Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Take It Further Challenge

March TIF challenge is challenging to me. It's "Detail" this month. There's a lot of crazy quilters on this list (okay - quit smirking - you know what I meant!) And I know what detail is involved in crazy quilting, but that didn't thrill.

Well, I looked hemmed and hawed and whined silently to myself about the theme but the month was flying by. I told myself that I didn't have time for this - there was so much stuff going on in my life this month. Then it dawned on me - that is "detail". We've all heard that Life is the journey - let's take it further - the detail is what makes your life. The "to do" list. The treasures you surround yourself with. The friends you spend time with and the activities that are important to you. Details all! I have my design and hope to "detail it out" this weekend.

I told you that we were remodeling the spare bedrooms and my sewing room is in one of them ... Well, no more! I have cleared it out - okay, almost! It's amazing how many boxes are marked "sewing room". My DH asked me where all this stuff was coming from - it was the smallest bedroom! Then he got cranky about it - muttering about how crazy I am!

The other thing was how dusty the room was! Okay, confession time. How many dust and really vacuum their sewing rooms on a regular basis? I straighten and vacuum the middle of the floor - but not the edges. The dust bunnies have been having a party on those edges! I'm allergic to dust and it's amazing that I could even work in there! Behind every box, storage container, under every shelf, behind every piece of furniture ... DUST and cobwebs!

I've got to figure out a way to keep it from happening again! Suggestions welcome!

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Sweet P said...

I confess - I do keep my sewing room clean, even the edges. I think it's because I can see nearly the entire floor.

When we moved I was surprised how many boxes and containers my quilt room took. It seemed like we have more boxes marked "quilt room" than any other box.