Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back in the groove

Don't know if it was finally spending a whole week at home! or the two days babysitting in Portland ... anyway, I'm feeling more like myself! Now to get out the projects and get started on the February UFO - I thought I'd have two weeks head start - but that means you actually have to start it!!! Didn't happen!

I've been enjoying going thru old issues of quilting magazines ... looking for a two fabric quilt for a paint chip challenge. I got two fairly good colors - a light blue/green-ish and basically muslin. Thought everything was 'jake' until I read the description and "Striking" is in the description. How on earth can I get 'striking' in with soft colors! First challenge was to find the blu-ish color fabric and I did! Two color block - not my style! Maybe I'll make a feathered star. I've always wanted to make one. Oooh, and it has to be ready in June! January seems a little late to start!

And also looking for circa 1859 pattern for yet another challenge. This year starts the sesquicentennial of Oregon. We're supposed to reproduce a quilt that could have come to the state in 1859 - using their methods at the time ... hand piecing and hand quilting only! GULP! It's not going to be big!!! Remember the basket stamp that came out in the 80's? It was based on an 1857 quilt ... I love that little basket ... but by hand??? Oh dear!


swooze said...

Big hugs sweetie!!

swooze said...

I thought about you yesterday as I was filling bobbins! I was doing one at a time and got so frustrated at having to do that I forced myself to do 6. I know...the hardship!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the baskets would be great, and few pieces, so easy to do by hand. The curved handles are really and truly cinchy.