Monday, December 10, 2007

Another winter storm headed our way ...

Is it too late to move to points south? (way south) We're all doing our "snow day" dance - but we need to keep electricity, please - or what's the point??!

Here's our Christmas tree. My parents tended to put up designer trees - not my favorite so my tree has ALWAYS been homemade, treasured ornaments. That ice cream cone at the top was made by A in preschool! He's going to be 33 this year!!!

Our favorite time of day during the holidays was bedtime. The kids got ready for bed - and if they got ready fast enough :> we turned off all the lights except the Christmas tree lights and sat and sang Christmas songs. The kids usually had a song to memorize for a Christmas program; each picked one and then we usually sang one more ... cause we're softies! I'll always remember the little voices singing. Our favorites were Holly Jolly Christmas; Away in the Manger; White Christmas and Up on the Rooftop.

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