Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My husband's bookcase story

Two days ago I showed you "my" bookcase decorations in the family room - this is "my husband's" bookcase. Mine cheerily says, "Merry Christmas" in wooden blocks. DH's grumpily says, "Bah Humbug!!!" My mom always wrote things out in wooden blocks and I love doing that!

Favorite presents for kids: We went thru a really lean year or two. One year to fill the kids' stockings I made surprise balls. They were preschool and elementary age that year. Take one roll of crepe paper per child, some penny candy, small toys and a pile of coins,[if they are different-dimes, pennies, nickels, quarters it helps them learn their money -or not to trust their brother!!!]. Wind the crepe paper around the first toy and then keep adding other treats as you continue wrapping. The kids were so excited - at one point the crepe paper was unwrapping so fast that the coins and candy were flying thru the air! LOL!

My mom and dad wrapped a present without a box one year for me - and at bedtime I was allowed to squeeze it and try to guess what it was! Doesn't sound like much - but it was fascinating! It was a HARD stuffed pink poodle! Everything was sticking out - 4 legs, the nose, the tail, the top of the head ... I had no idea! It was the first present that I opened that year.

Nowadays, our favorite stocking stuffer is a dozen "Eileen's cookies". This bakery in Lincoln stacks their cookies in a round plastic bag. It takes up just enough room that we don't go broke filling stockings and each one of us has our favorites - Monster cookies anyone?


Diane said...

My children are 24, 21 and 17 with the first 2 moved out and on their own. Still their favorite presents on Christmas morning are the stockings. You brought back good memories for me, thanks.

Quilting Journey said...

Your bookshelves, tins, stitcheries and ME ME MEs are all just darling, Doni! I am so delighted to see some of your wooden blocks on display..brings back memories of digging through boxes of them at the Sister's Quilt Show with you last July! Good way to get to know someone in a hurry...trying to beat her to the best blocks..ha ha. My google reader had dropped you and I thought you'd given up on blogging. I was SO happy to hear from you and chastise google and get you listed again!!!!