Thursday, December 13, 2007

Homemade Christmas Presents

What's your favorite Christmas present to give? I've made a LOT of Christmas presents over the years. I made pillows for 5 years for my sisters and my mom. The first year I didn't make one for my mom - and then I heard about it for MONTHS afterwards. From then on I made one for her also. The first 4 were seasonal pillows. Little kids with a poem about mittens, a pumpkin, a RWB basket of flowers and fish with an American flag. The fifth one was 3 angels. I also made a redwork Santa pillow for my sister who always ends up having Christmas at her house. [Hey, she's the one that added a giant family room and then decorated it red and green!]

I made ornaments for years too. Counted cross stitch Santas, mini stockings ... skinny hanging Santas who tote sticks ...

One year I made dog blankets. There was really cute dog fabrics out that year - they were whole cloth quilts. But I had just gotten my Janome and I put a strip across the back that said the dog's name and "sit, stay, good dog!"

I'm finishing my secret pal's present this weekend - I hope - the exchange is MONDAY! Hope all your presents are made and you're ready to relax into the holiday!

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