in the picture!!)  Keep the pin heads on the outside edge as shown.

Turn the quilt over.  You can see the seam line you sewed the binding on with.  You want to start securing the label by sewing between the seam line and the edge.  Begin and back stitch just above the first pin, Sew to 1/2” from the corner removing the pins as you go, knot.  

Be careful not to sew through the corner, it will catch the folded binding, that’s no good, trust me!   

Start again 1/2” from the corner and sew between stitching and the edge to the last pin.

You’ve added another layer of fabric to the quilt sandwich, so it helps to clamp the binding in place.

You can now sew the binding by hand or machine as if the label is simply part of the quilt.  After the binding is sewn past the label, you can hand sew the blue edge of the label to the quilt.  Keep it as taut as you can.

When the Veteran for the quilt has been announced (usually a month before the presentation) we finish the label.

We label the quilt by hand with a Pigma Pen.  (Found at Wright’s Custom Framing and Art). I use 05 or 08 size.  Any smaller point catches on the fabric.  Do NOT write with a Sharpie, it will bleed.

I also practice my label on paper so I can determine where to start and stop before putting pen to fabric.  I also check my spelling.

Although the quilt is soft, if it's on a hard surface when you add the information to it, it works well. 

With a light touch, we usually write the Veteran’s full name but just the first names of the quilters.  In the bottom triangle in the corner we add the year when the quilt is presented.

Thanks for supporting Quilt of Valor!

We're implementing Phase 2!!! HooRay!

So what does Phase 2 mean? 

Things still won’t be “business as usual,” but people will be able to enjoy more freedoms as a variety of establishments welcome people back for the summer.
Under Phase 2 guidelines, gatherings of up to 50 people can take place indoors, up from 25 people from Phase 1; outdoor gatherings can have up to 100 people. This applies to pools, backyard weddings and recreational sports.
Bars and restaurants will be able to stay open until midnight, past the previous curfew which was set at 10 p.m.
Larger venues will be able to have up to 250 people, depending on the size of the building; potentially opening up larger restaurants, and venues such as movie theaters and gyms.
Theaters and places of worship will still have to set their COVID-19 occupancy limits based on the size of the building.
Pools and spas will be able to reopen as long as they provide sufficient space for people to stay apart, and people who are part of the same group can swim together.
Recreational non-contact sports like tennis and pickleball will return to outdoor courts, and youth sports will have guidance regarding equipment sharing.
Indoor activities like bowling, arcades and mini golf will also receive specific guidance for reopening. 
It may not be much - but it seems like the whole world is available!!  Like we are finally released from being grounded!!  :)  Yes, I did have a mis-spent childhood!!
This week I had TWO outings!!  A friend and I went down to Crescent City to Wild Rivers Health Food store, and Walmart!  We wore masks in the car; masks and social distancing when shopping and got caught up on our news!  It was fun and exhausting!!  
Then yesterday a friend had to go to Medford for a hospital meeting with a family member's doctors.  I volunteered to drive ... and surprise, she let me!  Again we wore masks in the car, traffic was light, thank goodness, and we got there in plenty of time.  Especially since the Head Dr was late to the meeting.  Whereas, she was cleared to enter the hospital, I was not.  So I went shopping at Trader Joe's!  Heaven!  The line-up space was marked with blue tape and cute sayings were written on the tape!  SO TJ!!
My DSIL and DD had been trying to keep us supplied with DH's low acid coffee.  Their lines were 30 -45 minutes.  DSIL said it was exciting as you neared, remined him of lines at Disney!!  After shopping for us and mailing it from Portland, good thing we're cute!  Well, I picked up at least 6 weeks of supplies there, and they are off the hook!
What's on your TJ shopping list?  Our list includes the Low Acid coffee; the Triple Ginger Thin Cookies; MultiGrain "Os"; Just the Clusters Granola, Pita Sea Salt Chips, and their greeting cards!!  There are favorites of frozen foods - especially the Vegetable Birds Nests, but that's for eating in the same city!!  I don't try to get that home in the summer months!
After a stop at Albertsons - Lindsay Olives!; Staples - ink for printer and Arbys for late lunch ... we picked up dinner - Noho's Hawaiian chicken teriyaki take out for dinner back home!  Delicious!!  We headed back home.  Back into the cool!  It was 80s in the valley and though I know that's a mild summer temp; we were mighty glad to be back where the ocean breezes keeps it around 60s!!
 I have been working on both the last of the Plus/X blocks and actually putting together the Road to Oklahoma top!  I like to put together quilt blocks the Two-sies; Four-sies method.  Easier for me than to put together rows, too many junctions each time??  I'm happy to report I'm on Eight-sies!!  And it's looking good!

My preferred method is to pin the units evenings in front of the TV. But not when watching Bosch!  Have to pay attention for that show!  

When I looked down at my huge pin cushion but it was almost empty!! I had a lot of catching up to do - how much?  Well, 2nd picture is of the pin cushion after caught up!!  Then -  Rinse, Repeat!!  

I usually lay out blocks on our king-size bed, I even stand on a kitchen chair, take a picture to get the whole quilt!  Below are the Rd to OK 4-sies. Checking to be sure I don't get too much red together.  Hmmm,  I did very little switching ... I don't think it matters much with this pattern!  Score!!!  I'm sewing 8-sies today,  The top should be done this weekend!!

You can see my tags pinned to the blocks to keep their order and orientation while sewing.  I don't unpin those until the top is finished!  And yes, I still can get them mixed up!  Sometimes I rip out, most times I re-order the blocks, putting the mistakes in the least noticeable positions!!  Hey! It's folk art!

Here are the last of the Plus/X blocks.  I have enough to be picky on the top and have blocks on the back!!  My favorite starting point.  I'm deliberately piecing Rd to OK together first.  Get the hang of it and then 'top' the Plus/X quilt.

NY NY                                Got the time??

 Arrrrgh! TWO green Pluses!          Flowers again         

Kid icons! Wizard of Oz; Harry Potter, Star Wars and Chicken-Man!?!

              Hearts                    Micky and Charlie Brown

Dogs, a cat and a gold fish walked into a bar ...

Stay safe!  Wear your mask!  Keep Quilting!!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Life is getting busier??? Or I just went into survival mode?

Hello All!  I hope you're safe and sound.  Sound being the questionable part!

I'm not playing the camera game with the grandkids.  It went a long time, but they were making fun of my photos - I was running out of things to picture!!  I looked online for something else that would work ... but we all just ran out of steam!  It was fun while it lasted!

I've been spending a little more time with Road to Oklahoma.  I need 80 of the 8" blocks to make my "go to" size of quilt.  60 x 80-ish!  That's a lot of scraps!!  I thought I was getting close but alas, components made - only enough for 50 blocks ... oh dear!

I have enough +/X blocks, just finishing what I have cut ... I love to put a row of blocks on the back - it always cheers me up!  Maybe blocks done by June 6???  We'll see.  I'm also working on our guild summer challenge, and 2 Mod Squad assignments for our scheduled meeting June 12.

Here are some +/X blocks I've made:

Christmas 3(?)                         Wild Animals

Fabrics bought in Japan                             Stars!!           

Graphic B&W                     Got the Blues!

Graphics Light                       Flower Garden

10" blocks for Quiltmania's Pandemic quilts for Hospital staff

I've been reading more now that the library allows us to reserve and pick up books.  I recommend:

The Flight Attendant  Chris Bohjalian
The Dressmakers Gift  Fiona Valpy
Year One  Nora Roberts (SF)
The Snow Child  Eowyn Ivey
The Most Fun We Ever Had  Claire Lombardo

I'm an avid reader and love mysteries, thrillers, SciFi, and even romance!  I love fiction!! 

 Last year was a slow year for me - 45 books read.  (I have to admit, ebooks don't always get counted.)  So far this year - 43!!  I think I'm headed for a banner year!!

So - keep on keeping on!  Stay safe, wear your mask!  And QUILT ON!

A lovely sunrise reflected in the Western Sky - photo by my DH

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Tips for Safe and effective face mask use from from Dr Oz and Dr Roizen

Tips for Safe and Effective Mask Use
By Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen, MDs

In the 1994 movie "The Mask," Jim Carrey's character — a mild-mannered bank clerk named Stanley Ipkiss — is transformed into a hyped-up superhero when he dons a vivid green mask.

Fortunately, wearing a protective nonmedical mask doesn't make you manic, but it does make you a hero. That's because it reinforces the benefits of social distancing and helps you protect yourself, your loved ones, your neighbor, and the country from the spread of COVID-19.

But it is vital that you know how to use your cloth mask so it is not a potential source of viral transmission.

1. Use high thread-count fabric. It should be tight across your chin, nose, and cheeks, but not touching your lips. If it touches your lips and virus droplets permeate the mask, they can enter your mouth. And vice versa, if you are infected (but maybe don't know it) — your moist lips can transfer the virus to the outer side of the mask and out into the air.

2. Do not touch the mask with your hands.

3. Wash it after every use. (Have a backup.) Remove with the ear straps and place directly into the washing machine. Then wash your hands well. You can also put it in an air-tight plastic bag for 72 hours — that’s how long it takes the virus to die.

This was sent in Dr Oz's daily emails.  Seems like good advice.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Well, that week went fast!! For quarantine!!

No, I did not go on a vacation trip.  I was right here.  Apparently just busy in the sewing room! :)  I did get a LOT done!!  All those ripped blocks are done - this time the correct way.  And it makes a world of difference!!  It's a wee bit WILD! But I'm loving it.  Don't you??

But Wait!  There's More!  I've been on a mission lately about more blocks - making more than 1 a day!  It's so much fun!!

Elvis after complete overhaul                  Christmas!                 
Bee 2                                    Sewing 2

Sweet Water fabrics               Quilt of Valor block

Halloween 1                             Halloween 2

Halloween 3                           Fabrics from Japan

Junk foods                                    Brown block

Beach 2                       Covid-19 
                                                       (top right or bottom left fabric)

Then I took a day off and worked on another block I've been wanting to do - Stripe Me Lucky, a Jen Kingwell Collective pattern by Michelle McKillop.  And it's just as much fun!!!  I had to change it, of course!  I made the strips wider and left out one round.  More Stripe fabric goes between the blocks.


Our county got released from quarantine.  Free, Free at last!!  BUT don't go wild, there are people out there with the virus.  They may not know it, they may not think they are giving it to you, but it is what it is!!

WEAR YOUR MASK - everywhere.  Wash it every night (or if you have more than one, change them out)  But always wash them between wearing.  I throw mine in with the towels, or just wash it with dish soap in kitchen sink.  Lay it out on a towel, it'll be dry by morning.  If it's double-sided, never switch the side against your face before washing it!!

DON'T GO CRAZY!  Yes, it's exhilarating to have choices!!  Wear your mask, social distance and if there's a crowd, leave!

AND if anyone gives you crap about wearing a mask.  Turn away, make an exit, and make a promise to yourself to NEVER make them a quilt!!! You can tell family that, it just might help keep them in line!!!

I have been to the quilt guild's meeting space 3 times in the last 3 months.  We received requests for face masks. We sprang into action and made hundreds of masks, it was amazing!  

But the last two times I was there to drop off/pick up something:  there were quilters NOT wearing masks!  The same ones that were sewing away!!  It makes NO sense.

So yesterday we had to pick up challenge fabrics.  And we brought our spring challenges.  The leader took a picture of us with them.  And I wore my mask.  She said, "Don't you want to take that off?"  And I replied, "NO!  This is going on FB and we have to set an example!  Wear the mask!"  By the end, 3 of the 6 had masks on during our picture!!  Think you look silly??  Who cares??  You look safe!  You look like you love your family.  You look like a caring person who wants this over with quickly, please!




People who wear masks!  The two with quilts, coming soon to FB!!

BE SMART!  Wear a mask!  And if someone says something, leave it on - they don't really know who you are!!!!  Just leave anonymously!!!  Tee-Hee!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Done Ripping, still resewing blocks

Note to self:  After researching patterns, and collecting data - please refer back after one sample block!!  Not wander over and take a peak after 29 blocks!  Just saying!!

The photo game continues!  Here's some of the latest - all in our apt:




The last one - here's a hint - it looks like a face and it is -of a nautical type!

On "May the 4th be with you!" I watched Star Wars IV and other movies and ripped, ripped, ripped!  But, if I resew 5 blocks a day - I'll be back to 29 blocks completed on Mother's Day!

My Mom, Granny, to our family, died a few years back.  She lived to be 97 but she hated being told what to do!  (so that's where I get it!!)  One flu season was tough and they locked down the retirement home she lived in.  It drove her nuts.

She and her dog had a one bedroom apartment with a patio.  TV, books on tape, A little kitchen, and meals delivered.  "I'm locked up in a puppy mill!" was her refrain for that one week!!  She would have HATED this!

Even I can't get my mind around it - I've been doing this for over 2 months???  I think I've left our complex 9 times!!  And normal isn't even 'just around the corner!'  Bah Humbug!!

Here are the photo reveals:




The Whale is a salad tong!  It was a gift from the kids - but no one could guess it!  Stay Safe and QUILT ON!