Saturday, April 12, 2008

Never Mind!!!

Believe it or not - in this day and economic times - our house sold in 2 days! We've just been wandering around in a daze today! And my clock radio is no longer banished to under the bed!!!

I even had time to sew today! Hip hip hooray!


kate said...

Holy cow!!!
Wow, congrats!!!

Karen said...

How wonderful to defy the economic odds like that. Well done!

Sweet P said...

WOW! You are certainly lucky! I've seen houses on the market for over a year here in NH.

LindaL said...

It was meant to be.........pretty much the same thing happened to my daughter's SIL. They bought a house 2 days after it went on the market then sold theirs just days after they spread the word that it was for sale, no realtor involved or anything.

Andrea said...

Wow that is great! We've been holding off putting our house on the market because the market is so slow. Your post gives me hope!