Monday, March 24, 2008

Life on fast forward

Hi everyone! I'm afraid that life did get back to normal - but at triple speed. Still doing PT for my new knee but also working fulltime! YIKES! I'm really not good at this! AND working full time isn't getting me caught up! They kindly [ha] saved alot of projects for me.

At home - well, we are redoing the bedroom level. Just 2 bedrooms and the sewing room! GASP! Another week and we should be pretty much back together again. Boy, there is nothing light in a sewing room! Books, fabric, tools! And so much of it! My house is barely big enough to contain my sewing room outside of my sewing room! DH is doing a whole lot of mumbling!

My Take it Further March challenge just needs to be bound - so I should have pictures of that next weekend. I really like it - but noticed I went a different direction from the others I have seen - quelle surprise!!

I need to finish quilting the border on my March UFO - hoping to get that done by the weekend too!

I'm signed up for the No-buy challenge in Stashbusters -- BAM, bump, bounce, bounce!! That's me falling off the wagon! One of my favorite quilt stores was calling me this weekend - they were holding a pattern for me. But I managed to get 2 patterns, 3 FQs - all legal so far ... and a kit! Oops! The patterns are from Lori Smith "fit to frame" and they are fairly wonderful! The kit was Decoy - a Schnibbles by Miss Rosie and it is terminally cute! The Moose does kits and BOMs right - Debbie has a wonderful way with blending fabrics!

I got a "pre-tour" of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln last Friday. It's a wonderful facility - we got to see some spectacular quilts from their collection. The Reconciliation quilt is hanging and selected quilts from Nancy Crow in one gallery. Very interesting! Check out their website above - they have a search engine for their entire collection - lots of fun to play in.


Karen said...

How interesting that you got to see the museum!

paula, the quilter said...

I was going to say something about the museum, which I would really like to see someday, but then I thought I'd better research a bit before I have foot in mouth. It ends up that I download audio lectures from the Alliance for American Quilts and not the International Quilt Study Museum in Lincoln, so it's a good thing I stopped and thought before typing.