Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snow on Christmas Day!!!

Yes, right here in Portland OR we had the biggest fluffy snowflakes on Christmas Day! So pretty against the fir trees in the back yard. And of course, unlike Nebraska snow - it didn't amount to enough to shovel! What a relief! :>

A and J2 came Sunday night and 6 adults, 2 dogs and a 15 month dynamo sure make a house seem small! But we survived. I usually put a dozen Eileen's Cookies in everyone's stocking - but DH pointed out that we were probably over the allotted suitcase weight already and we could do without this year ... darnit - don't you hate it when they're right? So I made rice krispie bars with M&Ms here and put a giant piece in a baggy in each stocking. We opened a few presents Christmas Eve and the rest Christmas morning after a breakfast of Eggs Maranara. Miss P made out like a bandit! And J2 taught her a new game - you open the door and I'll shut it - and again and again and again - thanks J2!!

I joined in the Stashbuster's UFO challenge this year. I forgot my FQs, but remembered Cher's address - so I actually went into a quilt store and bought just the FQs I mailed to Cher. That's a first for me! So after almost 2 months - I'm still legal in "No Buy!". It's a miracle!

Tomorrow L is off work so we plan to do a little after Christmas shopping. Then Friday DH and I head to the coast for a "ride-about" and our favorite restaurant in Oceanside for our 35th anniversary! How fast the time flies. Like one quilter said - "I keep forgetting it's my children who are 30, not me!"

Happy New Year everyone!


Patti said...

Hi Doni! It's been some time since I worked my way around the ring, as I usually depend on Bloglines for my updates. Glad I decided to go around the ring today, as your blog is new to me. Looking forward to getting to know you - especially since you are right across the river from me!

Sweet P said...

Snow on Christmas day is the best snow of all. Miss P looks adorable with her shopping cart. Happy anniversary.

isehakanud lillekasvataja said...

Happy new year for You and Your family!