Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March Take it Further Challenge

My post card for the March challenge was done in the middle of the month again - then it was packed away while we were redoing the sewing room and spare bedrooms. I found it, found the camera and actually thought of it when I was able to do it!
As you can see - my take on "details" was more of a 'to do' list of my life these days. Details of our days make up our life.
Balancing PT after knee surgery with going back to work "full time" is overwhelming. Add mom's 90th birthday in April, throw in a hint of changes to come ... and you tend to forget parts of the list. "finish one monthly" was supposed to be "finish one UFO monthly" So instead of 'DH' I had to put in 'UFO' in the corner. Oh well, no time for 'do overs' and no one is very successful ripping out machine letters!
So far Sharon, the organizer of Take it Further challenge has really meshed with what's happening to doni in lincoln nebraska. Pretty amazing since Sharon is in Australia! January's challenge - someone you look up to - my knee surgeon seemed like a good fit. February - what you remember - right when I was going thru old photos from my side of the family! March - details - right when life was getting over-burdened with details. But what's really amazing is April's challenge - Change! The same week that we announced I was retiring and we're moving to Oregon in May!!! Change is rarely dull, and I had already made up my mind that I may not have time to do much in the sewing room - but I was going to do the TIF challenge!


Sweet P said...

Love the postcard.

So, you're retiring and moving to Oregon? I'm so jealous. I would love to move to Oregon. Maybe someday. Where will you be living?

Quilting Journey said...

Fabulous all the way around! Love the postcard and the news is great...you couldn't have picked a better state...of course does little Miss P. have something to do with the decision ;)