Monday, March 24, 2008

Life on fast forward

Hi everyone! I'm afraid that life did get back to normal - but at triple speed. Still doing PT for my new knee but also working fulltime! YIKES! I'm really not good at this! AND working full time isn't getting me caught up! They kindly [ha] saved alot of projects for me.

At home - well, we are redoing the bedroom level. Just 2 bedrooms and the sewing room! GASP! Another week and we should be pretty much back together again. Boy, there is nothing light in a sewing room! Books, fabric, tools! And so much of it! My house is barely big enough to contain my sewing room outside of my sewing room! DH is doing a whole lot of mumbling!

My Take it Further March challenge just needs to be bound - so I should have pictures of that next weekend. I really like it - but noticed I went a different direction from the others I have seen - quelle surprise!!

I need to finish quilting the border on my March UFO - hoping to get that done by the weekend too!

I'm signed up for the No-buy challenge in Stashbusters -- BAM, bump, bounce, bounce!! That's me falling off the wagon! One of my favorite quilt stores was calling me this weekend - they were holding a pattern for me. But I managed to get 2 patterns, 3 FQs - all legal so far ... and a kit! Oops! The patterns are from Lori Smith "fit to frame" and they are fairly wonderful! The kit was Decoy - a Schnibbles by Miss Rosie and it is terminally cute! The Moose does kits and BOMs right - Debbie has a wonderful way with blending fabrics!

I got a "pre-tour" of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln last Friday. It's a wonderful facility - we got to see some spectacular quilts from their collection. The Reconciliation quilt is hanging and selected quilts from Nancy Crow in one gallery. Very interesting! Check out their website above - they have a search engine for their entire collection - lots of fun to play in.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Take It Further Challenge

March TIF challenge is challenging to me. It's "Detail" this month. There's a lot of crazy quilters on this list (okay - quit smirking - you know what I meant!) And I know what detail is involved in crazy quilting, but that didn't thrill.

Well, I looked hemmed and hawed and whined silently to myself about the theme but the month was flying by. I told myself that I didn't have time for this - there was so much stuff going on in my life this month. Then it dawned on me - that is "detail". We've all heard that Life is the journey - let's take it further - the detail is what makes your life. The "to do" list. The treasures you surround yourself with. The friends you spend time with and the activities that are important to you. Details all! I have my design and hope to "detail it out" this weekend.

I told you that we were remodeling the spare bedrooms and my sewing room is in one of them ... Well, no more! I have cleared it out - okay, almost! It's amazing how many boxes are marked "sewing room". My DH asked me where all this stuff was coming from - it was the smallest bedroom! Then he got cranky about it - muttering about how crazy I am!

The other thing was how dusty the room was! Okay, confession time. How many dust and really vacuum their sewing rooms on a regular basis? I straighten and vacuum the middle of the floor - but not the edges. The dust bunnies have been having a party on those edges! I'm allergic to dust and it's amazing that I could even work in there! Behind every box, storage container, under every shelf, behind every piece of furniture ... DUST and cobwebs!

I've got to figure out a way to keep it from happening again! Suggestions welcome!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hoping life is getting back to normal

Whatever normal might be! My knee is still “not going gently” into complete recovery! But I’m working it!
DH said I’m always discouraged during this time period. Aggravating when he's right, isn’t it.
Just got this picture of Miss P - 18 months old and already loves to play dress-up!

This last weekend I got to go to Spring Retreat. It was just what I needed! 47 crazy quilters out at the 4H Conference Center sewing and eating 24/7! Okay, we do split up that 24 hours and take shifts … but generally there is SOMEONE sewing at all times. Last year I was just able to “visit” retreat – wasn’t up to staying there. So this year was MUCH better. The “bedroom” [cabin] is a little far from the “living room” [conference center] but the kitchen is manned by a chef and he takes good care of us. Great food and all we have to do is put it on our plates and take it home on our hips!

Yesterday, after working on them at retreat, I finished three series of post cards for exchange: houses, spring and Easter post cards! I’ll post pictures after the recipients get them.

I also worked on the blasted pink disappearing 9patch for the second retreat – got the blocks into “foursies” but then ran out of room to work with them. That pattern is fun, not too many seams to match up, but not that fast when working with nickel squares – a whole lot of trimming going on. Hopefully, I’ll get the top together by the end of this month – I’m going to tie it because N graduates from college THIS May and I’d love to hand it to her!

Then I worked on the green disappearing 9patch – much more to my liking! I found myself arguing which block was my favorite! This did not happen with the pinks! The green goes to J2 who will receive her Masters this summer! So that needs to be done for our Oregon trip in July.

We’re heading into the remodeling period, so I’ll be without a sewing room by the end of this week. AND I’ll be packing said sewing room all week! Send good thoughts my way – I’m not sure our house is big enough to hold what’s packed into my sewing room! I’ve been weeding it out for months – knowing this was coming – and I really think I have more stuff than I started with!!! And it’s ALL treasures!!! Good Grief! Supposedly, all will be back to normal by the end of the month – fingers crossed, everyone!

Hopefully, I’m back to my blogging schedule of twice a week. I think I’ve got my sense of humor back … and getting out and about – there’s actually things to write about!