Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Cards - what's your take?

I'm almost done with our Christmas letter. Truly, I'm not one of those that you hate! I use 1/2 sheet of paper and there's a picture at the top! But we all get those letters that when we see the envelope we groan and set it aside until we are feeling stronger!

One letter that we get is TWO pages, single spaced!!! I have to have a cup of hot chocolate to tackle that one. And DH relies on me for the "executive summary"!

How is it possible that Christmas is approaching at the speed of light? In two weeks and 2 days we head for Oregon. Time to panic.

Miss P (14 months old now) went to see Santa at Daddy's Starbucks - don't like the looks of Santa!!! Nope, not at all!

I finished my Stashbusters fabric Christmas post cards tonight - they'll go out tomorrow. They turned out cute - I'll show you a picture later when they've been received. A friend is mading a calendar with monthly mini-quilts - the Santa was so-o cute that I threw him on the copier and reduced him to PC size! Easy peasy! C, my friend from Arkansas was here last weekend and she helped me cut all the pieces ... both nights, poor dear! Good friends are irreplaceable!


Kathie said...

Can't wait to see your Cards, something I still want to try.
Christmas letters...well if it isn't a page or less not sure I ever get thru it!
One of our friends sends out a newspaper style newsletter! It usually is 6 pages...with pictures but still....
guess they have a lot of time on their hands and yes the same couple bring out the vacation pictures when you visit!

kate said...

A friend and I have had a worst Christmas letter contest for years. We each get to nominate one. I'm sunk. My aunt passed more of her letters. She won about every other year!!!!

Sweet P said...

I usually do Christmas cards. One year I did watercolor Christmas cards. This year I won't be doing Christmas cards since we are getting ready to move.