Saturday, April 29, 2017

Life Suddenly Sped UP!!

I've got some catching up to do!!  I have been working on deadlines - all quilts were to be photographed last Monday if we were entering them in the May show.  Let's just say social media was quiet all weekend!!  We were all nose to the grindstone.

Miss P was making "Logos" last week.  Our 10 year old entrepreneur!


I think we have a Graphic Artist on our hands.  Pretty darn cute at any rate!

April is our guild's Challenge Reveal.  I love challenges but we need to spell out just what a challenge is!  The winner was a commercial pattern done in the quilter's favorite method. But most challenge leaders are scared to add more rules - afraid no one will enter.

Although most of my challenges are based on something I've seen - dare I say it?  Pinterest Rules!!  I usually change it enough that I make it mine.  Hmm, I tend to do that with ALL my projects.  Nebraska's Gretna quilt store - The Quilted Moose - has a rallying cry for that:  "Moose it Up!"

I tend to do 'kindergarten' work rather than elegant.  But I truly love to figure it out, work my way out of a corner, practice new or 'not my favorite' techniques! It's even a good excuse to burrow into all my fabrics finding the perfect one(s)! When I was clearing out quilts and wall quilts last year, half of the ones I couldn't part with were challenges!!

The theme was "Spring at the Coast."  Most of the 13 entries were floral.  There was one Sunbonnet Sue in the rain that was pretty cute.  And here is mine.  

It's called View from the Deck.  In the spring we have rabbits and flowers, whales and pelicans, crabs and the sky clears enough that we can see St George lighthouse on the horizon.  I 'faced' it instead of using a binding.  I practiced free motion quilting and experimented drawing and quilting a sky filled with cloud shapes. It certainly doesn't stand up to a kit or even a pattern!!  But I'm happy with it - and that's what matters!  Right??? Never mind the gift certificate prize!!

Another big (mini) UFO finish for the show!  Anne Shaw taught her pieced flower class here last fall.  Ta-Da!  "Just a Little Pop!" is the name of it.  

One of my favorite parts of this pattern is the very pieced back!  My 'Beige-ings' scrap box was exploding!  And I was very excited to use some of the water color paint-box print for the border.  I loved to work this out - most of the time!!  DH told me all my quilts looked alike (?) So I thought this was a major 'fork in the road'.  He was under-whelmed!!  Oh well! Must keep quilting!! Maybe next time!

My condo is small with very little wall space and even less angles you can stand far away enough to view a large quilt.  So I reduced the pattern ti fit between the sliding glass door and the window in the living space.  You can see it from the door as you walk in.

If you find yourself reducing a very large pattern, listen and learn!!  After getting permission from the teacher, I took the very large pieces and reduced them on a copier at the local Print Shop. It was a pain!  The pieces were too large to fit on the printer, so I printed each page multiple times, taped it all together and copied it onto another sheet big enough to hold it.  Tedious!  At class, Ms Shaw asked me if I just enlarged the placement guide? It didn't even occur to me - but that would have been the way to go. So- act accordingly!

Here is the finished UFO 'Girlie' Magic Numbers.  I came across this technique online.  I had some leftover parts of "Yellow Brick Road" from Mr M's baby quilt. (He's 8!!!) But not enough to do something with.  So I messed about with 2.5", 4.5" and 6.5" units. It was so much fun.  There's a close up pic too - I had lots of fun with the walking-foot quilting. Stars, flying geese shapes, square in a square and variations on a theme!


Tuesday morning I got into the water aerobics car pool and said, "I'm having the worst week."  My dear friend C mentioned that it was only Tuesday!  After we laughed, I realized she was right! "Buck up Buttercup" and "Sucks to be you" rang out in my head!

So I started dragging myself out of the blues (and rain) and started revamping my attitude! It helped that Wednesday I headed to Bandon to meet the Bayshore Babes on their retreat.  I usually get to go to the retreat, but this year they filled it up with 'real' members that actually come to the weekly meetings.  Good news - the group is alive and strong; bad news - you know who can't go for the week!

There are friends and there are friends, I know you know what I mean.  I drove the two hours (with a Brookings friend that was meeting her own friends in Bandon) through the RAIN. And the minute I parked my car next to where we retreat ... it was like changing into my oldest favorite sweater and settling in for nice long visit.  Some friends (I hadn't seen these gals since August last summer!) you walk in and you just step in where you left off.  Nothing awkward, no silences to fill.  Just comfortable times with friends!

It was so-o very much fun. Just what I needed. And these gals had awesome quilt projects they were working on!  Inspiration in every corner! It was fun getting hugs from all, catching up and looking at all the eye candy!  I'm not even going to mention the food - quilters make the very best comfort food!  Chicken salad pitas; chips, brownies, carrot cake and L's famous chocolate chip cookies!!!  Heaven on earth!

The group takes over both sides of a duplex right on the ocean.  There are two design boards; two fully stocked kitchens; two tvs.  I remember there were two distinct factions on Monday night.  Those who love "Dancing With the Stars" and those who shut the door, stay on the other side and wonder what we see in that!!  Here's an UFO auditioning on a design board.

There is hand stitching by the window

And there is machine stitching.  Some even bring their own machine tables to set up.  The dining tables are only so big, even with all the extra leaves in!

One inch squares finished into 25patch!!!

And when I got home, I was ready to face the world again!!  YAY!
Note to self:  must visit more often!!!

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