Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shhhh!! It's acting like summer ... finally!

I thought I was going to get so-o-o-o much done today!  I had plans, darn it!! Well, I got caught in a "Spring Cleaning Your Studio" Blog Hop.  Does that count??

If you have hours to waste, I mean, if you are looking for ideas on studios - this is the place!!

Each blog is more enticing than the last!  You can get seriously hooked!  Thanks Cheryl for introducing yourself and your studio-links!   But when will we have time to work on our own studios????

It's T-minus 6 days to the Annual Azalea Festival here on the Southern-most Oregon coast.  Seriously, it's 7 miles to California!!  I hear it's an awesome festival - it's also the Quilt Show for us, so I haven't seen much of anything else that is going on.

But if you're looking for lovely weather (check!) Some awesome quilts (check!) and a great place to kick back alittle - come see us at Brookings Oregon over Memorial Day weekend.

Our (my) first Quilt of Valor Presentation Ceremony is Sunday, May 28, 2017 at the Kaliopsis Elementary School gym.  That's where we hold the show every year.  It will be at 2 pm.  We are presenting quilts to 17 veterans.  We're so excited and nervous!

I had a quilt to present today - the Korean War Veteran 'doesn't get out much'.  It was my first presentation and I have been driving myself crazy.  But I was so glad to 'get it under my belt.'   The presentation doesn't have to be perfect, moving or even about the quilters.  I found that if I can help the veteran to relax, and not be nervous too - it's all good!  I think, if I can just remember that, the big presentation will go well. Fingers crossed.

I'll be back tomorrow with how much I'm getting done!!!?  Promise!

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