Wednesday, April 30, 2008

UFO Finished!!!

It's a miracle! In the midst of all the "moving" activity - I found the backing fabric for "Spring Strippie" and was able to make the sleeves and finish this UFO. AND just in the nick of time too. I was the second lady in waiting for coronation of Stashbusters' "Queen of the UFOs". I used OLD Mountain Mist batting and it was everywhere! I was finding tufts of it on my clothes, the quilt and anywhere I looked. I was worried about how it was going to look finished - but it has a great drape and is hanging straight! So I entered it in our Lincoln Quilt Guild's show too. [Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at Wesleyan University - if you're in the area.] I've pictured the front and the back for you.
Evening Stars Workshop had a block exchange of the churn dash blocks. Then I was in a "strip of the month" club led by a good friend of mine. I'm sure I drove her nuts! But she never said a word!. [Thanks, M!] The first month's assignment was "half-square triangles" - that's churn dash! The next was "square in the block" - ha! churn dash!!! Well, you get the picture - if churn dash fit the description - there it was! [I had alot of the blocks!] I even had a row of churn dashes left over - [they ended up on the back!] I thought the extra row made the quilt too long for the width and didn't want to deal with redesigning it. That's probably why it had a l-o-o-n-g incubation period as UFO.
"Moving activities" aren't all productive - you can just lay about and avoid the whole mess for awhile! A friend leaving town loaned me her library books that she knew I'd love. Yep, sure did, JA Jance has another series out. "Edge of Evil" is the first of 3 - (so far). The character is a news anchor dismissed for being "too old" and the story rushes on from there. I recommend them to any mystery fans out there or anyone avoiding big jobs!


Sweet P said...

I love the back of the quilt. What a great way to display blocks.

Su Bee said...

Hi Doni - thanks for the visit, I might never have 'found' you! Love your blog and your place in life - you sound so familiar. You're right, that's a big move but it has a huge dream to follow - you deserve it!
(and WELSOME to the left coast!

ForestJane said...

That looks great!

Now you're making me want to try a row quilt - like I need to start anything new!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Wonderful quilt and well worth finishing!!! You must be really happy to have it done. Is the MM batting poly? I do love cotton batts so much but find that when it is really cold the poly is warmer!

Quilting Journey said...

Fabulous! Front and back! Great quilt and good job for cramming in as much as you can before moving. My goodness woman when you get motivated, you get things done!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love the way you pieced the back!

And that view from your condo in Oregon is FABULOUS!!! Best wishes on the moving process!