Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Blues!

January Blues: Anyone else got them? I've been having a heck of a time since we got back to our condo in Newport. I had a list ... but I've been laying on the couch reading - I am walking the beach each day too. But can't seem to work on that list at all.

To cheer myself up :> I picked 5 of my favorite photos from last year - no doubt they are repeats but here they are! They are in no particular order - because Blogger does this weird photo load thing for me ... and I can't seem to intersperse them with the text ... oh well, there they are anyway - up at the top!

1. Howling like dogs on Thanksgiving! We had so much fun. That's J's Dad, Miss P, J and J2!
2. A sunset from our condo - reminding me of this beautiful state we live in!
3. A & J2 with her college graduation quilt - one of my favorite quilts this year! Green Disappearing 9patch - much easier on the eyes than the pink quilts!
4. Miss P and DH running on the beach.
5. DH and me last week on the balcony at Brookings. Our friend in 'high places' took the photo - thanks K!

DH thinks I just need my "Miss P fix" and we'll be up there Friday to babysit this weekend. Haven't seen the kids for 2 1/2 weeks - doesn't sound too long - but perhaps it is! There's nothing like chasing a 2 yr old and all that cooking to make you appreciate your more sedate life! LOL!


Quilting Journey said...

Love all of your photos, Doni! You have a beautiful family and you look terrific, yourself! Winter brings in so much 'cave' time that it's only natural we go 'inside' ourselves. The Blues sing so many dfferent songs this season and all over blog land I hear choruses and laments. Spring is just around the corner and in Oregon we go wild when that happens. You just wait, work on a few 'blue' squares and get ready for sunshine and daffodils! ((hugs)) Michele...a hop, skip, and jump away in Salem again!

lynne said...

i too love your pictures, and am thrilled that soon i will be getting to see that sunset from your condo for myself. i am getting over the wintery blues myself. i think it is just part of the winter....i did get to do something in fabric this week though, and it felt WONDERFUL! i made 15 little totebags for 4 yr. old cheerleaders :o) what we don't do for our grand kids huh???


Sweet P said...

We all get blues now and then. Don't fret over them. You'll get back into things again. I hope you enjoyed your weekend with Miss P