Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mom's 90th was celebrated in style!

That’s a picture of mom with 2 of her 3 bouquets for her birthday! My sister and nieces sent her 90 flowers for 90 birthdays. Three bouquets of 30 flowers each – it was great. Mom lives in Independent Living at the Legacy Terrace. Mom was at the beauty parlor when the flowers were delivered so they carried them into there. No one could see who was carrying the flowers! Everyone sang Happy Birthday and it was such a hit!

The next week, another Great Granddaughter brought a giant bunch of balloons. Seriously, they were at least 5 feet tall. Mom said she startled every time she walked into the room – it looked like a person standing there!!! Another friend at the Legacy had a birthday 3 days later – we seriously considered ‘ring and run’ leaving the balloons! Of course, neither of us can run very fast … so we’d probably get caught! LOL!
Well, things are getting back to more like normal! Got these checked off my list!
  1. Mom’s 90th birthday party
  2. Annual meeting run by the office
  3. House inspection before closing

This weekend hoping to have time to go thru boxes in the basement AND quilt a little! I know – I’m a dreamer!
In Stashbusters I’m only 3 away from being the Queen of UFOs – that group is seriously too fast. I had a finish in February – there’s 100 on the list and I’m already at the top???? I’ve decided I’m going to be a benevolent ruler – lots of chocolate will be the rule!
I have a wall quilt UFO, got it bound but it needs a sleeve and a label – I haven’t been able to locate the backing fabric – but I WILL find it this weekend. That's a royal edit!


swooze said...

Happy Birthday Momma! Congrats on the finish Doni.

Sweet P said...

Happy belated birthday Mom!