Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Life after a retreat?? ... mostly naps!

We're home from 5 days of retreating above Forget Me Knots Quilt shop in Bandon, Oregon.  And boy, did we have fun!

We're at our first stop the Port Orford Quilt Shop!

Last week I was busy as a bee making kits for the projects I wanted to work on at  retreat.  I fit everything I was taking (Except the sewing machine which always sits in the foot well behind the driver) into my trunk!  And I was taking food, a blowup mattress with all the bedding too!!  Yep, it was a miracle!!

There were a few bad kits :(  For one, I brought 1/2 the cut pieces, I forgot that I like to make 2 at once for no matches of HSTs.

And one project was just too complicated to do in a distracting environment!! Rainbow colors wafting across a quilt.  I couldn't put it up on the design wall correctly.  BUT after most everyone was in bed, I was able to put it up (that's it to the right) and get it just right.  Then I sewed it in a hurry - to get the design wall free for the next person ... 7 boo-boos!! I'll try that one again here at home!

I also worked on a proposed pattern by a friend.  It had been in timeout on my portable design wall (flannel backed 'Popsicle' picnic table cloth) for a year and a half!  Now I know why!!

But I progressed it enough that I was able to take it off the flannel and have that available for the March Madness this week!! Pictures of first and last day!!

I touched everything I brought.  I didn't do any hand quilting but used that quilt on my bed!!  Hey - it counts!!  Tee-hee!

I did miss my usual bag of scraps.  Not just to play with but to share when someone needed extra brown!

Here is my favorite 'new' project:  A Plus Quilt.  I found this lovely little quilt on Pinterest here.  I've been collecting 'word' fabrics for a few years. (collecting sounds a little tame - lets say "obsessing over" word fabrics!)  But hadn't found a project that would use them to my liking!!  Well, I have now!

The blocks are only 3.5 x 5.5!!  And the bright little plus signs are a great partner with the busy, busy word fabrics!  It's going to be hard to 'finish' my other projects with this one occupying my mind!

We ate like queens and had both enough food and projects left over to stay another week!!  Tempting, we do have a washing machine up there - so we could rinse out our unmentionables when needed!!

Presenting our "Finishing School" Honor Students!!  We'll be back next year!

When I got home, I had a 'greeter' by our staircase.  ICK!  This little dude was over 8 inches long!  (I was carrying a ruler, you know!)  I told him to stay where he was and not try to get a ride with me upstairs!! 

It must be the start of slug season!!

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