Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring - 1 nice day in 2 week period!! We'll take it!!

We spent Easter weekend up in Portland.  Raining up there too!  Except ... it did finally get nice Saturday afternoon with no rain on Sunday!!  Monday driving home? - rain all the way!!  2017 - the year of the monsoon that wouldn't stop!!

Saturday morning looked so nice out.  Fluffy clouds in a blue sky ... but only 40 degrees!!   I was in a long sleeve shirt; a zip-neck sweatshirt; a hoodie and a waterproof rain coat.  Good thing we brought along chairs and 2 quilts (which we fought over!!)  The boys played a good game.  And it did warm up as it went along! Victory lunch at Panera Bread.

The afternoon game was much more 'spectator friendly'!  I had a short sleeve shirt and the hoodie on.  No quilts needed - we were very comfortable.

Meg and Mr M watching Miss P at bat!

Sassy little Miss P getting ready to run like the wind!

7th inning braids???  It was a hairdo malfunction and mom had stood it as long as she could!!  It's hard to wear hair up when you are in and out of batting helmets!  Just saying!

Photo opp of First Games of 2017!  Papa and Mr M went home and practiced ground balls.  It's hard to practice those when you can't get any field practice time!

Sitting here with the sliding glass door open, the sun shining in.  My toe is healed and went for a walk this afternoon with DH.  Flowers blooming, blue oceans!  Storing it up - the one day in 8 that no rain is expected!!  Grilling salmon out on the deck tonight for dinner!  YUM!

View from the lower path

Ahhh, now I remember why we live here!!  If we get 2 days in a row of sun, we're cleaning all the storms off our windows and cars!!!  But we'll worry about that when it happens!!

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