Saturday, May 13, 2017

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig!

We were on a babysitting gig for 8 days!!!  Two locations, four adorable grandchildren, one tired (and cranky) Nana and Papa team!!  But what fun to connect with our grandchildren!

At Portland - starring Mr M (8) and Miss P (10) it's all about the schedule! Both are on a Baseball or Softball team.  That Saturday we had two games and a birthday party at the Trampoline center!!  Thank goodness for the other Nana, we were given a ride home from Miss P's game, she was able to get ready for the party, and rejoined Papa and Mr M for the second game.  It dripped, drizzled on us all day.  But no game was cancelled - they've already missed too many with soggy fields.

The party was still going strong when I came to pick up Miss P.  I had to hunt her down and watch the bouncing antics of fourth graders!!  It's amazing - what we would have given for that type of facility when we were growing up!

We played Pictionary one evening - had a few discussions about "that doesn't look like a (insert assignment here)  This is what (insert same assignment here) looks like = another indecipherable drawing here!! LOL!

Mr M drew "Grave".  He drew a gravestone with a rounded top, R.I.P. written on it, Threw his pencil down (mike drop??) as he declared "DONE!" No one had guessed yet!  But he was right, it was easy!

We had Monday to ourselves.  It was finally a nice day - I sent DH to the golf range after he dropped me at the MAX station.  He practiced and I spent hours at Powells!  Win-win!!

Tuesday, off to Medford (5 hours).  It seemed like a good idea to link these gigs - but at this point, not so much!!  Starring Mr D (6) and Mr K (4) - the challenge here is energy!  As in, they've got a lot left when we've run out!!

Wednesday was the challenge day! They go to school 20 minutes away from where they live.  Mr K got out of Montessori at 1.  Mr D got out of kindergarten at 1:45.  Mr D has karate at 4!!  We spent some time at ScienceWorks - the children's science museum between. Nana was tired by the time we were headed home.

Mr K thought his backpack was too heavy (lunchbox and water bottle!)  I carried it just to get him to the car.  As I was strapping him in he whispered, "You're the best Nana ever!"  Who can resist that??

They don't usually have tv in their schedule but mom and dad said, "do what you have to!"  The good thing about that - it makes an awesome reward!!  So Wednesday night we watched the first part of "The Secret Life of Pets" and the 2nd part on Thursday night.  We absolutely loved the happy peals of laughter from the boys during the movie!!

We came home yesterday - good thing!!

There was quite the rockslide on 199 today.

As this article remarked, not our usual basketball sized rocks!!  They cleared it pretty fast, but going down a mountain beside a river, there are no alternate roads to detour on!  I shudder to think of sitting on the road waiting for it to clear, or even worse - mom and dad trapped at the coast and Nana and Papa still babysitting!!!!  LOL!

As I got caught up on all things 'normal life'  I was able to check my email.  There was a notice that MY postcard for the Sister's contest "Wish upon a Card" was chosen to be framed and be in the auction!!!  Woo-hoo!!  Only 11 cards were chosen ... the charity raises money for scholarships for the local high school students.  I'm pumped!

You may remember this project - but here it is again.  In all it's glory!!

YAY! Can't wait to see how they frame it!!  More to come...

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