Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend at warp speed!

My son flew in late Wednesday night from Oregon for his friends' wedding. It's been a whirlwind visit. He left today - and tomorrow's his birthday ... safe trip, sweetie! In between talking with him when he was in between his activities, I've been attacking the stash! I have "special" fabrics for friends, boxes of fabric for our guild's cuddle quilt project. And clothes I was going to rip for the fabric for the Goodwill! Someone else will find them and do something with them - other than stick them in a box and keep them in the dark for years!

We had a S&B yesterday - it was supposed to be a simple afternoon of stitching. But it was one of those days that quilting wasn't working out! I tried to fit the border on birds of a Feather; I ripped it out last night! I think I've been attacking the sewing room to avoid more of the border. That project's definitely in "time out!"

I've also been ironing wadded up muslin fabric to cut postcard backs and foundations for string blocks. [5 yards of cut squares!]I don't have the totals yet for all this activity - I'm still in the middle of it - but there's a lot of stash heading out.

At the end of this year - I'd like to have stash that I love. If I don't love it - out it goes. Of course, I'm participating in the "No Buy" challenge in Stashbusters so nothing is coming in either!

2008 - the year Doni got a handle on the creeping stash problem!


Sweet P said...

Good luck on diminishing your stash. Sounds like you have a great plan in place for doing it.

mereth said...

Like you I want to make the stash consist of only fabric that I love, not all the odd stuff that it contains now. I've kept too much fabric for the wrong reasons, but with any luck we'll deal with that this year.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Enjoy reading your blog. I will be thinking of you and your "new" knee. Waving from up north!

Shelina said...

Cleaning out the stash you don't love sounds like a great idea. I think I would have lots of trouble doing it. I love all my fabric!