Monday, May 29, 2017

Quilt Show was a great success!

So bring on the lazy crazy days of summer, I'm ready for them.  More lazy, less crazy if you please.

Here are some highlights of the show.  I brought home a 2nd place ribbon for my Guild Challenge - A View From the Deck.  So I guess I'll keep quilting!!

Had a minor success selling at the country store.  First time I haven't just donated my items to be sold by the guild.  It's surprising what didn't 'go' with bargain-basement prices too!!

The Viewer's Choice this year was a Wall Quilt!  It won THREE ribbons, each one well deserved!

We had NINE hand quilted entries!  Last year we had to talk the Chairman out of taking the category out of the show.  Instead we lowered the size requirement from a double bed to 'bigger than a crib' quilt.  Several of us started hand quilting but didn't get it finished - I'm one of them!  So-o "Next Year" is the rally cry!!

But by far the highlight of the show for me, was the QOV presentation.  We set out a full rack of chairs, and at the start time, pulled out another rack, set them up and there was still a standing room only crowd!  The Coast Guard Honor Guard was very impressive and set the tone perfectly.

The Veterans receiving the quilts were all very appreciative and loved their hugs!  It went so well for our first try!  I'm waiting for photos from our 'official' photographer.  But here is the group shot of all with their quilts.  More to follow.

So-o-o-o, what to do next?  I have a baby quilt to be finished before June 21!, A pair of Christmas Stockings for a July wedding.  And a memorial wool quilt to be finished for my BIL from his brothers shirts. Or ... something new??

Who knows!  For today, sitting under a quilt with a good book sounds perfect.  We already walked the low tide.  Saw five Starfish and a bazillion rocks!  The sand is so low, there are lots of rocks for the picking!!

Happy Memorial Day!

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Mary said...

Great to have a QOV Presentation at your Quilt Show. I saw my 1st one in March. I want to get a quilt made for my Nephew by love. 2-3 tours in Iraq, he needs one! Congrats on the Ribbon.