Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Whoooooosh! That's the sound of summer whizzing by!

How is it possible that the middle of July is past?  I'm not sure where the time is going - but it's going fast.

Here in Brookings, I've been going to aerobics at our outdoor pool every day I'm here.  It's been a great summer - about 20-30 participants and lots of room for conversations!  Then Monday and Wednesday it's TaiChi and we're really getting oh-so-much-better at the long form.  It's fun and it seems short when you're doing it well!!

The Sisters show was great.  My postcard went for the maximum bid on just the second day!!  $250 was raised for the HS scholarship!  But now, I'll have to be sure to enter by the deadline every year!  I'd told DH that I'd like to buy it back, his response was "Make another one!" And good thing - cuz that bid was WAY-OUT of my budget!

Lots of wonderful quilts in the show - modern quilts are getting so interesting!  Fun to see some of the Quiltcon winners.

This year four Stashbusters were able to meet in front of the Sisters Library for our annual meet and greet.  AND there was an awesome computer keyboard quilt hanging there for the photo-opp!

Jean Wells inspired landscape.

Theme this year was "Every quilt tells a story" (just like I've always said!) They had a book with small quilts and their stories.  Delightful!

Just a simple Logcabin with the dotted sash adding interest - fascinating! Must not start anything new ...

We had a great time at Sisters - the weather was average until it was H*O*T.  But we were staying at Black Butte and they have 5 swimming pools .... we were sure to frolick in 4 of them!

We had some disappointing meals, but the landscape made up for it!  Miss P, Mr M and I did the Letterbox contest and they each got a prize.  I bribed them with the pool when we finished!  Yep, I'm an 'experienced Nana'!!  What the moms don't know won't hurt them!!  What happens with Nana stays with Nana!!

The Hydrangea's are in full bloom around here - gorgeous this year.  This bouquet is from a quilting friend who gave them to me to thank me for consulting!  She doesn't know me well enough to know that it would be hard to keep me away!! I loved the flowers, thank you M.

I'm gradually joining in Fabric Art Post Cards again.  June bug seemed like a good time to stick up for the bees.  I put reptile stamps on the back to eat the pesky bugs!

Saturday was Fun Day at Guild.  I took my mini-log cabin blocks.  3/4" finished logs - 4" finished and made 17 blocks!  I'd decided to do a repeating block design vs a center-out design - mainly so I can start building them as I finish more mini blocks.  Each large block uses 16 minis.  It was so-o much fun!  I love the way it's turning out, much brighter than I thought! It seemed they were going together so fast (with a couple that needed some ripping :<) so I timed myself!  10 minutes from start to finish!!  Hope to get up to that speed again when I have time to restart making the blocks.

When I got home from Sisters I did what I swear I will never do again ... yep, I entered a quilt in the Newport show that wasn't finished! GASP!!  Working on it - but this week A&J2 and the 3 kiddos are here.  No time or energy for quilting today!  Miss E - who is only 3 weeks old is a party animal all night long!! It's downright impossible to sleep thru a crying baby - Mothers never forget!  The boys, 6 and 4 have been a hoot to hang with.

Last night the boys and I went for a walk.  As we passed the beach trail, Mr D (6) asked if we could just walk to the beach.
"Sorry, no - low tide is over and it's late.  We'll hit the beach tomorrow."
He asked, "We get to go to the beach tomorrow?"
I said, "Sure, that's what you come for, isn't it?"
He (buttering up dear Nana!) said, "No, we come to see you!" Too Cute!

Mr K racing the waves.

Dr D collecting water for ?????

Miss E on the beach for the first time!  She ate, she pooped, she got sand in her diaper - - it was the whole experience! LOL!

Hope you're taking the time for the 'whole summer-time experience!'

Friday, June 30, 2017

This Just In!!

High Desert Frameworks in Bend Oregon Just released the pictures of the Postcards accepted to be framed for the silent auction.  If you follow this link you can see all of the postcards honored.  All proceeds of the silent auction go to Wish Upon a Card charity that helps raise scholarships for Sisters High School students.

I love what they did with my postcard.  It was the first year I was included in the framed cards silent auction ... what an honor.

Who could resist such a beauty??  My DH is hoping I can!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Let's walk the beach!

It's time for our walk together.  Today was the last minus tide for a while - so even though it was grey we had to get down there.  It was great!  So I'm sharing it with you!  I forgot to tell you that we walked the Pacific Coast Trail last week.  And there was something left on the viewing bench!

Too cute - I can picture my GKs leaving this reminder!

On with today's walk.  This is our objective!  And there is 30 more minutes to low tide and look at the wide open beach!

The path starts at Building A by the highway.  It's a nice gentle slope, but I often share the path with rabbits; ground squirrels, and Eeeek! snakes!

Now we cross the maintenance road.  Our trail is named for a resident here that started it, maintains it beyond belief!  Ross is over 80 yrs old.  Last year he broke his leg on this trail.  This year he was already back to hauling rock by hand along to trail to ease our way!!  Never underestimate someone on a mission!  Thanks Ross!

Don't mind that sign - it's just for the tourists!!  On we go!

We're just starting - love this view of the condos.  We live in the building on the far left, 2nd floor!  Wave!

Now we start meandering down to sea-level!  Through the forest.

There are clumps of tall grass to mark the turn.  Now it starts getting a little trickier... by the end it's pretty much a goat trail!

Flowers love it here.  The side of the hill gets plenty of moisture and it faces south!  What's better than that! 

Hold on to your hats - it gets steep around this turn!

Purple grass?  I don't think we're in Kansas any more, Toto!

I'm happy to report that our beach is now full of sand.  It was all rock not that long ago.  And these algea wash up.  I love to step on them and pop them!  It's the ocean's bubble wrap!!  I only pick on the little ones, honest!

Ooooo, shiny rocks!

Nature does it's own sand painting around here!

Never mind the local residents!  It's nice to see them back.

And looky here!  Sea Stars!  Talk about 'nice to see them back'!  A couple of years ago there was a blight and a large die-off.  It really affected how many birds we saw and it emptied the tide pools. Now we look with that wonder again!

Why, hello, Mr Crab!  Hiding much???

We ran out of sand at the next headland.  No walking into Harris Beach Park this time.  Hopefully the sand will come back even more.  Turn back and head for home.  This is my favorite view of home! The view is good both ways!

Thanks for joining me!!  I should have some quilts to show next week.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The new arrival has arrived!! Mom and baby are doing well! Yay!!

It was a very busy and scattered week.

We went up to Portland for Father's Day weekend.  Movies were seen and doll clothes were made.  Yummy food was devoured and there was a lot of talking!
A great time was had by all!

We came home Monday and by Tuesday is was time to head for the valley.  Miss E was likely on her way!  We got over there just as they were leaving for the hospital.  Miss E was born early evening that night.  Welcome to the world, little one!

Two excited big brothers meeting sister for the first time!

Beach Nana and Papa with the grandkids.  This was one of many takes ... the only one with everyone looking the same way and smiling!!! :)

We came home Thursday night after entertaining the boys, cooking and shopping for the proud parents.  It was 101 in Brookings on Thursday!  I'm talking temperature not Hwy number!!  What a surprise.  Glad we missed it - it was 87 in the valley, and that was hot enough for me!  But Friday coastal weather was back to usual - in 70s.  Water aerobics in the outdoor pool was heavenly!!

I have caught up on wash and hope to get some quilting in this weekend ... we'll see ... book club is reading Inferno by Dan Brown and it's getting exciting!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rainy Weekend - better get quilting!

Rainy here and I'm having trouble getting started today.  Yesterday I worked on my "Mod Squad" homework.  You may remember, I met Deborah Boschert last fall in Houston.  I loved her work and bought her book "Art Quilt Collage".  

I've been quilting for over 40 years! And just lately, I have been fascinated by the Modern Movement.  "You've come a long way, baby" is a good description!!  No interest for me at the beginning, but it's grown into something that's got my interest now!

So I organized "Mod Squad".  I talked some quilting friends, and their friends (10 of us) into working our way thru the book's design guides.  It's a discussion group - because we're all working out of our boxes! No official leader.   [Occupy Sewing Room group??]  Each month (at the fabric store classroom) one of us presents the "design of the month assignment".  We all go home and make a 15" square using that design.  We decided on 15" because it's little enough to be fast, big enough to show our idea!!  The squares are ok unfinished, because we have no idea what we will end up with.  Pot holders?  a quilt? Part of another quilt?

We 'sneak' them into the store in a brown paper bag before the next meeting and the owner hangs them in the classroom so they are 'anonymous'.  We gently critique them round table style.  Then we each guess who made what!  Then we reveal who made them.  Some of us have our own distinctive style, we're easy to guess.  But we have a few who are universal!!  Some pieces have 5 different names guessed!

I'm easy to guess.  Even when I think I've been clever - yep, they got me!  So this month I just gave up and used fabrics I'm known for.  They're going to guess me anyway!  With a trip to Portland and a new grandbaby coming - why not just do something that pleases me this month!!

It's been great fun and boy, are we learning a lot!  You can see the growth each month.  So far we did Line; Landscape: Grid and this month is Thirds (with personal symbol thrown in!)  I'm from Nebraska (through and through!) and the thought of a personal symbol boggles the mind!  I changed "personal symbol" to "favorite things" and it's easier to come up with 'themes'.  I love-love-love houses!  I've finished several house quilts over the years, and have a few house UFOs as we speak.  So that would have been an easy one - but there are others I've developed that aren't so well known.  So I picked another favorite and expect not to fool anyone at all!

There are times that it's just another obstacle in front of deadline work (before the show we were all a little stressed) ... but basically, we're all growing into it. Each month I get "I may not get the block done this month excuse from one or more..." but usually, they come thru!   It will be interesting to see how much we're learning is 'incorporated into our box' at the end.

DH is off golfing this weekend and I'm still working on my "To Do Later List".  That list got started when prepping for the Annual Quilt Show got overwhelming.  Just told myself, I'll do that later.  

Well, it's simply amazing how fast "later" zooms up.  Now that list is "it's later than you think -- get-r dun now" list!  

I made a frankenbatt for the new baby quilt and I'm not happy with it!  I just don't quilt (DSM, walking foot) close enough to feel secure that it will stand up to baby usage!!  So I'll run a few more lines (Forget the design factor!) up the overlaps.  My kids tend to run their quilts into the ground!!!  I like to see them used, but it does imply a obligation to get them to last longer!  It's bound and ready for the wash after I add that quilting.  A Finished UFO! But no time to celebrate!

Off to the next two projects.  Wool checkerboard lap quilt out of  DBIL's brother's Pendleton shirts!  Since there is a family wedding back in NE this July - would like to send the couple's Christmas stockings and this memorial quilt in the same box.  Yep, it's 'later' NOW!

And then .... there's 2 million projects (?) in my mind, on Pinterest, stacked in the sewing room, promised to people, fabric bought for, started but currently in 'time out' waiting for me!

Send the Minions, please!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

You know all those things I put off til "Later"? It's LATER!

I am now discovering life "after the Quilt Show"!  I'm still finishing up on the QOV paperwork.  I don't trust my mind to remember what to do next year!!  I'm still so very glad we did a presentation.  Oh my, it was so moving.  We presented 17 veterans with quilts to standing room only space. By default,  I was the host at the program.  

Now, I'm the first to admit I don't have much problem talking!!  LOL!  But that is usually to friends and fellow quilters.  I can talk about quilts for hours - paid or unpaid!!  But this was different.  I was talking to veterans and I know I am not worthy.  They have gone through so much, for our benefit.  I didn't want to offend, or make them feel uncomfortable.   I was so nervous, even before, writing the speech, figuring out the logistics and after seeing the crowd, I panicked!

Too late to quit now!  Breathe ... So I simply kept my eyes on the veterans in the first row and talked to them!  It worked!  I teared up a few times, (I wasn't the only one) but I didn't break down.   The veterans were awesome, loved their quilt and even loved their hug! Really loved their hug - I'm positive I got another hug from each of them as they left.  The support around them was spectacular.  We already have SEVEN nominations for next year! And more quilters pledging to join the QOV portion of our guild!  

What can I say - my mother raised me right.  Okay, I don't always follow my training ...  BUT I did after this.  I wrote an article for the newspaper, (they printed it!) I wrote thank yous to the Veterans' Groups, and the Honor Guard. 

I also sent a thank you with a picture of the group with their quilts to our QOV Long Armers (machine quilters). I told them thank you and how glad we were for their part of QOV. We worked with seven quilters - and not a one of them had EVER been thanked with a picture of 'their' veterans with the quilts!  Really? They do half the work!! Note to self - always do that!

But I'd been putting off things until "later" and LATER has arrived with a vengeance! This weekend I'm working on my new granddaughter's quilt.  She is expected to be born June 21st!  Nothing like waiting until the 'next to last' moment!  The top had been done and waiting - so just machine quilting and binding it this weekend.  LOL!  And I'm afraid that's just the 'tip of the iceberg' on the "Later" list!  I told you the most urgent ones last post!  More have popped up!

It's a beautiful weekend, but breezy.  The rain has finally stopped, the ocean is blue, just enough of the breeze wafts through the condo.  The best place to be is sitting by the sliding glass door, quilting away!!  So I must get back to that!

Happy summer!  doni @ Oregon coast

Monday, May 29, 2017

Quilt Show was a great success!

So bring on the lazy crazy days of summer, I'm ready for them.  More lazy, less crazy if you please.

Here are some highlights of the show.  I brought home a 2nd place ribbon for my Guild Challenge - A View From the Deck.  So I guess I'll keep quilting!!

Had a minor success selling at the country store.  First time I haven't just donated my items to be sold by the guild.  It's surprising what didn't 'go' with bargain-basement prices too!!

The Viewer's Choice this year was a Wall Quilt!  It won THREE ribbons, each one well deserved!

We had NINE hand quilted entries!  Last year we had to talk the Chairman out of taking the category out of the show.  Instead we lowered the size requirement from a double bed to 'bigger than a crib' quilt.  Several of us started hand quilting but didn't get it finished - I'm one of them!  So-o "Next Year" is the rally cry!!

But by far the highlight of the show for me, was the QOV presentation.  We set out a full rack of chairs, and at the start time, pulled out another rack, set them up and there was still a standing room only crowd!  The Coast Guard Honor Guard was very impressive and set the tone perfectly.

The Veterans receiving the quilts were all very appreciative and loved their hugs!  It went so well for our first try!  I'm waiting for photos from our 'official' photographer.  But here is the group shot of all with their quilts.  More to follow.

So-o-o-o, what to do next?  I have a baby quilt to be finished before June 21!, A pair of Christmas Stockings for a July wedding.  And a memorial wool quilt to be finished for my BIL from his brothers shirts. Or ... something new??

Who knows!  For today, sitting under a quilt with a good book sounds perfect.  We already walked the low tide.  Saw five Starfish and a bazillion rocks!  The sand is so low, there are lots of rocks for the picking!!

Happy Memorial Day!