Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No snowday for the likes of us!

The University didn't close - it was a long shot anyway - the university hardly ever closes. Especially in the winter and that's my DH's fault!! In 1970 there was a HUGE snowfall. At that time Othmer was under construction - and for some misguided reason they were stockpiling the snow removed to there. Enter the frats vs the dormies. Yes, the biggest snowball fight - no war is the correct word - in history. The 2nd floor of the dorm was "jock city" and they jumped out of the windows into the snowbanks to join in the fight! Well, the campus police came down 16th street in force - and united the teams - against the police! The police calmly backed away and since then - the university never got over it. There are no snow days here!! Well, hardly, anyway. That IS a true story - I live with a witness/participant!

No more snow or ice expected, but highs in the 20s for the next 5 days! Brrrr!

String quilts are a hot topic in Stashbusters group right now. Strings are interesting - they grow when you're not paying attention! One summer my mom, my sister, G and me started making string quilts. There were more strings at the end of the projects than at the beginning!

I made string stockings this year for Santa socks for guild, I saw the neatest string stocking by a friend. C started with a panel and cut strings out of the bird, a hunting dog and some other details - combined it with some other strings to make an awesome stocking for her hunter husband. Great idea.

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