Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve!!!

I think I see some sun out there! That's amazing here in Portland - very rare this trip. We leave here the 2nd and am trying to think of a way that we can take Miss P home with us. Oh, we can think of lots of ways - but they all involve drugging her parents - and since they know where we live ... that probably won't work for long!

The dogs will be glad to see me gone - they practically live in the garage while we're here.

J's parents stopped down yesterday and joined us for dinner at Chevy's. We hadn't seen them since the wedding 3 years ago! Always fun to get caught up and to hear about all the changes and adventures in their lives.

Been reading Stashbusters digests - good thing - cause it would take a week to get caught up. This computer doesn't really like long emails - so I've been pasting them to Word and boy - this morning the 4 digests pasted added up to 146 pages!!! Granted that's a lot of headers and enders and large type - but still - 146 pages!!! And that was just one day's worth! I do miss sewing along with all the gals that ware working in their sewing rooms. But been hand quilting during one of the daily naps Miss P still takes. Have to admit - I nap during the other one! Only one thing harder than being a 15 month old - and that's following a 15 month old!

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. Poor dear - has to put up with football every birthday. So we're going to escape the football games and do a little shopping again. DH is making his famous Eggs Maranara for breakfast. Think Denver omelette with sausage instead of ham. And I'm making pizza for dinner (rice krispie treats for her "cake"). And we'll have to start packing up. We're out of here Wednesday morning!


Nines said...

Happy New Year to you, too! Hope youhad a great stay in Oregon. I love it there- my dear friend from college lives in Canby. 20 years later, we still love each other! Safe travels! and thanks for visiting my blog- come again!

YankeeQuilter said...

Hope your travels were safe. The way they report it over here the entrie middle of the country is under snow!