Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's T-6 days til the big show!

I'm happy to say that the last entry I said would be in the show is Done-Done!!  Every year I swear that I will NOT -I repeat NOT- enter something that is not done!!  And about every other year I still do that very same thing! [I'm so tired of that part of me that forgets this every time!!]

And here it is!!  Uncle Bouquet  
Catherine Ware of Wild Hare, taught wool classes for the guild in the Fall of 2014.  The flower bouquet was a hoot to work on.  I don't use a lot of big flower fabrics, so I had to go buy some of those.  I don't do 'bling' either, but it's in there. I kept noticing "improvements" that were needed.  It kept getting bigger and busier until I just yelled "Uncle!" (Are you old enough to remember that when you wanted to give up you yelled "Uncle"!??) 

The only other things I need to do this week is put a label on my QOV quilt; and finish a cuddle quilt that is 3/4s done.  It's the cuddle quilt that we started at Finishing School this year - I'd like that committee be able to hang it in their exhibition if they would like to.  Oh, and bake bunches of cookies for the cookie sale we have!

The reason it just got done is because for some unknown reason I decided to hand quilt it rather than machine quilt it.  That slows you down! In the middle of the process I really wonder why I changed my mind, but now that it is done, I like it again!

It's been a glorious spring here.  Gorgeous weather, warm for us but with a cool breeze!   Unless it's a gale force wind ... but that's spring on the Oregon coast.  Regardless of the wind, the flowers have loved our weather!

Just another perfect day on the coast (taken from our balcony!)

Mr D and Mr K together.  It's amazing that they are both sitting still!! We get to babysit them this next month while mommy and daddy go for a trip.

A little woolie block for a secret project!!  Cute isn't it!!  Who else is working on this??

Friday, May 13, 2016

Speeding along in life

Or is life speeding along with me!  We had a few days of awesome spring weather - so nice out.  It really reminded us of why we live here.  Not at all like the rainy season 'wondering why-oh-why do we live here?'  LOL!

We had a great week with J.  There was quilting, talking about quilting, shopping for quilting, and even watching TV shows about quilting!  But wait, there's more!!

We had a "chowder eat-off".  Yep, we went to three different restaurants in the Port for chowder lunches on three different days!  The winner shall remain nameless.  J did try the chowder at the airport when she left.  It was NOT in the running!

We went to Crescent City Pool for water aerobics twice.

There was show and tell.  Here is CG showing her Splendid Sampler blocks.

We went to the redwoods for a walk.

 Did you know that J and C were born exactly a year apart??  We know now and they bonded quickly!!

 We tried to walk our beach, but it was too rocky.

J then bonded with Tonka and Meg in Portland - as if she had a chance not to! PS don't tell DD that the dogs were on the couch! -again!!

We (Joni included) got to watch the kids play basketball and baseball games.  Both are good little athletes and played well.  Miss P's basketball game was off a little, something that bothered her much more than us!  She had a great defense game going!

It was a perfect afternoon in Portland.  We were seated in the shade and there was a cool little breeze. And Mr M was adorable as he stood at 1st base and waved at his good friend, from the opposing team, as he ran to first!! Since Mr M was playing 1st baseman, good thing there wasn't a play to screw up!!  It IS hard to throw out your best friend!  Here's Mr M fielding a grounder before the baseball game.  

And the last night we stayed at the Shilo Inn in Beaverton.  This is their lovely courtyard.  Pond behind the gazebo and pool up the hill to the right!

J went home Saturday night.  More fun to come in Houston in November!!! The upside of that was I got to be at my daughter's house Mother's Day morning!  That was fun.  DH made us his famous "Eggs Marinaro"  which is an omelette created by Ed Marinaro at "Mama's" when he played football in Minneapolis.  It's basically a Denver omelette with sausage instead of ham!  Delicious!

Miss P and I also played dolls!  We never do that, but it was so fun!  We changed the doll's clothes and redid her hair ....

Here is our 'girls' picture on Mother's Day.  Three generations all with "Kay" as their middle names!!

And shhhh, don't tell, here is our boys on Father's Day picture (preview!)


DH and I had a lovely ride home along the coast.  We had Chinese take out for dinner.  It's always good to be back at home!  I've been hand quilting my Wool Flower Bouquet all week.  I do hate to quilt against a deadline, but the show is in TWO weeks!!!  So nose to the grindstone.

My good friend D in Redding CA always kids about "O" rocks on the beach.  "That Oprah, she's licensing everything!"  So one thing our beach DOES have right now is lots of rocks - and here's the "O"s I found and one "X"!!  

And wait for it - one "X"!  If you use your imagination!

Happy Spring to everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day!!!

How did it get to be MAY 2016???  When I was in elementary school, one summer I overheard my Grandma Grant say, "This summer is going so fast ..." and my thought was, "Grandma you are losing your mind, this summer is never going to end!"  Grandma, I'm sorry!  I know exactly what you were feeling!!  and PS thanks for giving me an interest in quilting!!!

The last few weeks have been a blur - but I did get a few things done!!  So lets start seeing what's been happening!

There was a trip to Portland, we'd learned to make "Lotus Flowers" with napkins at guild meeting.  It was a sweet little project so the kids and I made some.  I thought they were cute May Baskets ... they ended up being teacher presents. We took turns balancing them on our head and shoulders!

Miss P is into selfies!  So we had to take many pictures - I'd say she was pretty good, I never get one this good!!  We also made rubber band bracelets on the Wonder Loom.  We do have trouble with that loom.  It's easier for Miss P to make the single bracelets with the crochet hook.  But I found the fish scale (tail?) bracelet instructions online and it was very forgiving!  AND it uses 2 pegs on the loom.  When I told Miss P, she lit up and got excited,"We get to use the loom?????"  So we sat across from each other and both used 2 pegs successfully!  YAY!

The Sewing Studio was open in April.  CY, a very talented friend is designing the raffle quilt for next year.  We met for a week in her MIL's currently unoccupied house to sweat-shop it.  It's going to be gorgeous and lots of research of Oregon Coast flora and fauna was being done.  There's hand quilting, strip piecing, fusible applique, hand applique and lots of fabric try outs!  I thought I was there as a fabric consultant and tie breaker!  But I ended up fusing that adorable Oyster Catcher block!!  My first 'solo' block in a raffle quilt!  I'm usually one of the machine piecers in any group effort.  And oh, I can weld a mean seam ripper too!!

Sue Spargo introduced a "Instastitch BOM" two months ago.  It's log cabin-ish and looks very modern.  She uses a variety of fabrics on hers.  But I had these yummy Cherrywood hand-dyes. So that's what I picked.  I was behind on block construciton, but at Bayshore Retreat (more about this fabulous time later) I got the first two blocks pieced.  I still need to add the embroidery highlights - but first need to finish some pieces for the 'quickly speeding at us' Memorial Day Quilt Show!!!

Here's one of two UFOs finished.  This is an I Spy quilt for my great nephew's first baby, expected in May!  Mom and I made these checkerboard I Spys when she was only able to sew squares together because of her eye sight.  We made 7-8 of them, one for the first child of her grandchildren and great grandchildren!  We have two more in that generation left to do.  Be aware, I spy quilts are pretty much a life-long obsession.  I'm still on the look-out for fabrics that work!!  A decade later???

Another UFO I finished was the Red and White Bento Box for the Bayshore Quilters Challenge.  This week, I noticed my Dropbox notifications were about changes to files (?) So I went in and saved them all on my computer.  But I'm missing some pictures - including the finished one of this quilt!

Luckily I took it to retreat and people took pictures of it - so I'll get one of those.

This is my Brookings Challenge for 2016.  I made a similar quilt last year.  This year's challenge was to use a traditional block, and do your favorite technique.  They had a dozen entries!  A successful challenge.   I used shirtings, wool applique and my favorite ocean creature - the whale!  Sorry for the uncropped picture - but when I cropped it, it turned sideways!!!  I figured upright was better than sideways.

This is for all you crazy Brookings quilters who helped me save scraps for Dog Beds.  I took enough to retreat for us to make SEVEN dog beds - and one was quite large as you can see!!

There was a "Map" fabric post card exchange and I love maps.  This is a "Shop Hop" in Oregon!  But the map fabric is really France!  But I made the cars follow a route printed on the fabric!

And I exchange a "May Day Basket" with my friend in Texas.  At one time I stenciled that little basket block.  It was pretty light, so I went over it with a Fabrico pen and then stitched around it to get it to stand out.  I also sent that cute pieced basket pin? coaster??  I never figured out how to use it - so I released it into the wild!!!

This is my Woolies Stitch-along challenge.  Four of us in Woolies played along.  I started the little house in the woods. The others gave me the sidewalk to the door, smoke coming out of the chimney, the forest, flowers and a tree farm in the front yard!!  One participant just moved, but if she can find her project, all four will be in the Brookings Show Memorial Day Weekend

We also got to see the boys this month.  I went over for the big Birthday Bash.  D is 5 and K is 3 and they had a Ninja party.  Their mommy may have outdone the rest of the family with Pinterest party ideas!!  We had cucumber snakes in the snacks, an obstacle course, ninja stress balls the kids help create, ninja pipe cleaner figures, and a chopstick game among other things!!!  It was great fun to be there.

Then the next weekend we went over and babysat for them.  A&J went up to Portland to see "Newsies".  L and Miss P also went to "Newsies" the night before!  A good time was had by all - including Nana and Papa!!

And that brings us to this little doll!  NO, it's not mine!  P, a friend here in Brookings was looking for a puppy.  They are very expensive out here.  I told her my friend J in NE had connections and we assigned J to look for a Boston Terrier at a cheaper price.  If she found one, we would pay her airline ticket out here.  6 weeks later she found "Lucy" a seal (brown) adorable puppy! 2 weeks later they are both here!!  I know quilting friends will get a kick out of the "Lucy Boston" connection!!

I picked them up at the Portland airport Saturday morning.  Lucy was delivered to her new mom and dad; we settled in - unsupervised - and have already planned a Houston Quilt Show/Quilt Cruise vacation this November!!!  When I emailed my golfer DH - who has naturally gone golfing to give us time to take over the house!!!! - he said, "I knew it was a mistake to let you gals get together!!!" And then approved the trip!

Sew Many Places is who is arranging the cruise.  M and I took a cruise a few years back and they are VERY well planned.  M even said it was her best vacation ever!  I'll let you know what other 'trouble' we get into this week!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Between all this rain and dripping ...

I've been in a funk!  Ha!  I admitted it - that's hard to do.  I guess I got over all that energy to do everything at once.  What took me down? At first it was a sneezing fit, then apparently a cold I shared with a good friend - sorry, C!  And then a week of sinus infection - that's the dripping I'm complaining about.

I was a wreck, a pity puddle, a zombie.  But I still tried to follow my schedule - that didn't work at all!  So do what I say, not what I do - if you're sick - stay home!!!  Rest, drink fluids, moan and groan and wait to get better!  What a hard lesson to remember!

But with all the zombie-ness and sleeping for hours at a time - day and night ... oye vay! my To-Do List runneth over!

If you can believe it - I'm #7 (with a bullet) Lady in Waiting to become Queen of the UFOs!  Jeepers! And I even had a finish this year - it's only March for golly-sakes!  Luckily for me, my QOV double 9patch (an UFO of a few years ago) just came back from a very talented QOV longarmer!  It looks awesome and she didn't even whine about my (very) pieced back! Thank you SS for an awesome job.  She's also on Stashbusters and actually told me I was #7!!  Now that is a full service friend!

Folded view of the top - the name of the quilting design is "Dog Tags".  Very fun and appropriate!

Close up of the back.  And the black/beige plaid for the binding. A large picture of the WHOLE quilt will be posted after it's finished.  I promise!

It's not RW&B - it's all homespun plaids, very man-ly.  The back is all dark beige-ings I was clearing out of the over-flowing beige-ings stash drawers.  I was really happy with the quilt at first.  Then I got nervous about handing over a 17 pieces pieced back to a volunteer!  But all went well, and it turned out AwEsOmE! Happy again!  I even found some black/beige plaid in my stash that's pretty darn perfect for binding it!

I also need to finish a baby quilt for my great nephew and his wife.  Baby's growing right along and I think he/she will be here in May.  The ambiguity is because they live in Nebraska and I'm here in rainy Oregon!  I have two baby receiving  blankets ready to finish for them, and this I spy checkerboard quilt.  My Mom had macular degeneration and about the only quilting she could do was sew a straight line and chain stitch on her Featherweight.  I collected I Spy fabrics (I still pick up a great one even now!!!) I cut squares, paired them up, pinned them, she stitched, I but them apart, checked and refilled bobbins, paired twosies into foursies and we made 7? checkerboard tops for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren's first child.  Mom passed last summer, and I know she's egging me on to get this one done in time for C&K's baby. She never did 'hold with' being late!

I got the top out, ready to add borders and piece the back, ready to quilt on my DSM tomorrow.  AND I've got two small twin Mickey Mouse panel+borders quilts to give to the Disneyland kiddos.  A Nana's got to do what a Nana's got to do!!!

AND Mr M announced that he has grown out of his favorite pj bottoms I made.  He kindly made me a list of which ones need to be replaced.  A few years back I'd made him some very cute robot pj pants.  He grew out of them too quickly and I found the same fabric and made him some bigger ones.

It was very confusing to a preschooler that "they fit again".  But I think he's got it now.  He told his mom, "Nana can find the same fabric and make me some more."  Oh, dear, anyone have 2 yards of Angry Birds fabric to spare??

I have Star Wars (to replace the Angry Birds) and Baseballs ready to cut.

And that's just this weekend's To-Do!!  We'll see if I have any "sustainability" today!! Stay well and if you're not - stay home and recoup!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Life sped up on me! Sorry!

We're having a normal Oregon Coast winter. The last 2-3 years we have been in a drought.  Not this year! And, well, you forget!  I've been wishing life could be more like that movie - "The Truman Show" where it mainly rains at night - not all day!!!  Welcome to 'partly cloudy' on the Coast!

There's been a lot going on.  I hosted the "Finishing School" in Bandon at the end of February.  And yes, I got those blessed little pin cushions done!  They turned out real cute this year - but I'm changing them up next year.  I mean really, paper piecing is supposed to be accurate.  But 3" schoolhouses that have one of the chimneys hanging off the roof just might be a sign that you're past that skill now!  Yep, feeling old and arthritic!!

We had added another day this year - and it was unanimous to do it again next year.  The added day made the whole thing seem more relaxed!!  There was no packing up the day before we left (by anyone else but me!) and that's unusual.  Granted we had enough food and drink to last a few more days ... We have a full kitchen and we use it!!  Our menu was varied and awesome this year!  With lots of leftovers!  But no leftover brownies!!!!  I'm not in this picture - my Ipad camera refused to work for the clerk who was taking our group shot!!

My DSIL's father passed away the night before Retreat ended.  So I did pack up early and left at the crack of dawn (6:45 these days) to drive up to Portland and stay with the 'Littles' while L & J helped out with all the paperwork and arrangements that follow.  Everyone has been doing okay.  But no matter how old you are, you're not old enough to lose a dad.

So I have recently become re-energized about Life and it's possibilities!  There are several new projects I want to do NOW!  There are a dozen UFOs I want done NOW!  And here's where it gets murky!  I don't want someone else to do them.  I want to do them and yet have them finished fast!

Here is the QuiltMania BOM of a few years ago.  I love the house blocks and even made up extra blocks to complete my town.  I'm "auditioning" the mountains border - I've been told it's too dark.

And this is my favorite "new" project.  This year, three of us quilting maniacs in our small town decided to split a subscription of the three QuiltMania magazines.  So far it's been very distracting!  When we got QuiltMania P and I fell in love with the "Camelot" quilt in it.  We gathered fabrics and worked on it at Finishing School.  Well, I dropped out after the first hour!  I could not get the curved piecing to curve!!  P journeyed on ... until the 2nd block - then she was joining me "at the burn barrel"!

So this is our first Simply Moderne issue - and we fell in love with the cover quilt!  I didn't like the mauve background (I don't care if it IS coming back!) BUT when I read further and the appliques were wool - Celebrate!  They had me then!!!  

But after our misadventure with the Camelot blocks - well we decided to do the first quarter and if we didn't like it - it would still be interestingly asymmetrical!   I'm using beige-ings for the backgrounds, a different one for each quarter.  There are a kazillion wool circles on this.  Trying to figure out the easiest, cheapest way to produce them! Don't want an Accuquilt - small apartment, no storage, no room.  Tried some circle punches, hard on my hands.  Bought a package of 30 precut 1" circles at the Ashland Quilt Store, but don't want to spend .16 on each circle!  Right now I'm trying to draw circles (from handy dandy template - $5!) onto freezer paper and fusing that to the wool and cutting them out.  They aren't perfect, no surprise, but neither are my houses!  And my hands seems to hold up to that.  I cut 68 last night watching tv!  BUT always open to a better way!  Suggestions??

I also want to lose weight; read books; watch the DVR programs; spring clean and declutter, increase our savings; cook healthier meals;  .... but oddly, not take a nap!!! (I always crave naps when I have too much to do!)  So whats your favorite method to work on everything at once?? I don't think the "scatter shot" method is my thing!

Last week we were back in Portland (in the rain) for the Memorial service. We went up early to spend an extra day with the 'Littles' and spoil them too.  We played games, including a Disney Trivia game - our 9 year old expert showed us who's the boss!

Then after school was the big chess match - will Papa keep his winning record?? Nope, he did not.  This is really a BIG DEAL!  Papa doesn't dumb down his game for children!!  Mr M was beaming!

Before we came, I repaired a cute little denim skirt for Miss P and have decided against ever doing that again! 5 hours later ... I ended up making the waist like a PJ bottoms waist.  Sewing in the elastic is apparently not completely covered in the tutorial!  When I got it sewed in there were strange little hard sticky-out parts along the waistband.  Uneven stretching of the elastic???? Don't know, but it's a PIA to rip out!!

I had asked my DD to measure waist to bottom of hem on Miss P - she "guesstimated" and last night I had to raise the hem by hand!!!  Sigh!  All I can say is it better be her favorite skirt and I should see her in it a lot!

We came home, I attended our "March Madness" sew in for quilt guild and we left to babysit the other "Littles" the next morning. Still raining thru all this traveling and adventures.  Had a great time with the boys; had a lot of light saber fights with short pool noodles.  Went to the science museum and I had as much fun as the Littles did!  Maybe more!

Coming home across the mountain, still raining and the river was in flood stage - we've never seen it so big and fast!  But home again, home again.  I'm ready to stay for a few weeks, no travel for me, please.  Not for a while at least!

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Week of Quilts Challenge on FB

I just participated in the FB Quilt Week challenge. It was lots of fun to look back. I ignored the blog while I was doing it - so I thought I'd catch you up!! Enjoy! PS - don't worry about not being FB friends with me - I'm not very active out there! You know me better thru this blog!! Lucky you???

Day 1  Mary C challenged me to post a quilt I have made every day for a week. I'm at a Quilt Guild Retreat this weekend, and this is the only quilt picture on my computer that I have made! Recently finished - an I Spy quilt. Love the design.

I've been quilting for over 40 years and have never stopped for more than a couple of weeks. It is truly an addiction - errr - passion!! I love making small presents for friends and families.There have been baby quilts, graduation quilts, wedding quilts, quilt lessons, quilt retreats, even quilt cruises!! There are dozens (scores) of UFOs - Unfinished Objects - and more quilts planned than any one person can make in a life time!! Us quilters wouldn't have it any other way!!

I don't know if I'll find a way to post a picture tomorrow - you might just have to settle for a quilt story - I have quite a few!!

If you've received a quilt product from me or have spent "quilty" time with me, leave a comment!!! I promise photos Sunday and beyond!

22 Likes and Comments included:

DeEtte T: Quilt Retreat memory: We were shopping in Omaha during a Spring Retreat. Just browsing around and you hears a whistling noise. You decided it was coming from me & I was determined it was NOT. You win!!! I had stuck my hearing aid in my pocket and it accidentally got turned on smile emoticon I always get a grin when I think about that. Miss retreating with you Doni Boyd. Enjoy your weekend!

Jamar B:  I was just thinking about all our quilts yesterday. The problem is we will never be able to get rid of any of them because they are all made with such love. My favorite is the one you made me for my graduation with all my favorite colors. I also love the jungle animals and Eric Carle theme. The boys love their Halloween quilts especially the one with super heroes on the back.

Mary W: You, yourself are addicting (contagious?) You gave me a lesson on rotary cutting 15 years ago, and I've been quilting ever since! It's been great fun!

Bronna C: I have two baby quilts from you! Still love them 20+ years later.

Kathleen K: Hi Doni, long ago you gave me a postcard sized quilt of a kitty cat. It always makes me think of you and water aerobics and your love of quilting. Cheers!

Lindsay R: I have a few favorite memories....i loved helping as a kid "underneath the frame" when you had large quilts. I also loved it when you would constantly ask me to help you find needles in the carpet when you dropped them. My favorite quilts are our wedding quilt, my cat quilt as a kid, and the kiddo Halloween quilts!

Joni S: You introduced me to quilting by having me look at quilting magazines. I found a pattern and you graciosuly provided all the fabric, cutting board and rotary cutter. I believe this all took place on Super Bowl Sunday. I have been addicted ever since and I thank you.

Twy H: Great I Spy Quilt,

Day 2  Hi! Home from Quilt Retreat - happy to say that a good time was had by all! It was a beautiful drive home too!

This is the wedding quilt I made for my son and his lovely bride 5 years ago. A log cabin in a zig-zag pattern with 3 "love stamps" spaced in. I thought by making a huge log cabin it would get it out of my system.

I started planning the next one immediately!! What pattern is like that for you?? Share with us!

26 Likes and Comments:

Claire G:  Wonderful! What an heirloom for your son and daughter in law!

Betty W:  It is a really outstanding quilt!

Tamara R: We love our wedding quilt. You are so talented and do such beautiful work! A and J's is absolutely beautiful!

Marcie S:  That is just beautiful!

Donna S:  Beautiful! What a special gift!

Day 3 of My Quilts! Two years ago our Brooking Guild made quilts for Quilts of Valor. I made one for them, but then made 3 quilts for 3 Veterans that I know personally! I was nervous about giving them quilts. I made the labels long, so they could pass the quilt on to someone else, if they wanted. But they all LOVED them. I even got thank you notes from MEN!!! I highly recommend this charity and to also make a quilt for someone you know!

13 Likes and Comments included:

Betty W: My favorite quilts are for veterans
Saun S: Awesome

Ok - Now I have to tell this quilt story!! Nicole, my awesome Great-Niece, received a tied string quilt my mom and I made for my dad.

She felt something hard in the left side, and she's a curious gal! There was a small opening on the right side of the quilt. So she carefully threaded this object all the way across the quilt to the opening. At first she thought it might be his plastic hospital bracelet ... But it was a 120 inch tape measure!!!!

When she returned it, she mentioned where she found it. Mom aka Granny replied, "I've been looking for that!!!" LOL! Thanks Nicole for sharing that story - it's so Granny!!

23 Likes and Comments:

Nicole S: I love this story!!! I was hoping it was something magical, left there for history... But no just a great laugh!!!!! I could not believe it when I pulled that measuring tape out. 

Gretchen L:  Too funny!

Day 4 of my quilts - This is a guild challenge project. The challenge was Things that Fly! I immediately thought of air mail and then stamps. I had cancelled stamps and then started searching the internet. There were birds; ducks; Mary Poppins; Superman ...

If your guild has challenges - take them up on it! Nothing is better to get you working outside your box! And that's a good thing. Plus Challenges are usually small - and fun!!

9 Likes and Comments:

Mary C:  I love seeing these! Thanks for sharing.

Day 5 (with a little break in between!!)Presenting my Grandkids' Big Girl and Big Boy quilts! You know you have to keep things 'even' with grand kids. So don't try to give everyone a quilt when you give a quilt. Give each a quilt when they reach a certain stage! When the kids each moved into their "big bed" they got a quilt from Nana! Miss P was the first with a pink fish quilt. Mr M got the patchwork "Bear went over the Mountain" quilt and Mr D got the Eric Carle panel design. Mr D went into a youth bed before the bunk bed and I was very relieved he liked his quilt. I made it early and THEN he went "all super-hero all the time" But too late for the quilt!! Mr K is fast approaching his Big Boy Bed, but I've got it started!

After bed quilts come the Kindergarten Quilts! Everyone draws a picture for Nana to applique on the quilt! So far we have a unicorn quilt and an alligator quilt!! Mr D will have to work on his picture this year! He turns 5 in April!

These quilts are my favorite kind to make! They're not for a show, they're for love and I'm happy to announce that they have been loved to death!!  My job is done!  ... for now!  Tee-hee!



17 Likes and Comments included:

Diane E: You make great quilts. My kids loved theirs - and still have them.

Mary C: I am behind in making the Bigger quilts for my Grandkids. I get reminded every time I see a certain grandson, that his quilt is too small. Thanks for sharing your reasoning. Making 20 grandchild quilts in a year would be HARD!

Saun S: Awesome!

Tamara R: Such a great and talented Grandma! You're grandchildren have been truly blessed and so have you.

Twy H: Love seeing them, Doni.

Day 6 of My Quilts! I know I wander far and wide from just showing my quilt of the day ... those who know me well are NOT a bit surprised!! 

One Christmas oh-so-many-years-ago a good friend took charge of Lindsay to buy me a Christmas present. She bought me this awesome quilt covered 3-ring notebook! I think Lindsay was about 3rd grade when she bought this for me ... I won't say how old she is now, but she has a 3rd grader!!! (Can you believe I still have this?!?!?)

What do you put in a special notebook like this??? Well, a quilt journal of the quilts you've made and the ones you received from others!!

I really have to organize the pictures of my older quilts - I have them electronically -somewhere- And there lies the problem. The page I'm showing you is my first quilt!! Ignorance is truly bliss, because if I'd known what I was doing ... this quilt would not exist!


You can read all about it on the sheet! I still have the quilt and it's in great shape - I won't let anyone use it!!! We really use our quilts and I'm very afraid that this Baby Block quilt would not survive washing gracefully!

It wasn't the first one done - that was a simple royal blue and yellow Irish Chain. Long destroyed by use!! But this one is what created the quilter in me. Long before it was even done, I'd started the next quilt and the next ... I've never stopped - for 41 years!!! And I don't plan to any time soon.

Yes, I've got UFOs to finish; projects lined up for decades ahead and I don't care to hear how that isn't very practical. Thank you anyway.

I love my notebook; even if it only goes to 2000! (I started it because I was afraid I was losing my mind! - I still am!) But I also included stories about the quilt; who worked along with me and what was happening in my life. I love reading the stories over and over again!

SO - if you're a quilter, or a quilt collector, you should have one of these journals. It doesn't have to be Smithsonian worthy! It doesn't even have to be in a special notebook! But it should exist.

I know when I'm in the rest home, totally out of my mind, I'll love reading this book day after day! And I picture my kids and grandkids looking through it, remembering me.
So - your mission should you decide to accept it - is to make a scrapbook/journal like this. And I'll try to bring my memories up to 2010!! I have lists of projects finished every year; and I have photos of my quilts - somewhere!! AND I just got Photoshop elements; maybe an electronic journal that I can print and/or give digitally to those kids and grandkids!!!

Let's get busy! Well, as soon as I finish my current project! LOL!

PS - someone asked me when the next age is for quilts for the Grandkids. I was told to give a quilt to them when they turn 13. Those teen years are tough, Nana may no longer be a favorite in their lives, but at least I'll know they are wrapped in a quilty hug from me! Then HS graduation; College graduation: marriage and then for their kids of course!! When did you get quilts? What have I missed????

14 Likes and Comments included this interesting conversation:

Saun S: Wow, how many quilts do you think you've made?

Doni B: Oh my!! I haven't counted for a long time - so I did. From lists (see above). In 41 years I have made 73 quilts - twin size or larger; 190 small projects, that includes baby quilts and smaller; AND 79 Christmas stockings!!! Thanks for asking!! 

Lynne Q:  OMG!!!! Prolific!

Day 7 of my quilts! This has been fun and harder to pick quilts to share than I thought! My last quilt is just to remind you that you can use every part of the fabric you buy. You can use the front, the back and even the selvedge!

But beware - it's addictive! This is Selvedge Yard which now lives with someone else. I sold it last July at Sisters. String blocks and outside border pieced with selvedges. The lettering is "Unruly Letters" from Tonya Ricucci's book -Word Play Quilts- You can read about the process in this blog entry:

The whole quote is -Quilting: not so much a hobby [you know] more like an [infectious] obsession [and we love it sew]- the quilted words are in the brackets!

13 Likes and Comments:

Leona K: Love it

Ruth Y: My favorite quilt and reason I joined the Quilt Guild!

Twy: Now I know why we were saving selvedges for you

Georgia P:  Amazing

Ta-Da!!  So that was a full week in the life of a quilter!! You'd think that looking back at what you made would get you going again in the sewing room! Not so much!! Reminiscing takes up a lot of time.

Before I disappeared from FB' again - I wrote this:  Happy Valentine's Day!

This quilt was made for a guild "Holiday" challenge. I had been reading about the "slow movement" and used that method when working on it. I was shocked, I tell you, when I found 18 shirtings with Red in them to choose for the background!!  "Be Mine" is of my favorite wall quilts!

20 Likes and Comments:

Andrea M:  Your sister Rita C would love this!

Joni S:  Happy Valentines Day! Love this quilt.  Love all the buttons.

Leona K:  Nice

Kathleen K:  Beautiful, Doni!

Ruth Y:  Love it, Happy Valentines Day

Georgia P:  Beautiful - so talented. Happy Valentines Day.