Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Letters - for or against!?!

Happy Holidays from Oregon!

There were many changes this year for us. I retired from the University in May, by June our house had sold in Lincoln and we moved to a condo on the Oregon Coast. Although we miss family and friends back in Nebraska, we love retirement - walks on the beach, exploring Oregon, and seeing our kids more often. I’ve found water aerobics classes, stitchery club and quilting groups out here. DH golfs every afternoon he can.

“Beach Nana” and “Beach Papa” [that’s us!] steal Miss P away every chance we get. She loves the beach and we love watching her play here. And we’d like to introduce her new brother, Mr M, born November 18. He has lots of black hair and is a night owl so far.

Other news: A asked J2 to marry him and we’re thrilled that she said “Yes.” Wedding date to be announced after A’s graduation in 2010!

Wishing you the best in 2009
So - that's my Christmas letter - I try to keep it to a half page with picture and this year was really hard to write. You know that commercial where the blond asks everyone what deductible she should have??? That was me! Finally - I gave up!! This letter was not going to be an UFO!

Of course, in the real letter there are names of family members! I just like to keep you guessing!

We receive ridiculous and sublime Christmas letters. [Doesn't everyone?] Lovely handwritten personal notes; one friend prints his own cards every year with caricatures of family members; a brief synopsis of their year and still adds personal notes each year. [I love getting their cards!] Then we receive the 2 page, size 8 type, single spaced letter ... DH always relies on me for the "executive summary"of that one!!!

Which of your letters so you love? hate? love to hate???

PS we've had Miss P since Monday and I have been derailed in my Christmas 'to do' list. We're also busy singing our new song here "Yes, I love to say 'no' - I am a 2 year old!"
She's adorable-ly aggravating!

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Anonymous said...

Your Christmas letter was fun and newsy. We don't send one, we don't get any. No one young is married, everyone old is dead, except us. We e-mail all the time. Yours was nice, though!