Thursday, May 25, 2017

#WhyIRead - May 2017 Contest

#WhyIRead is a contest this month celebrating the 200th anniversary of Harper Collins Publishing. I read fiction for the fun of it - the escape - the downtime. I can shut off my mind (ok, I heard you snickering!) and go where the author takes me. So much of life is reading to get information. Reading for enjoyment is a whole different world!

I love "adult Nancy Drew" books. A mystery, a feisty heroine and good story is a great way to spend time. But wait there's more!! I love Science Fiction, I love our Book Club selections, I love discovering new books from favorite authors. AND I really love having a friend hand me a book or tell me about a book I H*A*V*E to read!!

I read every night before bed. And most days,for a little while, I read out on the deck, or in the armchair cozy with a quilt. I love reading to my grandkids and hearing them read to me.

I read ebooks on my computer but I still love that feeling of the book in my hand. Like the weight of a quilt, it comforts!

So - go read something! It's good for the soul.

PS  Yes, my bookshelf picture is of a shelf of non-fiction!! But it was taken this morning - just to point out that books can be your decorating theme too!! They go very well with a 'beachy' theme!(tee-hee)

PPS And - having trouble with blogspot formatting today! Must go read and find out what I'm doing wrong!  This will not be reading for entertainment!!


Mary said...

I read on roadtrips when I run out of bindings to stitch. I have several authors with new books out. My pile of books to read is growing. My Kindle has a couple I still need to read. I agree, I will always buy a real book, just like I will always have quilts on my beds.

Unknown said...

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