Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dogs at Christmas

We got a Christmas puppy in 1988. We had to pick her up at the beginning of December - her parents were leaving town and couldn't wait until Christmas. We decided that we'd bring her into our house early - after all, she was about to be part of the family. We hid notes around the house and the kids followed the clues to their dad - sitting under the ping pong table with Pepper, a miniature schnauzer on his lap! She was in the kitchen most of that Christmas. But the next Christmas she discovered the Christmas tree in the living room. Pepper, the forest dog! She loved laying under the tree - it was next to her favorite window too.

We don't put the presents under the tree until 2 days before Christmas and that was the year I bought 3 Eagle Chip tins. They were big. So big I wrapped them in white tissue paper. Pepper came bounding up the stairs and around the corner, heading for the tree and spotted them under the tree and started barking at it! Every time she came around that corner for the next 3 days!!! We miss that dog.

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Quilting Journey said...

All of our dogs have been schnauzers or mixes with mostly schnauzer. Oh how I loved those dogs! Now, its three cats inside and a kazillion strays begging outside (plus one possum and one skunk) They're all after leftovers and I'm one of those 'don't quite get it' women who puts scraps out and then complains about all the strays flocking to my back deck ;)