Saturday, April 1, 2017

Almost April!

And it's true!  Spring has to be here - we've had 3 days in a row without (much) rain!!!  That's right - three days of mostly sun!  Be still my heart!

There comes that moment that you have to admit that you've been a little depressed.  You didn't even know it, until there is a few days of sun and you can get outside: to walk! to eat lunch on the deck!! and to recycle without rain coat on with the hood up!!! And that finally happened this week. Hallelujah!

Last week we made the swing across the state to see all the grandkiddos!  It was a lot of fun. We had a major research project to work on in Portland - but as you can see above, our best people were on it!!!

 In Portland -it was raining :(  But we got to go to a concert where Miss P (age 10) was playing drums in a rock band!!  They were called 21 Pilots JR.  And she was awesome!  A real rock star.

This was all part of  Youth Music Project.  It was one of the top 10 youth concerts we'd ever been at.  I have to say I'd never envisioned a Pink Floyd song played on Ukuleles - but it was darn good!

Then there was the victory dinner at Olive Garden; always a popular choice.  After some baseball in the cul de sac; a late bedtime and early whining the next morning, we skedaddled out of town and went to Southern Oregon where our 3 yr old Mr K had developed a nasty cold just hours before we arrived!  Gotta love the little germ bombs while mainlining "Airborne".

We delivered some toys and things from Portland, handed down by Miss P and Mr M:  so floor puzzles were conquered!!

Blankets were made and delivered for the newest baby due in June.  And they were tested out by the quality control team.

As you can see by the big smile, it passed with flying colors!!

We read books and surprise - Mr D the kindergartner read me a "Dora" book.  And those can be pretty tricky!  He breezed right thru it!  YAY!  This kid has loved books always.  He's so excited to read them himself!!

And to think we were considered successful in kindergarten if we could go to the bathroom by ourselves and find our way back to the classroom!   This is better!

My broken toe has finally 'broken thru the barrier' of being a pain in the, well, toe!  I no longer have to think about every step.  I don't have to be aware of where my foot is at every moment.  And I'm loving it.  I've started walking again - baby steps - walking a mile around and around the parking lot.  It's level and I'm building up to going down the 'goat trail' to the beach again - SOON, please.  It's been about 6 weeks - so everything is on schedule.  I'm keeping it taped until 8 weeks - but I have to say, it looks better and straighter than my other pinkie toe! Yay!  I have heard horror stories about never being able to wear an adult shoe again!!  And rebreaking toes to fix a bad heal --- but so far so good, finally!

Today was "Woolies" meeting and a member now living in Utah came and visited.  Thanks M for taking the time and bringing goodies too!! Here we are on the deck after lunch.  The sun was shining so much on the ocean, we couldn't take the picture in that direction!!  Haven't had that to complain about for a very long time!!

Walking after our meeting today I saw these signs of 'late' spring:

Some wind blown Narcissus 

Rhododendron going crazy!

And a lovely Camilla dropped off the tree onto the rocks - still perfect!

Ok spring - keep coming!!!

DH is playing golf and watching The Final Four this weekend so - I'll be turning the condo into a quilt sweat shop!  I have a list ... it's long and needs to be done soonest!!  I'll let you know how far I get!

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