Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shop Hop report

It was a good traveling day - went from beautiful Portland to freezing fog in the mountains to sun and haze on the coast! I am not in Stashbuster's "No-buy" this year. Good thing!!! I did the Quilt Run 101's 5 northern stores and except for a great kid's quilt kit at Canon Beach - I did pretty good!!! It was all brights and I don't do brights so had to get it in a kit.

"Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see" came out in fabric and it's fabulous! All brights with Eric Carle's scrumptuous animals ... what nana could resist?!?!?!?! GS Mr M's room is decorated in animals ... and GD Miss P loves that book [well, almost every book!] so how do you give it to both??? Not making it twice!!! I know there are some grandmas out there that have figured this out - share your strategies, Please!

I did buy 2 yards of fabric from the Moda Tranquility line. I had the folk art bird panel and charm squares - have been looking for the blue flowers for border fabric and found them in Wheeler. I did the little happy dance when I spotted it!!! IT WAS ON MY LIST!!! - so only a little guilt! I've linked the Moda website to the pieces I'm talking about - they are pretty muted on the website - in real life they are such funky colors that it's hard to pull from the stash - I'll be able to pull some but not enough for a border. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it - for now! LOL!

Then stopped at my nearest Joanne's [45 minutes away] and used a 40% off coupon for Warm and Natural - 90"wide x 10 yards. That should keep me busy for awhile. Does anyone else have this problem - when stocking up on batting - no matter how much I buy - I'm always a yard short by the end!!! I just don't know how it knows! I've used up all my usable extra pieces and I hate to cut into a king batt for anything else. So I should be set for awhile. I also bought a blue plaid to border a charity YBR - just enough - I hope! There was other stuff there but I managed to pass it by and not buy!

Second half of the Quilt Run coming up later this week - if I can just stay strong-willed!!! Send good vibes!!!

doni back @ Oregon coast


Anonymous said...

I loved that line, too. I bought it when Over the Rainbow got it in a while back. I loved Eric Carle as a teacher, and I love him as a quilter, too. =)

A Quilting Journey said...

You just keep on having fun over there on that beautiful Oregon coast...heard you guys had warmer weather last week than we did! Speaking of warm...and new fabric:
With Heart and Hands.....: Australian Bushfires--Quilters Can Help!

Sweet P said...

What cute fabrics! I don't have an answer on making two items for grandchildren. I only have one on the way in 10 weeks.

Have fun on the second part of the shop hop.