Friday, April 11, 2008

Want a nice house in Lincoln Nebraska?

We survived the garage sale! Man, that garage was PACKED tight with stuff - we only held it one day - Saturday, opened the door at 7:50 and there were 8 people waiting to get in. We made them wait until we got enough stuff out so there was room to walk inside. I had put "quilter" in the ad - Quilter moving to condo - fabric, notions, and furniture - it's going cheap!

I overheard two ladies talking while waiting - "Are you a quilter?" "No, I live in the neighborhood and I just love her garage sales!!!"

Someone asked me why we opened early - I said we didn't but looked at my watch and it was only 8:05! It seemed like it should have been 10! At one point, looked up and there were 10 people in line to pay and they weren't the only ones in the garage! At 10 someone asked me if I was the quilter - I said yes -that was my ad. She then said, well, I thought you would have fabric - I answered - I did. LOL! I bought the gallon ziplock baggies and stuffed 75 of them with fabric! Didn't even make a dent in the stash!!! Heavenly days - I've really had fun the last few years!!!

Had just enough at the end of the day to take one carload to Salvation Army. Got both cars in the garage that night! Sunday I cleaned out drawers and closets for the open house. I'm glad to come to work - where I can at least work sitting down!

The house officially went on the market Wednesday - although we had someone come thru last night and another one scheduled for tonight. Open house on Sunday.

Send positive prayers my way - I went upstairs last night and my husband had unplugged the alarm and put it in the dresser drawer! Trust me, dear, they know people live here. They do not say - "what a nice big bedroom, too bad it was so crowded with that clock radio!!!" LOL! I did manage to get permission to plug it in and set it-- if I hide it under the bed in the morning!!! Unfortunately, I must have turned down the volume on one of the trips under or out from under the bed. Cathy Blythe was whispering this am - very unusual! I overslept - and on my mom's birthday. I did manage to take her a cinnamon roll for her birthday breakfast this am - and one of my nieces had the same idea! So mom has rolls for tomorrow morning too. Happy 90th birthday, mom!

I looked in Stashbusters at the UFO Queen list and I'm like #10 with a bullet!!! I have a wall quilt ready to bind - if only I could find a) the binding; b) the time and c) the cutting mat!!! I think I'm going to be QUEEN! Oh well, I'll be benevolent!

We're trying to "Think spring!" There's a possibility of snow hanging over our heads - good grief isn't it the middle of April???

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