Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rainy Days get you down ... you'd better not live @ the Oregon Coast!

Boy oh boy - we're out of the drought now.  Some of us are dreaming of the days of the drought!!  I leave for finishing school tomorrow and am NOT looking forward to loading the cars in a deluge!  And that's what we're having today.

BUT rainy weather does make us stay inside and quilt - per chance??  And I've been busy.  I have two finishes - one is an UFO!!  Ticker tape parade!!

The prototype Christmas Log Cabin Table Runner!  20 x 44 which is a great size for our 66 x 38 table!  When I asked DH why that size, he mumbled something about having a place to sit and eat even when I was in the midst of a project!  Wise man!

Lovely little log cabin quilt ... or is it??

Take a closer look and notice it's a ruse!  Make all green log cabin with a red center, cut a neutral block the same size; make RSTs!!  I quilted it "around" the logs and I think that makes it even more like a real log cabin.

My second project is a quilt I found on the web "Kelsey's Quilt".  Very easy and you could use all kinds of fabrics.  A two color quilt?  A boy's superhero quilt? All pastels?  The list is endless.  What happens when you use dark sashing??  Lots of variations to explore. 40 x 44 and all from stash!!  

An artistic shot like my DD is so good with!!  But as a quilter I want to see it full out and straight please!!  But, since it's bigger than my table and since it's pouring outside - you'll have to settle for almost full out!! Variegated thread for the machine quilting.

I have a dozen pairs of fabrics (like the fish on green background) mixed in so you can play I spy with it too!

Doesn't finishing projects feel good!  It's amazing that we have UFOs at all!!! (And boy, do I!)

I made lasagna yesterday and it smelled so good.  It tasted good too - but today I had to make brownies to take along to retreat.  Nothing smells better than brownies baking!  I don't bake cookies very often, you can see why!

Isn't that saddest batch of cookies you've ever seen?  Luckily it tasted good - 5 different kinds of chips!!  Had to take it to guild Fun Day.  I kept eating the "worst" ones and could see that would lead to madness!

How can you make a "typo" when you're writing by hand???  Can you find it?

This is the top of the pin cushions for Finishing School.  Still have to finish those little gems.  Even though I promise myself I am NOT going to be sewing at the last minute again!!!

Woke up to a surprise Sunday morning!  Snow on the coast!  What??  We left NE to get out of this weather - NE is 77 degrees this week!!!  But it soon melted away and started raining again. :(


Jen said...

I think we are all about sick of the rain here in Oregon. :) I know I am. It makes it especially hard when other parts of the country are in the 70's. It makes for a cozy day of quilting, but then you can't go out and take great photos of your finishes.
I love that log cabin table runner. Great trick!

cityquilter grace said...

i hear ya on the cookies...i make terrible cookies as well...but oh those brownies....yummmm!