Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas from rainy Oregon

We made it. It was not a sure thing! There were LO-O-O-ng lines at the airport; I always get tagged in security because of my new knee. We sat at the gate forever (we left 45 minutes late)! We got lucky - came into F4 and left from F12 - that may be the closest connection we've ever had! We hustled thru the airport and they were almost done loading our connecting flight! Woohoo! Glad we made it.

Always tired after a day starting early and traveling - but have to admit - seeing Miss P at the airport was a joy. We've been playing and watching all that energy is amazing. She's so-o fast - only one speed as far as we can see - full out! No wonder her momma is thin. Hope it works on Grandma while I'm here!

Merry Christmas!!

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Kathy Wagner said...

Enjoy your holiday....
Merry Christmas!