Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the groove

Don't know if it was finally spending a whole week at home! or the two days babysitting in Portland ... anyway, I'm feeling more like myself! Now to get out the projects and get started on the February UFO - I thought I'd have two weeks head start - but that means you actually have to start it!!! Didn't happen!

I've been enjoying going thru old issues of quilting magazines ... looking for a two fabric quilt for a paint chip challenge. I got two fairly good colors - a light blue/green-ish and basically muslin. Thought everything was 'jake' until I read the description and "Striking" is in the description. How on earth can I get 'striking' in with soft colors! First challenge was to find the blu-ish color fabric and I did! Two color block - not my style! Maybe I'll make a feathered star. I've always wanted to make one. Oooh, and it has to be ready in June! January seems a little late to start!

And also looking for circa 1859 pattern for yet another challenge. This year starts the sesquicentennial of Oregon. We're supposed to reproduce a quilt that could have come to the state in 1859 - using their methods at the time ... hand piecing and hand quilting only! GULP! It's not going to be big!!! Remember the basket stamp that came out in the 80's? It was based on an 1857 quilt ... I love that little basket ... but by hand??? Oh dear!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Blues!

January Blues: Anyone else got them? I've been having a heck of a time since we got back to our condo in Newport. I had a list ... but I've been laying on the couch reading - I am walking the beach each day too. But can't seem to work on that list at all.

To cheer myself up :> I picked 5 of my favorite photos from last year - no doubt they are repeats but here they are! They are in no particular order - because Blogger does this weird photo load thing for me ... and I can't seem to intersperse them with the text ... oh well, there they are anyway - up at the top!

1. Howling like dogs on Thanksgiving! We had so much fun. That's J's Dad, Miss P, J and J2!
2. A sunset from our condo - reminding me of this beautiful state we live in!
3. A & J2 with her college graduation quilt - one of my favorite quilts this year! Green Disappearing 9patch - much easier on the eyes than the pink quilts!
4. Miss P and DH running on the beach.
5. DH and me last week on the balcony at Brookings. Our friend in 'high places' took the photo - thanks K!

DH thinks I just need my "Miss P fix" and we'll be up there Friday to babysit this weekend. Haven't seen the kids for 2 1/2 weeks - doesn't sound too long - but perhaps it is! There's nothing like chasing a 2 yr old and all that cooking to make you appreciate your more sedate life! LOL!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm back!!

Well, today was the 2nd full day at home so far this year!! We've been on the road - visiting with friends in high places; celebrating two birthdays ... it's been loads of fun ... but I'm ready for a week at home! I did finish this UFO on the road: TaDa!!! It's BK's Rockin' 9 patch!

I picked up this top at a vendor's booth at the Lincoln Quilt show before we moved. It was so cute - BK said she picked the ugliest fabrics she had but you wouldn't know it! Whoohoo! And it's done! Pardon the crooked picture - I've got to work on that!

A New Year's Resolution this year [again] is to finish one UFO each month. February is a bugger so I needed some extra time ... here's hoping!

The second picture is what happened to the quilt right after the picture posted Jan 1st! Miss P thought it looked like a good size for napping!!!!

I promise to get back on my usual schedule ... talk to you soon!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's 2009?

I managed to finish one last UFO in 2008 - it was a great learning project! Yes, it had that many challenges!

A group of Lincoln quilters went to Paducah in 2006 (?) or 2005! J and I were at the vendor's mall by the pool and a vendor that sold lapel pins had a darling quilt on their wall - no pattern for it, but it was a simple square in a square; aka happy block; or a 2 round log cabin with same color rounds ... so we noted the particulars - how big the blocks were, how many ... and planned to make it. Next step was the yummy hand-dyed fabrics sold in a package. Expensive, but somehow we thought we could get two projects out of the package. Let me just say - math is not my strength!!! LOL! We couldn't - in fact - I barely got the one out of it! Sorry, J!

I don't usually work with solids and here I was running out of them but I wanted it bigger. What to do? I saw a few quilts with what I call 'disappearing' borders. Where the border blends with the center - no distinct line. Okay, I did have small squares left - I liked the way a batik played against the solids ... so I worked on the border. By the way - let me know if you think this works ... I already had a big vote of "NO" from DH!

AND the final new thing I tried on this quilt was - I quilted without a drawn line in the border. Yes, I realize that I may be a 'Type A' when it comes to this kind-of thing! LOL! But I'd NEVER wandered from point to point before! And there's a good 3" line there! Okay, I'm a convert - the world did not end and the lines look pretty straight! I'll do that again - a great time-saver!

Oh, I'm really proud of finishing this today ... I also did wash, cleaned bathrooms, made turkey salad, packed us, drove to Portland, made tacos for dinner, gave Mr M 2 bottles, and played with Miss P! A jam-packed ending to a year of changes! Goodnight and happy 2009!