Sunday, March 19, 2017

March Madness Reigns!!

Whether you love basketball (DH) or are indifferent (me) March madness is everywhere!  Say what you will - it creates alot of time for quilting and other sewing!!  Which is always welcome.

We had our second "Mod Squad" meeting Friday and it was so much fun!  We had 9 members present and 9 15" challenge assignments for "Line" anonymously turned in.  One member couldn't attend and one who did, didn't have the assignment done.  It's all good!

We very carefully and politely critiqued each other.  Starting with what attracted us to that piece.  Then we tried to guess who made what - many surprises there! It was great fun - then we went out for lunch!!

Ignore the Christmas stocking pattern at the top left of the picture!  Now - pick out which one I did!!  (You can see the answer at the bottom of the blog!)  We have one nationally known Hand Quilter in our group.  Everyone one knew who did number eight!!!  It was gorgeous and modern looking; compiled with lines - met all criteria!  Eight of the nine offered to take it home and the ninth one insisted it was hers and she took it home!!  Tee-hee!

Happy National Quilting Day Weekend everyone!  Friday night we had "March Madness" - a 'quilt until you wilt' gathering.  There was loads of pizza and snacks.  But let's just admit, we wilt fast here!!  I was home at 10:30 and I was toward the end of departees! Later reports said two of the 20some quilters lasted until 1:30 am!!

Yesterday I spend much more time than planned on measuring and photographing QOV tops ready to send to the Long-Armers.  I'd gotten 7 tops with backing this last week.  We have made 18 so far and 3 are being finished by the 'toppers'.  Over double what we made last year!  Yay for us!

We are planning a presentation ceremony during the Memorial Day Weekend.  So we have enough to 'cover' the nominations we have been given.  That's a relief!!

Today I was totally hooked on the The Quilt Show episodes offered free this weekend. J, my friend in Nebraska TOLD me it was great - sorry J, you were right, I should have known better than to doubt!   Luckily, I rigged up a system where I could see the laptop playing the episode; hook on ear-phones so I could hear it above my machine sewing and sew the rest of the pillow cases I'm making for the Million Pillowcase Challenge and some for our grandkids :)  ...

 Thirteen inch pile of 27 finished pillowcases!! And that's about half of what I've made and turned in!!!

 On to the next (over-due) projects!

So did you guess which "Line" challenge is mine??  Here I am!

I found this 'modern' block on pinterest and quilted it with my walking foot following Catherine Redford's DVD of machine quilting. I love her technique of straight stitching interspersed with zig zag stitches! (Along the bottom of the block) It's Scary the first time you change it!!  Just remember to punch the button enough times to get back to the straight stitch ... not end up in the alphabet and have to rip that mess out!!!  Listen to the voice of experience!!  I'll only do that once, God willing!!!

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