Monday, May 24, 2021

Whine, whine, whine ...

 That's me this spring.  So many impending changes are stupefying, and quite frankly, I don't have that far to go!!

But last week we started Tai-Chi in the park again.  Our teacher/leader is fighting lingering health problems but gave us permission to teach Chi-Kung ourselves to keep the class going and ready for her return.  Yay!  Seven of us were there and it felt like being at home!  All vaccinated so hugs all around at the end!  Of course, there was some stiffness of joints after not tai-chiing for a year.  Some of us were fairly active each day, but I'm sure no one tai-chied for an hour!  And some of us only thought about it every day, sigh!  Hoping to expand class to 2 days this week.  And open it to friends who are interested too!

Then the pool opens next Tuesday!  We're lucky to have an outdoor pool here in Brookings.  On those cold, foggy mornings we feel like Iron-women! Ready to take on the world!  After a hot beverage, of course!

We're all hoping to kick out the 19 (pounds) of Covid and get back to socializing and feeling like ourselves - 2019 style!

I'm a little overwhelmed, we welcome our Panama Gang back to Oregon in July.  They lost all the belongings in storage 2 years ago,  due to the Almeda fire in Southern Oregon.  This included furniture; kitchen supplies; toys; books; videos; family pictures; winter clothes; and QUILTS!  Hmm, Does anyone who is not related to a quilter have 27 quilts in their house?  

Since they were headed to Panama - where 70 is a cool day - only one quilt went along.  I pin basted 2 quilts this am - hoping to get one quilted this week, and the 2nd quilted next week, leaving just 1 more to do!  What was I thinking???

I'm also trying to rehab a doll for E, the 4 yr old.  Said doll was given by P, her 14 year old cousin!  YouTube is a wonderous thing!  Found how-to videos and will attempt to follow them to success!

We still haven't seen our new apartment, should be able to get a feel for it next week.  Remodeling will start soon; and maybe, just maybe, we'll get an estimate of when we are moving!  I'm not good with uncertainty!!  But I'm trying!

Stay safe!!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Big Changes Afoot ... I'm not ready!!

 First of all - we got our second shot of vaccine!  And no problems!  It was recommended to go off Naproxen 2 days before to 2 days after.  You know when you wonder if your pill-regime is working ... this achey-breaky body tells me it is!  Back on now - but it always takes a few days to get back in gear.

DH went golfing this last weekend.  The first time in a l-o-o-ng rainy season!  I had plans ... I'm sure you know those plans!  AND there were interruptions - each day!! 

I wanted to set up the quilting in the main room - but someone wanted to see the condo.  Okay, that's over, now I can lay out 'Wool around the Garden'.  A 56" circular quilt from Simply Modern BOM - 5 years ago??  I finally have the first 2 quarters done and I got busy getting the second half done.  It's wool applique on cotton background.  

We live in a small condo (and my DH thinks 1/2 of the condo is his too!)  To work on the design, I laid out the finished 1/2 on the floor in the living room; the new 1/2 was on the dining room table with my giant cutting mats protecting the table from pinning.  The colored wool pieces were everywhere!!

I got the pieces traced on freezer paper, chose the colors and cut out the applique. There was a few color mix-ups and change ups.  Hated the base of one lighthouse ... you know I never do follow a pattern exactly!  

Sorry - the only photos I can get to load today!!  Better luck next time!

Late one night I was cutting the windows and doorways out of the houses.  How you ask??  I use a rotary mat and exacto knife to slice a diagonal opening in the windows.  Then sit in front of the TV with a bowl or small waste basket on my lap and trim them out!  One of the hard parts is remembering the correct order of houses to put them back!

The next morning when I was out walking - another call asking for another condo viewing - ran up the hill (ok, scrambled awkwardly!) and whisked it all back into the sewing space.  Afterwards, I was just too worn out to drag it out again.  Hoping today is my chance!

My DH 'stages' the condo for showings - I shovel my project back into hiding ... viva la difference!  And don't tell DH!!  Don't get me wrong, we're keeping it neat and tidy.  But I think people looking at occupied houses should realize people actually live here!  I see no reason to hide the soap dish in the bathrooms!!

And this is our only home.  Not our second!  Quilters have a lot of stuff!  One lady visiting said she loved seeing all my quilts in the online pictures!!  Oh dear!

I'm feeling worn out, my heel hurts, I'm losing things (usually happens when too busy and/or under stress) and I want those pesky elves back to come back to help move my projects forward ... to a more satisfying place for me to enjoy working on them.  NOW, please!

We have a new Grand-dog in Portland!  A new puppy.  She looks very small next to the German Shepard!  Welcome to the family Miss G!

My DS is back in the states.  In Oregon too!  He starts his new job in Medford next week.  Let's just say, it's a dream job for a nurse with small kiddos.  DDIL and the 3 Grands will be back after her teaching contract at the International School ends in June.

Miss E (turns 4 in June) is adorable! (as are all Grandchildren, of course) She returned from a playground expedition declaring:  "Mission A-complicated"!!  I don't know about you, but that sums up the last year for me!!!


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Happy Quilting Day

 Last year we were bound and determined to hang quilts - and it was the perfect day on the coast for it.  We were quarantined, but a quilt hung on my balcony all morning!  Just for the travelers on 101 and the fishermen in the cove!!

Today is windy and looks like it could pour any time now.  But on DH’s walks I’ll be asking him to take a picture of different quilts made this last year.  

The ocean and sky can always be the background to our life!!

I’m celebrating National Quilt Day by quilting!!  Here’s my setup for large quilts.  Old dogs can learn new tricks - see the rolled towel peeking out on the right.  My quilt sandwich kept trying to catch UNDER the acrylic table.  So I rolled a towel, and stuck it under and it’s working better.

Here is today’s first quilt.  Bonnie Hunter’s Pineapple Blossom started 3 years ago right before my DHs Quadruple Bypass adventure!  Christmas colors with a snowman flannel for the back!

Stay Tuned for more adventures in Quilting today!!!

Quilting has indeed saved what sanity I have left.  It kept me thinking, creating, looking thru fabrics and dreaming of the next quilt.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

We Got our First Vaccine Shot!

 Halleluiah!  It's like a gloomy cloud over our head has lifted!! 

What a relief!  I highly recommend it!

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Short Month!!

 February zoomed by.  The Mod Squad show comes down tomorrow.  Here is a link to the interview.

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Mod Squad Display is up and running at the Manley Art Center Gallery!

 Now appearing for the month of February -

 the Famous Creative Mod Squad Artists!

It was a busy week, looked almost like herding cats ... but our whole Squad jumped in and made quick work of it. Thanks, Mod Squad-ers for your great attitude and sense of humor - we can rest on our laurels for a minute or two!!  But our February meeting is next week ... do you have "Gifting" done???

Besides Self-Portraits, our display includes a selection of our work from 2019 - 2020.  Some of our favorite work /challenges were not selected.  And I tried to keep the number from each artist evenly as possible.  You know how that goes!!

So these pictures are from taking pictures of everything turned in and available for the show by challenge.  Even though we didn't meet much during 2020, we had 48 challenges!

 Pantone Color of Year  

Personal Symbols

 Trapunto (not in show)

  Curvaceous (not in show)

 Fish  (not in Show) 


Space / Night Sky 

  Boro / Visible Mending

Food (not in show)

  Spring Fabric Challenge

Love Is In the Air (not in show) 

  Vision Boards              

 A New Beginning

  The Daily Button 

 Covid-19 / Quarantine

I was told we could only display 50 out of 86!!  Gallery Manager wouldn't count them as groups / categories (15 groups)  But of course, when we got the 50 up, it really looked like a half-done job.  She allowed us to add more - so we had to go out and buy more dowels, (they didn't get painted grey.)  Then mount 4 more groups on the hanging ribbons ... without the cutting mats for grids that we used the day before to prep.  

We ran out of ribbons - so we ended up with 65.  It turned out well. But most of us were exhausted.

The members were encouraged to bring Fiber Art; P and I both entered something.


A Year at the Coast                     Squirrel! by P                                 
with my fabric Post Cards           working with Laura Heine pattern

Busy 2 weeks, as you can guess.  Laters! 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

And a sigh a relief is heard throughout the land ...


Things are looking UP!

We can all use some fun with Bernie!  They should give him the Peace Prize for cheering us all up.

Seems like the more we know about the Congress break in, the more damning it is.  Thank goodness, we have Biden in office and he has a plan to get us back on the right track.  Enough said.  I don't do politics.

This lovely Great-Niece of mine is at peace.  After fighting Cancer with all she had for over 2 years, she's no longer in pain.  We'll miss you, N.  But you will always be in our hearts, encouraging us to go the extra mile.  God Bless and RIP.

Taking the day to just let the memories come and go.  I would love to be there with family, but COVID is just too rampant yet.  One more milestone we will have to process later.