Sunday, July 1, 2018

Let's get caught up!!

I don't know about you, but, sometimes I just go on strike!!  I don't write here or  in my daily journal ... about the only place I write is on the grocery list!!  It usually means that I'm too busy.  And so far this summer has been busy.

Our library has an adult summer reading program!  I loved summer reading programs as a kid.  I could bike to our local library and I was usually done within two weeks!!  Of course, we didn't get to use electronics all day back then!  Is anyone else addicted to Wheel of Fortune free game???  Is there help anywhere?

The reading program is a "Bingo game" with squares to complete here's just a few: First book in a series; Poetry, Award winner; Based on a fairy tale; from YA section; Recommended; and 'has blue on the cover!'  What fun!

So what am I reading?  Funny you should ask!  A Wrinkle in Time (on Kindle); Uncommon Type Some Stories by Tom Hanks and (mainly avoiding) the book club selection this month: Honolulu.

The kids' reading program is mostly about where they are reading:  under a tree, before breakfast, read to your pet, when it's raining ... I sent it to the kiddo's houses!  D is a voracious reader (just out of 1st grade!!)  There will be prizes at Camp Nana/Papa for readers!  First camp is for the Portland kids, they will be coming back from Sisters with me.  The Medford boys will be later in August.

Last week DH was on a golf junket for a week!  It started on Woolies meeting day; through the "In Town Mini Retreat" weekend where I worked on my mini-log cabin blocks.  It was so much fun that I continued when I got home ... man, it was scrappy around here!!

I started taking the 4.5" blocks and put them together into 16 patch blocks.  Then my math got all confused!  I had to figure the number of blocks needed now that they were 14.5"  Probably 64 or 72!  I'm already over 30-something (in many ways!!)  So I laid them out on the bed today - and I still like it!  But I'll have to consult photos so I don't get like-colors together.  (As if, that won't happen even if I'm paying attention.)  It's going to happen!!

Let's do the math - there are 9 logs in each 4.5" block.  144 logs in each 16patch.  If I need 64 of those ...9,216 pieces!!!

Now, of course, the fabrics repeat, but that's an impressive amount of scraps to have! and use up!  Not that it does!  I feel I have about as many scraps as I did at the beginning.  When you fluff - they multiply!

It all started with the bag of scraps we moved from NE.  Labeled "Too big to throw away, too small to use!"  And it was filled with my favorite fabrics - you know the ones!!  It's been great fun to work on, many memories surfacing with the fabrics.

I wanted to create an overall pattern that I could make larger units of and then be able to mix in the newer fabrics that I'm using now.  It IS rabid scrappy - but with this many small pieced, it does start to meld together!  What do you think??

In other June news:  Look who turned ONE!!  Miss E is pulling herself up.  Still moves the fastest doing the army crawl with her little hips swishing back and forth!

Miss P 'graduated' from 5th grade!  Next year Middle School!  Graduation was fun.  All the 5th graders had to say a little something about their time at the school.  Very impressive!  AND they read a list, if you participated in that activity, you stood up.  Miss P was bouncing up and down like a kids' pull toy!  And she was just there for one year. A very successful year indeed!

This week was a private QOV presentation.  They are always moving, I love giving these veterans' their quilts.  Especially if they are curmudgeons!!  They act all tough, then tear up like the rest of us.  What a great feeling, sharing that moment, trying to convince them they are appreciated.

Today we walked the low tide - it was -.5 and lasted forever, with lots of beach to walk along.

Remember the tidepool in the rock?  Last time it was about shin high.  The sand is way down - now it's above my head!!

The star-fish are coming back!  I even spotted a purple one today!

DH walking ahead (while I lolly-gag!)  The condos are in the background.

We can walk thru the cave, standing up!

Happy summer days!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Quilt of Valor Ceremony photos

I love our quilt show - and there WILL be more pictures from that.  But the QOV Ceremony is 'where it's at'!  Good thing I can still think on my feet!  The gym was so hot and here we are wrapping these veterans in quilts!  But they loved it and so did we.  We had a large audience celebrating with us - Thank you Brookings community for supporting us.

Coast Guard Honor Guard opened the ceremony for us

 Don't you love that face!!

Our Honored Veterans of  2018.
Thank you one and all.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

C'mon down!! Brookings Annual Quilt Show is ON!

The day has come - the quilts are hung with care and my 'honored guild member' booth is filled.  I had to take home a dozen small quilts - I decided to go with my graphic 'first quilt' baby blocks pyramid!  I saw it in the Quilt Engagement Calendar and was way too dumb to know I couldn't do it!!  But it makes a statement!!

Yes, there are other quilts!!  But I was too pooped to walk the show!  More pictures of the rest later!!

 Let the party commence!!  Come see me!!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

T-5 days to the Brookings Annual Quilt Show

T-5days to the Brookings Annual Quilt Show (part of Azalea Festival) Come one, come all!! AND -once in a lifetime opp- I'm Featured Guild Member!! I'm "curating" (note the latest buzz-word) a display of quilts I've made in the last 43 years!!!

Brookings Oregon
Kalmiopsis Elementary School 650 Easy St
Saturday May 26: 10-5
Sunday May 27 10-4

Details of "Welcome to the Neighborhood" my latest finished quilt! Come and see it!! Quilting by my good friend, Cindy Young.  Riverjoy Quilting

Thursday, April 5, 2018

So I'm fine, how are you???

I must say, time is going very fast this winter-spring.  I keep thinking of things I should blog about, but never manage to sit down to blog.  My bad!

Mod Squad was great fun in March.  Our 'assignment' was to combine doodles into a new design.  Very far out of most of our boxes!!  I started with a spiral and then it just took over!  Luckily, the member teaching us this month works with children and normally hands out a bright orange sheet for them to sign.  The sheet says, "The teacher gives you permission to ignore any instructions as long as you make something!"  Saved by the bell!

My life is spinning out of control ... the spiral was mixing it all up.

Let me walk you thru my problems ... errr ... symbols:  The spiral is black netting.  Might be the only time you see me work with it!!
  • Green house - our condo is up for sale, we're not buying it.  Our lease doesn't end until October, and if the new owners want it for a rental, they will want to extend our lease so they have a better chance of getting it designated a rental.  (There is only a small percentage of condos allowed to be rentals out here!)  That would be good for us - but meanwhile ... arrrgh!
  • A package of needles to remind me I have Needle Book issues hanging over me ... that's all I can say right now!
  • Spools fabric - my sewing room tends to look like a tornado has hit!!
  • Peas fabric - a new way of cooking/eating - I don't really like to cook!
  • Whale fabric - where the heck are they this year??? Not in our cove.
  • Pink fabric - I was in charge of cancer quilt, all pink - What was I thinking?
  • Light blue fabric with 3 dogs - that I'm allergic to at my DD's.
  • Five kids - the Grandkids.  Doing well, but always on our minds!
  • Car - my car was hit in the parking lot.  Kind-of killed the CHI when I got done with Tai-Chi!
  • Clock - Out of control! AND what happened to 8 hours of sleep a night??
  • Patriotic fabric - don't have enough quilts for the QOV nominees ... 2 months to presentation!  YIKES!!!
I'm happy to say, I'm in a much better place today!  Some of those things are done - pink quilt; (tempted to put scraps in the burn barrel!) there are enough quilts for the QOV nominees; sewing room is neat and tidy, because some of the stash now lives in garage!

Here are the other projects at Mod Squad

I've touched everything in my sewing room!!  And I'm happy to say that quite a bit of it is going to the Country Store at our quilt show in May!  I'm carefully ignoring the boxes tucked between my table and the bookcase.  Pay no attention to them - they are out of here in May!!  There is only one box on the floor - QOV strips.  I can live with that!

This month our book club is reading "Yellow Raft In Blue Water" by Michael Dorris.  It's very good.  Need to finish it this weekend.

Before DH's appointment we stayed with A&J and the kids.  What a busy household.  Miss E (turns 1 in June) is army crawling and smiling at everyone!

At his yearly exam with the cardiologist, the dr had a very serious look on his face while looking at DH's records ... almost gave ME a heart attack!  But at the end of the appointment, he said see you next year!  DH did have to go in for a cholesterol test locally.  Should have results in a week.  Fingers crossed that all small issues will solve themselves!

We went up to Portland after dr appointment in the valley - Miss P had her annual Music Project show.  Last year, I loved to say that it was the first time I'd ever heard Pink Floyd on the Ukulele!!  Didn't get that this year, but Miss P's group wrote their own song!  Pretty darn good for 11 year olds!  As we were leaving L&Js house, my hip twanged! (Yes, that is a medical term!) So I'm officially old enough to hurt myself just standing there!  Pretty scary - but sitting on a cold pack all the way home did help.  I haven't had too much trouble with it since. I feel I dodged a bullet there! I don't have time for 6 weeks recovery!!

Did you know I'm the Honored Guild Member at our Memorial Day Weekend  show??  That was part of the ModSquad spiral too!  I have my own display area, which I have to man during show hours, and I've told you I've had a few panic attacks about it!

I also have our QOV presentation that Sunday.  It's a tear-jerker and hard to speak in front of that many people.  But I survived last year ... so this year will be good too.

My small group - Woolies - met at my house and we looked at every quilt in the house and decided what can be in the show, what can be in the booth.  Our condo is just large enough to get them all out!!!  I also decided they will all keep an eye on me.  Am I drinking water?  Have I gone to the restroom lately?  Has anyone moved into my booth and won't leave???? Do I need chocolate?

That same day Woolies met here was also March Madness Quilt til you Wilt! And yes, we start wilting about 8:35!!   I love these - they don't make you do the project!!  I had a lot of people to talk to and hand things off to; and some figuring/consulting about a new project that I was ready to cut for.  It was wonderful!! Just being in a room filled with quilters working ... magic!

Then at the guild meeting - it finally registered with members that we don't have enough quilts!  So we had an impromptu sweatshop and finished 4 tops and two people brought in their quilts to finish! We now have more than enough and I am breathing easier. Yay!

Until next time!!

Monday, March 12, 2018

The sun is shining ... today!

The rain is slowly tapering off and (I hope) we are headed to spring.  Life is speeding up, gearing up for the end of school year and all that comes with it! We went on our first beach walk yesterday since DH's heart problem in December.  It was great being back on the beach!!

My DH is much better and back on the golf course.  He can even hit his woods and irons now.  Last weekend he golfed with his buddies and he was teased that he should be using the 'old man' tees since he was out-driven by them (very rare!)  But he's planning his revenge soon! 

When a family member expresses an interest in quilting - do you feel you have to 'hide the good stuff?'  Tee-hee!  A Lincoln Quilter's daughter was in mom's sewing room, came out and asked if she could use the plaids. Mom didn't get up and go see what she was asking about, and said yes.  It ended up her daughter cut the backs off all the plaid shirts in the ironing pile!!! Be careful!!!

Let's talk Retreats!   Always a favorite of mine from the beginning.  Oh, I like bus trips ... but shopping is too easy!  What I really enjoy is hours and hours of no responsibilities pulling at me.  Just me and my sewing machine, quilting friends around and no housework nagging me! Heaven on earth!

I run "Finishing School - a 5 day March retreat out here for 9 of us.  5 years ago I did research on where we could hold a retreat - the guild decided not to hold one, but 8 of us still were interested.  There's a pretty rustic 'retreat center' over the Bandon quilt shop and oh-boy, do we have fun.  A lot of shopping in our slippers!!  It's always been scheduled and filled for the next year before we leave each year. Here's the "Graduate Students" of Finishing School!

As you can see, the 3/4 inch finished log cabin blocks are still being worked on!!

It was my reward for finishing the Cancer donation quilt and some other 'at the last minute deadline work' during Finishing School!  But of course, this isn't finished yet - I need hundreds of blocks!!!!

The Brookings guild has a 4 day retreat in February up in Gold Beach at a Best Western.  We get hotel rooms(!) and take over the conference center.  We take turns making lunch and dinner using crock pots, etc.  

DH makes fun of us - we leave a town with two quilt shops to go to a town where there is none!  But he doesn't get it!!  It's just far enough away that we're 'out of touch' but some can come up for a day easily.  We had 35 this year.  Not bad for a guild of 60!!

We discovered the joys of command hooks!  The 'official project' was Blooming 9patch.  (I didn't do it of course!!! Some things don't change.) So the guild bought large packages of Command Hooks.  We fastened them to the walls (over vinyl wallpaper, doors, painted walls ...) and had design walls hung all over the room.  Worked out great - took them all down at the end and have the hooks to use again.  All you have to do is buy extra tape pads to hang them.  And then hang them right so you can pull them off!!!  Might be a good addition to to all retreats large and small!

My third retreat of the year is in April back in Bandon - both sides of a duplex right on the ocean.  Newport's "Bayshore Babes," a small group that I belonged to when I lived there. Two full kitchens, it sleeps 22. Alcoves for handwork; long dining tables for machine set up.  I've convinced them Brookings is a southern suburb of Newport (a mere 5 hours away!)  I get put on the waiting list so current members that meet weekly can get in.  But I usually make it - IF I promise to bring my lasagna!!!  That's coming up in April.

Meanwhile, I'm stressing out this spring. Our condo needs to have windows replaced by Summer.  I can't even get to the window in the sewing space!  And I really don't want to explain that room to a non-quilter.  I'll be on a Hoarders episode in a flash!! So, in an effort to get at the base of the problem, it's worse than ever!!!

AND I'm "honored guild member" at our Memorial Day Weekend show.  It used to be "featured quilter" but last year the hard-working guild member didn't really have any finished quilts!  She also didn't stay in her booth.  So - I figure that the pressure is lower than it was before!

What does it involve???  I have to be there all day for 2 days; have a "booth" display of me!  But still run the QOV presentation on Sunday - which is why I got the nomination.  A quilting friend I walk with wore me down to accept the nomination.  I was secretly hoping the other gal would win - I've never been an officer here and she had.  I had a small panic attack when they announced it.  And a bigger one at 2 am that night!!

I'd appreciate tips from those of you who have had this honor and lived through it to tell the tale!!  I already told the Finishing School crew they are my committee.  They have to check on me, make sure I'm drinking water, taking bathroom/stretch breaks and that no one has moved in to 'keep me company'??  Woolies is meeting here this month and I plan on them helping me decide what going into my space!  That will be fun - a one woman show at home - so to speak! 

Meanwhile, QOV is doing great here.  Last year we had our first presentation at the quilt show.  We presented quilts to 17 veterans.  This year I already have 24 nominees - and 20 quilts promised.  Since I only have 18 members ... hard to push for more quilts.  I've reached out to State QOV to get 4 more finished quilts.  But I'll be glad when that's not on my mind 24-7!  I want it settled ASAP - I've lived thru the nightmare that can happen for delivery to  our little 'end of the world' location!

Meanwhile, the progression of tops coming into my sewing space; being paired, mailed out to quilters, coming back and going back to their makers ... well, let's just say I haven't lost track of anything quite yet ... but I've come close!!  I now put a placard with the quilters name on the quilt top before measuring and taking a picture of the top.  And in a small condo - the only space to do that is on our king size bed.  I also have to clear the nightstand (a pile of books and a box of Puffs does nothing for the ambiance!) cover the bed with a flat sheet so I'm not left with animal hair and threads in my bed!!  Stand on a kitchen chair to take the picture ... it's a hobby all on its own!!!

A Nebraska friend said she'd like to come out in May for the show, but I told her she'd be in charge of bringing me water and rubbing my feet!  She then said she was expecting company that weekend!! I was kidding, but I hope I don't have company because I'm not good after 'I'm "on" all day!?'  

Do you know what I mean?  Being social all day - well, it takes a toll.  The evening usually involves a Mikes Hard Lemonade, no tv, OR an old favorite Rom-Com; laying on the couch, reading a book, covered by a quilt, bonbons optional!!  I can't see anyone agreeing to that!

Well, that's what has been keeping me from blogging!!  I'll end with just one of our winter sunsets!  Yep, that's what keeps us here!!!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Olympic Fever Here!

I love the Olympics and DH, who watches every sport imaginable, doesn't!  He's just contrary, what can I say!  I love it for the personal stories.  And NBC does a great job of covering it!!

I have a quilt that I'm hand quilting - and I work on it during the Olympics at least a couple times a week.  Not the best plan!  But I'm also working in the sweat shop - err - sewing room during the day.  I'm trying to get caught up from taking all that time out when DH was recovering.  The sewing room is piled high with projects all yelling "Pick me!" It's distracting!!

  • I want to finish binding my Intl Miniature Exchange.  And finish the one for me!  Yes - I'm making two!
  • I'm getting a guild blocks Log Cabin QOV top and back ready to be quilted by a local longarmer.  
  • Getting the Breast Cancer Raffle Quilt top and back ready for it's quilter! I must have been high on M&Ms when I volunteered for that!
  • 3 Fabric post cards exchanges needing to get done.
  • Baby quilt with leftover log cabins ... for City Baby Shower!
  • The hand quilted project - on it's 2nd year mainly sitting on the side!
  • and the list goes on!
We finally got to have "Christmas" with the Portland group.  It snowed and we were asked to please not delay Christmas again (blaming us for the snow!)

A good friend sent an 'engineering' set for Mr M.  He wasted no time to get electrifying with Gus-Gus, the German Shepherd supervising.

Another good friend here in Brookings was cleaning out her "teacher" supplies and I scored a box of books for the GKs!  They were all so excited. But here's a picture of the little guys looking them over.

Here's what else has been happening:

Mod Squad met for the beginning of our second year.  We're not sticking with one book this year.  Each member will present an assignment from any book, theme, color or embellishment.  January's assignment was "Identity" from the 12 x 12 book.  It was touching and inspiring to see our entries.  Easy to guess - we know each other pretty well.

I go to Crescent City Pool two times a week for water aerobics (during a 'usual' week).  Last time I was there, I stopped by Safeway and this is what happened to their landscaping at the entrance! I don't believe it was planned this way!

It was awesome!  Have you ever tried to stack rocks?  Definitely tricky!

And we've had some wonderful sunsets.