Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now is the time for all good quilters ... to reevaluate!

My deadline is earlier than yours - I leave for Portland next Friday and I can't take my sewing room with me! Although you know, we always try to do that!

We often push ourselves to the limits to prepare for the big day - that we're too exhausted to enjoy it and the week before. So we meltdown!

That's what happened today for me. I got a lot done yesterday - had a full list for today though and it just didn't happen. So like every woman a week before Christmas -I'm reevaluating what exactly is needed. What can be finished fast, what can be left by the wayside.

The music at church was wonderful today and I enjoyed the baby shower. But when I got home I was ready for a nap. So I took it! Made the day go too fast for my list though! Revision time!

Wrap my secret pal gift (had to get special boxes today)
Finish mom's walker bag
Cookies are off the list

I'll report on stashbusting tomorrow - you'll be surprised!

Does anyone else summarize the year and make plans for next year? When the kids were little, the week between Christmas and New Years was the time we wrote predictions. When they were real little, they drew them and we wrote what it meant: "I'm going to a circus!" Then we sealed them in an envelope and put them away with the Christmas decorations ... to be opened the next year. It was always interesting - we didn't remember what we'd predicted and were surprised when we opened them.

An easy prediction/resolution is more quilting, UFOs finished and a stash busted!!! Now all I need is the details! :> A good quilting friend once said her resolution was "Gain 10 pounds and read trashy novels!"


kate said...

At least you accomplished something.

Here's my weekend list of things to do:
deleted - didn't do
deleted - didn't do
deleted - didn't do
deleted - didn't do
deleted - didn't do
deleted - didn't do
baked fruitcake - done

Bingo~Bonnie said...

what a neat idea about the predictions! My college roommate's family did something smillar - only they had a present wrapped that stayed out all year long in the den and they each wrote different things on slips of paper & stuck in there... then on Thanksgiving day they read aloud their whole year of "Thanks". I was with them one year on Thanksgivign and it was so neat to hear all of them read aloud... a good grade, job promotion, I made the team, and then some other serious ones too...

I clicked on your nativity photo and took a closer look - I love yours made of wood. Where did you find it? I have a very old and very breakable one that it on top of the entertainment center but would love to have one for the kids to look at and see upclose.

Merry Christmas from Texas! ~Bonnie