Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Report from Santa's Workshop!

YIKES! A week from today is Chirstmas Eve! HOLY MOLY! Here I thought I was still just on summer vacation! Well - an extended one! We skated home from Portland yesterday, it actually wasn't as bad as we thought it would be - only took twice as long as usual - and today more snow is coming. We're just going to have to take our best guess as to which day it will be easiest to hop the mountains to go back up to Portland. The main reason I HAD to get back home - Christmas presents that weren't finished! So Santa's workshop is set up - just wondering when the heck those elves are going to show up!

Today I sewed our new grandson's Christmas stocking - he's a month old tomorrow! But now he has a stocking ... so he must be official! I also sewed the sleeves for his baby quilt [Yellow brick road pattern - kind-of! It's pictured on this blog back in November] When I gave it to my DD she wanted to hang it in his room - darn, I didn't plan on that! So the sleeves are ready to sew on by hand.

Also sewed the corners of Miss P's big girl quilt. I designed a scrappy FISH quilt because this kid LOVES the aquarium! She can pronounce 'Octopus' perfectly and she's only 2! - used coloring pages for the applique designs. The colors had to be pink and orange - so the fish look kind of alien!!! Got the layout idea from "Fast Patch Kid's Quilts" a really great book by an author here in Oregon! Of course, I changed it 'a little'! Alright, ladies - I can hear you laughing!!! [I know that I often do that!] Anyway, I made starfish for the corners. I use a Janome 4800 and there was a perfect 'round' stitch to sew eyes on all the fish and a crescent stitch that made a great mouth!!! And perfect for enquiring little minds and fingers - nothing to pull off! I have to dig around and find the pink stripe for the border - washed the back so ready to frame it tomorrow!

Then I'll be able to relax just a little! Ho, Ho, Ho indeed!


swooze said...

Great job! I am almost done with my Christmas sewing. I am not gonna let dh volunteer me ever again!

ForestJane said...

I've used color pages for that too - the simpler ones make great applique patterns. :)