Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Time

We have a small group at work that quilts once a week at lunch. We laugh, sew, consult and even talk with our mouths full! I found some wonderful wood ornaments that you can insert a picture into at JoAnn’s. One said “Joy” – that’s the last name of one gal in our group. Of course, she collects “JOY” – who wouldn’t!!! And then there was a penguin – P collects penguins, and snowmen (me, me!) And I had grandiose plans to paint them at home and present them … that went by the wayside! I could just save them until next year – if I could find them again! BUT instead I brought them, paints, brushes, a plastic tarp for the table and we did it together! It worked out great – everyone enjoyed it, each did their own ornaments and whenever I see mine, I’ll think of the group laughing together while we painted them. A better memory than what I had planned!

So-o as you are panicking about how close Christmas is and how much you have left to do … what can you do together with the recipients? It was a stress-buster in more ways than one!

We head out early Friday morning – and I do mean O’dark-thirty. So I probably won’t blog again until we reach Oregon and catch our breath! And get reacquainted with Miss P.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. I’ve enjoyed remembering favorite Christmas memories and activities back when the house was full of kids and pets … I hope you enjoyed it too.


Sweet P said...

What a great idea.

Enjoy your visit with Miss P and Merry Christmas.

Patti said...

OK - I see you don't like in Oregon - you are just visiting here. That's what I get for reading backwards!